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The Racist Children of Liverpool Football Club

So after a fantastic weekend of football, where once again one of the most historically important cup competitions had most on the edge of their seats and produced some great action and equally some excellent goals, unfortunately this is all but forgotten by the majority of sports/football journalists.

I find it all incredibly boring that these people believe that football fans would prefer to read about Patrice Evra being booed and one idiot making monkey gestures than the game of football itself. There was a time that the Monday after a cup-tie was spent arguing about who was the better team, or how the referee cheated us, contentious off-side decisions, penalties that were not and penalties that should have been. Alas instead there is no argument worth having, are Liverpool fans allowed to enjoy the victory and lord it over their greatest rival as they should, the answer to that lies within the British media, and indeed certain individual journalist that have what they believe is a far greater story to tell.

Be careful how much you celebrate, before it becomes offensive.

The guilt that some of these media types have heaped upon Liverpool players and staff and most of all on Liverpool supporters is in itself distasteful, if for one moment you were to cheer on your side or your heroes, just be careful that you are not doing this because you support racism and purely want to further its cause. Ask yourself this how many young Liverpool supporters, children, youths, teenagers are this very morning being accused of being a racist or supporting racism purely because they want to rib their Manchester United counterparts about the game. The truth is you have to be very careful how you celebrate victory, maybe if Manchester United had won then the media would be lording over a victory for the game.

The whole Luis Suarez saga has become some what of a witch-hunt and an unfair fight, interesting that The F.A. felt that they should protect the England captain from what may have been an embarrassing incident at Queens Park Rangers where those players incensed by John Terry’s behaviour would not want to shake his hand, Terry is also being accused of Racist behaviour and during the game was cheered on loudly by Chelsea supporters, but the press did not feel the need to suggest that Chelsea Football Club had a problem with racism or that their supporters were indeed racists for this shocking behaviour of supporting their captain and team. It will be interesting in a couple of weeks when Liverpool play Manchester Untied at Old Trafford whether the F.A. intervene in the same protective father to innocent child way when Luis Suarez is expected to shake hands with Manchester United players and Patrice Evra, my feeling is they will not and Suarez and Evra will be left out to hang because they are not the England captain.

 One of the most distasteful things about this episode of the saga that just keeps going on, and just keeps giving story after story for the rags, is the way that Kenny Dalglish has been attacked again, the question was asked about the booing of Patrice Evra, something that happens at every ground, at every game that has ever been played, it’s as if they had written their stories before the game had even taken place, they had made their minds up. Dalglish as usual made light work of the question suggesting that he too had been booed all his career, which is a fair point, maybe a more relevant question would have been aimed at Sir Alex Ferguson about his fans singing songs about the Hillsborough and Hysel tragedies, but alas we all know how he would have reacted very similarly to Dalglish and said journalist and his newspaper banned from ever stepping foot in Old Trafford again, and rightfully so. Unfortunately Dalglish does not hold the same protection as Sir Alex.

Dalglish just a bit too happy for the press boys after victory

The supporters of football clubs, fans, followers whatever you wish to tag them with will always in some ways bring their individual characteristics to football matches, it can’t be controlled by clubs, and sometimes the hatred is out of control, I have been at games where Liverpool fans have sung about Munich and where Manchester & Chelsea fans have sung about Hillsborough, as much as this is disgusting it has also become expected, the human element of football you could say,these people would never dream of uttering such bile and hatred in their own lives outside a football arena, this is what football has always done to people, tribal in its entirety.
The media has decided what their best angle is on this story and they are sticking to it, they will not for a moment change this track until Luis Suarez next steps on to a Football field and is roundly booed except for those supporters of racism down the Anfield Road, those children that hero-worship him will once again be told they are racists by their classmates and peers, they will have to be very quiet and reserved supporters for the next few weeks, some unaware what constitutes an actual racist because the media have fudged the line, moved the goalposts, changed its definition, and in fact made it impossible to support Liverpool Football Club and or Luis Suarez without being racist, they have told anyone who will listen that is what defines you.   

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Long Live The King

Long Live The King.

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Long Live The King

I find the disrespect that has been aimed toward Kenny Dalglish since the debacle at Bolton totally unacceptable, I think most of the anger and in my opinion stupid articles being targeted toward Dalglish have come from the younger generation of fans, I am not going to call them supporters.

These young people live in an age, and have been raised in a time when everything comes free an easy, where they believe if you throw money at something then the problems will be solved, where you can be fickle toward your friends and family, if they can’t have fast service at a McDonald’s, if their reception is poor on their phones, if they don’t possess the latest bit of technology their lives are hardly worth living.

These people have an idea about what a friend is that is so false and far-fetched that no wonder they want The Kings head on a plate after a couple of indifferent results, if they don’t have a thousand friends on Facebook, or similar followers on Twitter then they feel unworthy in some way, maybe they are victims of their parents or society as a whole, but that is not an excuse for the way they act on some of these forums, and media sites toward our club.

The real truth must surely be that they have no real concept of the history of this club and the individual history of Dalglish, here is a man even if you forget what he did on a football field, or what he achieved as a Manager at Liverpool Football Club & also Blackburn Rovers, is deserving of the respect of this City and the people of Liverpool who may not even be football fans(if there are such people). What Dalglish did post Hillsborough is well documented and I think some of these young people who are quick to have badges of Dont Buy The Sun and JFT96 on their social network walls, should go back and read the history, do they really have an understanding, sadly I think they do not!!

Kenny Dalglish is just a man, this has been proved by the illness he suffered post Hillsborough and what that episode in his life did to him, the effect it had on him and his family, what he is not though is a normal Liverpool Manager, people have been quick to ask for his sacking and compare Dalglish to Rafa and Hodgson are totally out-of-order, sometimes the love you have for someone is not about just football, we all know the famous quote from Bill Shankly ‘Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.’ but a less used quote also from Shanks is perhaps more prevalent today “If you can’t support us when we lose or draw, then don’t supporters when we win”

I think my point is sometimes just look slightly past disappointment and playing the blame game, and some of these fans need to ask themselves what kind of support are they giving our club and Manager, is it really helping? This is a long-term plan, a plan that will not always have Champions League Finals, F.A Cup Finals or constant visits to Wembley, but what it should have is the support of Liverpool Fans.

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Hillsborough Give Kevin Williams his inquest.

15th April 1989


The day had started with both myself and my brother Joe nursing hangovers from the evening before, that’s just something we did, a usual Friday night, we were once again anticipating the day ahead, I probably had more confidence than he, when all was said we had beaten Nottingham Forest in the previous year’s semi-final at Hillsborough and we Liverpool had a fantastic side there were not many days that I did not have confidence about my Liverpool.

As I lived in Nottingham we were travelling from there to Sheffield by bus with other friends and a bus full of Forest fans and I would always add to the banter, the bus was leaving early around 10.30am so we would arrive in Sheffield around midday.

Our tickets were for the Kop so I would be in amongst the Forest supporters like last year, but I had an idea that we could go around to the Liverpool supporters and buy a ticket to get amongst them, I always hated being amongst the fans of Liverpool’s opponents something I had done on lots of occasions, in the 1980s it was very easy to get tickets for opponents but not so easy to get a position amongst the red army.

The Match programme

My brother was a huge Forest fan and all he wanted to do was get into the ground, he always liked to get a view behind the goal his favourite place, but he agreed to come around to see if I could get a ticket for the Liverpool section. Unfortunately it was almost impossible to get anywhere near the Liverpool section, and with this our minds were made up so we headed back to the Kop and the like last year I would be amongst the Forest supporters, luckily they had sectioned off a corner on the Kop for Liverpool supporters who were among the Forest section which at the point the game started had swelled to almost 500 people.

Amongst those supporters was a young Irish boy from Dublin who was called John this was his first game away with Liverpool he had travelled over from Ireland on the ferry and made his own way to the game, he was just 17 but I guess we did things like that in those days, the lack of fear, the lack of true understanding about what may happen to a young boy travelling on his own, the thing with football supporters we are prepared to do almost anything, it’s a tribal passion only fellow football fans understand.

My memory of Hillsborough will always be a great sadness and in a lot of ways I dismiss my memories, but I remember crying uncontrollably with a 17-year-old stranger called John from Dublin, I never really talk about that day with my Brother it was the last time we ever went to a game of Football together where Liverpool played Forest, that’s strange.

I won’t go into the detail of the rest of that day it has been covered and documented and far more eloquently than I could ever do it justice, only to say I was 21 years old in April 1989 and in the years that followed I have had a good life, enjoyed my family, endured and enjoyed my friends, continued my love affair with Liverpool football club.

Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams was 15 years old when he too set out on a similar journey on that day this was to be the 15 year olds first away game as he set off on the train on his own, a train that had police presence, the police would look after Anne Williams boy that day as they would many other Mothers sons, this is why we allowed our sons travel to football games, whether they be 15 years old from Liverpool, 17 years old from Dublin or 21 years old from Nottingham, after all it was a game of Football. All the parents of those children believed their child would be safe.

Kevin Williams was to become one of the 96 people who were to lose their lives at Hillsborough on The 15th of April 1989, Kevin would not be returning home to enjoy a full prosperous life over the next 20 years, his story does not end at Hillsborough in a way his story starts there, that is not to detract from the 15 years that he lived and the time he gave to Anne his family and friends which have equal value.

This was an era not of Facebook, Twitter or mobile phones and technology; contact with people on this day was very limited

When Anne Williams & Steve arrived in Sheffield it would be late, they waited amongst other families awaiting the turn to go in and identify their loved ones, and the silence would be broken with the screams and cries of families finding that their loved ones had perished. Soon Anne and Steve would identify Kevin from a Polaroid picture. A board with pictures of all the dead was the tool they used for identifying people; it does not bear thinking about.

Anne Williams

A verdict of accidental death was returned on the victims of 1989 Hillsborough Stadium disaster.

Anne Williams has fought in vain for over 20 years for a new inquest the case has now been accepted by the European Court of Human Rights.

This is the coroner Dr David Slater’s statement to the court.

On the basis of factual evidence, the views of the pathologists involved, and expert neurological opinion, the coroner decided that all those who received fatal injuries were dead (no heartbeat or no cortical activity) by 3 15pm.(BMJ 1997; 314:901 (22 March)

But others who also helped that day have a different view, Dr Ed Walker stated.

It is also a matter of public record that some victims who died in hospital did not die until well after 3 15pm…I personally, along with many other members of medical staff, was attempting resuscitation on those who subsequently died, but were very much alive, well after 3 15pm. This is quite simply a matter of fact.(BMJ 1997; 314:1283 (26 April)

The official view, however, is that all victims were brain-dead by 3.15 from traumatic asphyxia which left their bodies blue and bloated, but Anne has found evidence that these marking were not on Kevin.

She was also to discover from credible witnesses that Kevin was not removed from the pen at Leppings Lane until 3.28pm and laid on the pitch, alive but weak.

Debra Martin was a special constable and present at Hillsborough she was responsible with taking bodies of both dead and injured to the gym at Hillsborough, she was to give the following statement to Anne

“I stayed with Kevin, I felt for a pulse at the base of his neck and there was a slight blip, I picked him up in my arms and he opened his eyes. I will never forget the look in that little boys eyes. And he just said “Mum” and carried on looking for a few more seconds”

Her pathologists argue that broken bones in Kevin’s neck caused his airways to swell; a simple rubber tube down his throat would have saved him. The life and mischief could have been revived.

You have to take in to consideration that the Police had a fleet of ambulances outside the ground that could have assisted in saving some who were to become victims, the question has been asked as to why and who held these back.

Because the coroner’s cut-off point for victims was 3.15pm then they have never discussed or been answerable as to what occurred from 3.15pm-4.00pm on that day.

All Anne, like all families of victims of The Hillsborough Stadium disaster want is justice and the truth about what really took place that day, they want somebody to take responsibility if not for the tragedy
Lord Justice Taylor, in his official inquiry report, established that the authorities were at fault for a catalogue of failings that caused 3,000 fans to be herded into pens behind the goal at the ground in Sheffield which should only have held 1,600. He exonerated the supporters, describing their efforts to help the stricken as ‘magnificent’.

Anne wants an inquest under section 13 of the coroners act

This section is as follows.

Section 13 applications

Section 13 of the Coroners Act 1988 provides a further mechanism of challenge to the Administrative Division of the High Court. An application can be made by or on the authority of the Attorney General to the High Court on grounds that the Coroner refuses or neglects to hold an inquest which ought to be held or, where an inquest has been held, that whether by reason of fraud, rejection of evidence, irregularity of proceedings, insufficiency of inquiry, the discovery of new facts or evidence or otherwise, it is necessary in the interests of justice that another inquest be held. An application must first be made to the Attorney General for his or her permission to make an application. If permission is granted, the application proceeds to a full hearing by the Administrative Court.

Please sign the petition blow and forward it to everyone you know, its important that we get 100,000 signatures before 19th January 2012.


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Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

So now the English Football Association has what it wanted all along Luis Suarez accepting his ban and apologising for some misplaced words on a football field, but how many more apologies can we hope to see soon.

Patrice Evra accused Luis Suarez of calling him “Nigger” on at least 10 occasions, these were words straight from Evra after the match to a French T.V. station, later Evra was to retract this and actual say even though he is fluent in Spanish he did not understand that there were lots of differences between what was actually said and what he believed was said, well if he accepts that then surely he should apologise for accusing Luis Suarez of using the words and condemning him in such a way.

Liverpool Manager Kenny Dalglish has had many things to say about the incident and in showing support for Suarez and his football club I believe he and they have tainted what was and is an incredible history of the club. Liverpool should be at the forefront of any anti racism programme, and should put aside any personal issues to see that they are at all times showing support to such programmes, I believe Liverpool should have waited for all the evidence and conclusion to come to light before making such an ill-judged show of support, maybe Liverpool should also apologise.Football Association chairman David Berstein

Suarez & Evra in the original encounter.

Although Liverpool have now accepted Luis Suarez eight match ban, this is not however the end of the matter,Liverpool club officials are upset with what they believe was the F.A.s coaching of Patrice Evra having given him the opportunity on two occasions before the hearing to view video evidence, and practically get his story straight, this was not however afforded to Mr Suarez. So Evra comes across as a credible witness and Suarez comes across as confused and unable to remember all that days encounter.

We believe club officials intend to ask F.A Chairman David Bernstein questions regarding this matter. The three-man panel that decided on Luis Suarez guilt we were told were an independent panel, which beggars belief because these people were actual hand-picked by the F.A. nothing much independent about that. Paul Goulding QC was selected by the FA, which was bringing the charges. This surely represents a conflict of interest where the accusers are deciding the jurors.

Football Association chairman David Berstein

Luis Suarez was found guilty on the grounds of probability, later this month John Terry will appear in a court of law charged with a racist crime, he will, and can only be found guilty if the jury believe he is guilty beyond reasonable doubt, Luis Suarez should have been judged in exactly the same way. If John Terry is found not guilty in a court of law even if Anton Ferdinand is found to be a more believable credible witness than John Terry will the F.A. level a separate charge at John Terry knowing the Suarez case is a precedent ,after all the video evidence and John Terry’s statement leaves no doubt that he did use offensive racist language, and no matter in what context, after all Luis Suarez has not been found guilty of being a racist and was more than happy to accept what he said even if only one other person could collaborate that, Patrice Evra.

The truth is not as important as the way this whole sorry episode has been handled, the F.A. association need to set down clear and concise rules for the handling of any other further situation like this, anyone can see that Luis Suarez has been made an example of, mainly because the F.A. have handled this matter very poorly.


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