Cats & Dogs & Harry Redknapp England Manager??!!!

It’s been an interesting few days that has seen the animal kingdom come to the forefront of all things Football, it started with us learning that Tottenham Hotspurs Manager Harry “Don’t call me a wheeler-dealer” Redknapp had opened an off shore bank account for his pet DOG Rosie!! Yes that’s correct his DOG, now if rumours are to be believed whilst outside Tottenham’s White Hart Lane on Friday last week a Tottenham supporter was patiently waiting to withdraw some funds from the cash-point, intending to treat himself and Er Indoors to some well-deserved Jellied Eels when who did he spot in front of him taking out £40 of the Queen’s English none other than Rosie the DOG.

Rosie is not in the middle

Rosie was last spotted coming out of Pet World after a spending spree that Lassie herself would have been proud of, when a member of staff asked Rosie if she had the time she replied “no I’m a bulldog not a watchdog”.

Then just as we were getting used to dogs with bank accounts and being able to sustain their own credit cards, and as if not to be outdone we have Liverpool bringing on a CAT as a substitute for Charlie Adam at Anfield in the Premier League game against Harry’s Tottenham, although Adam has had an inconsistent season thus far nobody could have imagined that Kenny Dalglish would undermine one of his own players so publicly by replacing him with a CAT.

As Moggy ran on to the pitch Liverpool’s Kop went wild, noise like that is normally only reserved for special European nights, but this was a historical night, in years to come people will ask the question  “where were you the night Dalglish brought the CAT on?”

Charlie Adam sulked off the pitch not even stopping to wish the CAT good luck on its debut, an act that did not go un-noticed by the KOP some began to Boo this act of treachery as they saw it in their eyes, in hard time we have to stick together and Adam was being rather selfish not even acknowledging the CAT.

The Cat was to make an immediate impact as he shimmied one way then the other out foxing(well the cat version) the Tottenham defence he raced into the Tottenham penalty area and with only the Goalkeeper Brad Friedel to beat an amazing thing happened; the Cat suddenly dived to the ground as if shot and just rolled on his belly, the referee Michael Oliver had no alternative but to show the Cat a red card it was a blatant dive, Liverpool fans were going wild now as moments earlier Gareth Bale had also gone down very similar to what the CAT had done yet he received nothing, pure bias on the referees part toward humans.

Friedel Tries Intimidation on The Cat

The referee tried to summon the CAT but he was having none of it and only left the field of play when a steward intervened, surely he will find himself in hot water with the F.A. for his contempt of the officials.

At the post match press interviews all the talk was about the CAT with Sky Sports asking Dalglish about the sending off, as usual Dalglish fiercely supported his player suggesting that the referee got it wrong and should have awarded a penalty because the Keeper scared the CAT.

A complaint has been made to Merseyside police that Liverpool’s CAT insulted a black cat from the Manchester area when he left the field, this though has not been collaborated although The Daily Mirror have already printed the story  regardless.

The sending off certainly altered the game and ruined it as a spectacle after the CAT left the field of play, to add insult to injury the CAT actually made more runs and had more crosses in his three-minute cameo than Stuart Downing has had all season, Liverpool fans will not be happy that he won’t be appearing at Old Trafford on Saturday.

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