The Racist Children of Liverpool Football Club

So after a fantastic weekend of football, where once again one of the most historically important cup competitions had most on the edge of their seats and produced some great action and equally some excellent goals, unfortunately this is all but forgotten by the majority of sports/football journalists.

I find it all incredibly boring that these people believe that football fans would prefer to read about Patrice Evra being booed and one idiot making monkey gestures than the game of football itself. There was a time that the Monday after a cup-tie was spent arguing about who was the better team, or how the referee cheated us, contentious off-side decisions, penalties that were not and penalties that should have been. Alas instead there is no argument worth having, are Liverpool fans allowed to enjoy the victory and lord it over their greatest rival as they should, the answer to that lies within the British media, and indeed certain individual journalist that have what they believe is a far greater story to tell.

Be careful how much you celebrate, before it becomes offensive.

The guilt that some of these media types have heaped upon Liverpool players and staff and most of all on Liverpool supporters is in itself distasteful, if for one moment you were to cheer on your side or your heroes, just be careful that you are not doing this because you support racism and purely want to further its cause. Ask yourself this how many young Liverpool supporters, children, youths, teenagers are this very morning being accused of being a racist or supporting racism purely because they want to rib their Manchester United counterparts about the game. The truth is you have to be very careful how you celebrate victory, maybe if Manchester United had won then the media would be lording over a victory for the game.

The whole Luis Suarez saga has become some what of a witch-hunt and an unfair fight, interesting that The F.A. felt that they should protect the England captain from what may have been an embarrassing incident at Queens Park Rangers where those players incensed by John Terry’s behaviour would not want to shake his hand, Terry is also being accused of Racist behaviour and during the game was cheered on loudly by Chelsea supporters, but the press did not feel the need to suggest that Chelsea Football Club had a problem with racism or that their supporters were indeed racists for this shocking behaviour of supporting their captain and team. It will be interesting in a couple of weeks when Liverpool play Manchester Untied at Old Trafford whether the F.A. intervene in the same protective father to innocent child way when Luis Suarez is expected to shake hands with Manchester United players and Patrice Evra, my feeling is they will not and Suarez and Evra will be left out to hang because they are not the England captain.

 One of the most distasteful things about this episode of the saga that just keeps going on, and just keeps giving story after story for the rags, is the way that Kenny Dalglish has been attacked again, the question was asked about the booing of Patrice Evra, something that happens at every ground, at every game that has ever been played, it’s as if they had written their stories before the game had even taken place, they had made their minds up. Dalglish as usual made light work of the question suggesting that he too had been booed all his career, which is a fair point, maybe a more relevant question would have been aimed at Sir Alex Ferguson about his fans singing songs about the Hillsborough and Hysel tragedies, but alas we all know how he would have reacted very similarly to Dalglish and said journalist and his newspaper banned from ever stepping foot in Old Trafford again, and rightfully so. Unfortunately Dalglish does not hold the same protection as Sir Alex.

Dalglish just a bit too happy for the press boys after victory

The supporters of football clubs, fans, followers whatever you wish to tag them with will always in some ways bring their individual characteristics to football matches, it can’t be controlled by clubs, and sometimes the hatred is out of control, I have been at games where Liverpool fans have sung about Munich and where Manchester & Chelsea fans have sung about Hillsborough, as much as this is disgusting it has also become expected, the human element of football you could say,these people would never dream of uttering such bile and hatred in their own lives outside a football arena, this is what football has always done to people, tribal in its entirety.
The media has decided what their best angle is on this story and they are sticking to it, they will not for a moment change this track until Luis Suarez next steps on to a Football field and is roundly booed except for those supporters of racism down the Anfield Road, those children that hero-worship him will once again be told they are racists by their classmates and peers, they will have to be very quiet and reserved supporters for the next few weeks, some unaware what constitutes an actual racist because the media have fudged the line, moved the goalposts, changed its definition, and in fact made it impossible to support Liverpool Football Club and or Luis Suarez without being racist, they have told anyone who will listen that is what defines you.   

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3 responses to “The Racist Children of Liverpool Football Club

  1. Paul Cullington

    Great article, sums up my feelings.

  2. Well said. To be honest, I’ve actually stopped reading the football news since the latest round of ‘Liverpool facilitating racism’ reporting came around. I’ll keep an eye out for the transfer gossip, but I don’t need some second-rate writer trying to mainpulate me with a heavy-handed, inaccurate narrative.

    Interestingly, being on Twitter has made me realise more than ever how widely these ‘journos’ generalise and how little objectivity they use in reporting. They pretty much all write opinion pieces, even when simply writing up a match report.

    There is more sense to be found from reading content from blogs.

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