Give Kenny Dalglish the Knighthood of Fred Goodwin

So this very morning the country and more importantly Her Majesty & Mr Cameron find themselves in possession of a slightly used, but we are told still in excellent condition for its age Knighthood, one previous owner Mr Frederick Goodwin but as new, very well looked after and from a smoke free, pet free home & with complete provenance.

What actually constitutes one getting such an honour is to say the least very confusing, and lives within a grey blurry area.

To give some understanding we shall delve into some who have also lost such honours bestowed upon them.

Robert Mugabe, yes that’s him of Human Rights Atrocities.

Nicolae Ceausescu, yes once again him of Human Rights Atrocities

Allen Stanford, currently on trial in Texas charged with a $7billion fraud.

All the above having the embarrassment of the honour being taken back from them and no doubt stored in a box awaiting the next socially inadequate despot that our government would like to apply some grease to said palm!

Without doubt the biggest criminal to hold a Knighthood is former Conservative M.P. Jeffery Archer who was jailed (2001-2003) for Perjury & Perverting the Course of Justice, but because he was only a criminal and did not lose a couple of quid for a Bank has managed to keep his peerage. We may do well to remember Fred Goodwin has never been convicted of any actual crime.

All the time this poor judgement of character continues from both the Palace and government, we have a more than deserving King awaiting the opportunity to get down on one knee and have the blunt blade tapped across both shoulder blades.

Kenny Dalglish, one of the most successful and decorated Footballers of the modern game & also one of the most successful Football Managers, his football CV is well documented and  probably in Managerial terms only a handful of people have surpassed or equalled his achievements .

Not many people can say they were considered The Best in their chosen field of excellence, but Kenny Dalglish is one such person, by both his fellow players and the paying public.

Unfortunately being an incredibly gifted footballer, revered around the globe is not enough to receive such an accolade according to those responsible for such an individual trophy as a Knighthood.

Footballers and Football Managers have down the years been patronised with many honours, the following with the top honour.

Trevor Brooking Knighthood:  Services to Sport.

Bobby Robson     Knighthood:  Services to Football.

Alex Ferguson     Knighthood:  Services to Football.

Matt Busby          Knighthood: Guiding United To European Cup.

Geoff Hurst         Knighthood:  Services to Football.

Alf Ramsay          Knighthood: Services to Football.

Bobby Charlton    Knighthood: Services to Football.

Now unlike Fred Goodwin the above Knights have never had their particular Knighthood linked to their actual performance, which is a good job for Sir Alex after that drubbing earlier in the season from Manchester City any more results like that and Mr Cameron could be giving him a call.

My particular reasoning for giving Kenny Dalglish a Knighthood is not just football related or reasoned regarding what he has achieved as a sportsman, more what he has achieved as a man, in considering an argument for the honour to be bestowed upon him one just needs to look at the days and months after The Hillsborough stadium disaster and the near 23 years that have followed.

Kenny Dalglish would attend many of the funerals of the victims of Hillsborough, and offer support to families and friends of victims, at one point he and wife Marina attending Four funerals in one day.

What Kenny Dalglish has continued to do for both the Justice campaign and the families of the bereaved speaks volumes about this man and his family.

Kenny Dalglish is more than a Football Manger more than someone who is devoted to his service toward his particular field of sports; Kenny Dalglish is a hero, a legend to the people of Liverpool, not just football fans, but all residents of this wonderful City.

Maybe time will tell and he will get what most people in Liverpool feel he deserves shortly, or maybe there are rules that say if you are a King you can’t be demoted to a Knight.

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Thanks for taking the time to read, good luck Chris.


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One response to “Give Kenny Dalglish the Knighthood of Fred Goodwin

  1. Just over three weeks ago, in the expectation that the accidental death verdict of the 96 would be cleared and Kenny’s efforts, after the April 1989 tragedy, would be honored I started a world side petition for Kenny to receive a knighthood.
    I have met with an MP who is willing to support us if we have enough signatures, I’m guessing that’s 10,000+
    I know there have been efforts prior to this but they failed for political or social reasons at the time. There are only two petitions alive today, one in the UK which can only be signed by UK residents only and this one, worldwide, where anyone can sign. In the two weeks since I started the petition we have 440 signatures at the time of writing. Mainly from LFC web sites around the world, but if you could support and sponsor this it would be beneficial to those who know what Kenny did after the tragedy and since with his wife. His services to football cannot be over looked.
    There is now a dedicated Facebook page for Kenny
    The only other active site is run by Freddy Maurice, we will meet later this year and combine our resources if possible.
    Please sign; I can’t think of anyone I’ve known in my life more deserving of a Knighthood than Kenny.
    Over the course of his 61 year life, Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish MBE has done a tremendous service for the people of the city of Liverpool, Liverpool Football Club, Scottish Football, and the Sports world in general.
    When the Hillsborough disaster of 1989 plunged a city into mourning by taking the lives of 96 of its own, Liverpool’s family craved a leader, a beacon. As manager of the Liverpool Football team Dalglish was the man who held together a grief-stricken community. Dalglish helped the bereaved; comforting them and ensuring Liverpool were represented at every funeral, sometimes 5 a day. He was, Liverpool’s shining light in their darkest hour.
    He’s also been involved with a lot of charity work. He and his wife founded the Marina Dalglish Appeal, which in 2007 reached it’s target of £1.5 million and opened the Oncology Centre at the University Hospital in Aintree. Dalglish often competes in the annual Gary Player Invitational Tournament, a charity golfing event which raises money for children’s causes around the world
    As far as his achievements in football go, his career spans 22 years, playing for Celtic and Liverpool, winning numerous honors with both. He is Scotland’s most capped player of all time with 102 appearances, and also Scotland’s joint-leading goal scorer, with 30 goals. Dalglish won the Ballon d’Or Silver Award in 1983, the PFA Player of the Year in 1983, and the FWA Footballer of the Year in 1979 and 1983. In 2009 the web site FourFourTwo named Dalglish as the greatest striker in post-war British football, and in 2006 he topped a Liverpool fans’ poll of “100 Players Who Shook the Kop”. He has been inducted into both the Scottish and English Football Halls of Fame.
    Dalglish began his career with Celtic in 1971, going on to win four Scottish First Divisions, four Scottish Cups and one Scottish League Cup with the club. In 1977, Liverpool manager Bob Paisley paid a British transfer record of £440,000 to bring Dalglish to Liverpool. His years at Liverpool were among the club’s most successful periods, as he won six Football League First Divisions, two FA Cups, four League Cups, seven FA Charity Shields, three European Cups and one UEFA Super Cup. For these achievements and his style of play he was given the name King Kenny by Liverpool supporters. Dalglish became player-manager of Liverpool in 1985 after the resignation of Joe Fagan, winning a further three First Divisions, two FA Cups and four FA Charity Shields, before resigning from Liverpool in 1991.
    He returned to both Celtic FC and Liverpool FC in the latter half of his managerial career winning both respectively a Scottish League Cup and an English League Cup. He can also boast taking Blackburn Rovers FC to their first and only Premier League Championship.
    To emphasize his efforts during the time of the Hillsborough disaster and after, Kenny Dalglish has shown outstanding support to all of the families concerned in the disaster, he met with them, counseled them and told them they were not alone.

    Kenny Dalglish attended many funerals of the victims including four in one day and was greatly praised for the dignity and compassion he showed in the aftermath of the tragedy.”
    Not only did he attend many of the lost fan’s funerals, he also visited their families and offered support to them and offered them guidance.
    Since then, Dalglish has organized charity matches and rose awareness for ‘justice for the 96’ campaign which succeeded in the revelations of a police cover up on September the 12th 2012
    We want the British government to take action and help Kenny Dalglish to be awarded a knighthood for all his work and support to the fans of Liverpool F.C, Merseyside and the victims of the horrible events in April 1989.
    For the reasons of his immense humanitarianism, leadership, charity work and his achievements in sports, I firmly believe that Kenny Dalglish deserves to be knighted.

    Kenny deserves this more than anyone I know

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