Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

So now the English Football Association has what it wanted all along Luis Suarez accepting his ban and apologising for some misplaced words on a football field, but how many more apologies can we hope to see soon.

Patrice Evra accused Luis Suarez of calling him “Nigger” on at least 10 occasions, these were words straight from Evra after the match to a French T.V. station, later Evra was to retract this and actual say even though he is fluent in Spanish he did not understand that there were lots of differences between what was actually said and what he believed was said, well if he accepts that then surely he should apologise for accusing Luis Suarez of using the words and condemning him in such a way.

Liverpool Manager Kenny Dalglish has had many things to say about the incident and in showing support for Suarez and his football club I believe he and they have tainted what was and is an incredible history of the club. Liverpool should be at the forefront of any anti racism programme, and should put aside any personal issues to see that they are at all times showing support to such programmes, I believe Liverpool should have waited for all the evidence and conclusion to come to light before making such an ill-judged show of support, maybe Liverpool should also apologise.Football Association chairman David Berstein

Suarez & Evra in the original encounter.

Although Liverpool have now accepted Luis Suarez eight match ban, this is not however the end of the matter,Liverpool club officials are upset with what they believe was the F.A.s coaching of Patrice Evra having given him the opportunity on two occasions before the hearing to view video evidence, and practically get his story straight, this was not however afforded to Mr Suarez. So Evra comes across as a credible witness and Suarez comes across as confused and unable to remember all that days encounter.

We believe club officials intend to ask F.A Chairman David Bernstein questions regarding this matter. The three-man panel that decided on Luis Suarez guilt we were told were an independent panel, which beggars belief because these people were actual hand-picked by the F.A. nothing much independent about that. Paul Goulding QC was selected by the FA, which was bringing the charges. This surely represents a conflict of interest where the accusers are deciding the jurors.

Football Association chairman David Berstein

Luis Suarez was found guilty on the grounds of probability, later this month John Terry will appear in a court of law charged with a racist crime, he will, and can only be found guilty if the jury believe he is guilty beyond reasonable doubt, Luis Suarez should have been judged in exactly the same way. If John Terry is found not guilty in a court of law even if Anton Ferdinand is found to be a more believable credible witness than John Terry will the F.A. level a separate charge at John Terry knowing the Suarez case is a precedent ,after all the video evidence and John Terry’s statement leaves no doubt that he did use offensive racist language, and no matter in what context, after all Luis Suarez has not been found guilty of being a racist and was more than happy to accept what he said even if only one other person could collaborate that, Patrice Evra.

The truth is not as important as the way this whole sorry episode has been handled, the F.A. association need to set down clear and concise rules for the handling of any other further situation like this, anyone can see that Luis Suarez has been made an example of, mainly because the F.A. have handled this matter very poorly.



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