Long Live The King

I find the disrespect that has been aimed toward Kenny Dalglish since the debacle at Bolton totally unacceptable, I think most of the anger and in my opinion stupid articles being targeted toward Dalglish have come from the younger generation of fans, I am not going to call them supporters.

These young people live in an age, and have been raised in a time when everything comes free an easy, where they believe if you throw money at something then the problems will be solved, where you can be fickle toward your friends and family, if they can’t have fast service at a McDonald’s, if their reception is poor on their phones, if they don’t possess the latest bit of technology their lives are hardly worth living.

These people have an idea about what a friend is that is so false and far-fetched that no wonder they want The Kings head on a plate after a couple of indifferent results, if they don’t have a thousand friends on Facebook, or similar followers on Twitter then they feel unworthy in some way, maybe they are victims of their parents or society as a whole, but that is not an excuse for the way they act on some of these forums, and media sites toward our club.

The real truth must surely be that they have no real concept of the history of this club and the individual history of Dalglish, here is a man even if you forget what he did on a football field, or what he achieved as a Manager at Liverpool Football Club & also Blackburn Rovers, is deserving of the respect of this City and the people of Liverpool who may not even be football fans(if there are such people). What Dalglish did post Hillsborough is well documented and I think some of these young people who are quick to have badges of Dont Buy The Sun and JFT96 on their social network walls, should go back and read the history, do they really have an understanding, sadly I think they do not!!

Kenny Dalglish is just a man, this has been proved by the illness he suffered post Hillsborough and what that episode in his life did to him, the effect it had on him and his family, what he is not though is a normal Liverpool Manager, people have been quick to ask for his sacking and compare Dalglish to Rafa and Hodgson are totally out-of-order, sometimes the love you have for someone is not about just football, we all know the famous quote from Bill Shankly ‘Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.’ but a less used quote also from Shanks is perhaps more prevalent today “If you can’t support us when we lose or draw, then don’t supporters when we win”

I think my point is sometimes just look slightly past disappointment and playing the blame game, and some of these fans need to ask themselves what kind of support are they giving our club and Manager, is it really helping? This is a long-term plan, a plan that will not always have Champions League Finals, F.A Cup Finals or constant visits to Wembley, but what it should have is the support of Liverpool Fans.

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2 responses to “Long Live The King

  1. With all due respect i find your comments on younger supporters quite insulting, I know many patient younger fans, and many older fans that make many a knee-jerk reaction. Of course people tend to ctalk rubbish on the internet when a team has a bad result, and i find that it tends to be those that don’t actually attend games that do this, but ultimately Kenny should be judged on his current managerial record not his past deeds. The fact remains that he has had more money to spend than all but 1 premier league manager since he was handed the role as manager, and the performance has not been good enough, signings have been disapointing, in many cases showing no signs that they may succeed on the long run, results have been average and tactically the team is struggling whenever the game isn’t against a big rival.

    On top of that the way that Kenny and the club handled the Suarez sitution has been widely ridiculed, In particular the wearing of the T-shirts stuck in the throat. I’m not a doom-monger and i really hope things improve, and i’d certainly be patient until the summer to see some positive signs, but ultimately the owners need to make a decision that will stand the club in good stead going forward, and at the moment despite him being a great player and a fine man, i think there will be other managers that i would trust more to get us back on track.

  2. Would be interesting who you trust more than Dalglish, I believe in freedom of speech and your points are an example of what I mean about the difference between a fan and a supporter, if you want to judge Kenny on his recent managerial job then at least give him a complete season.

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