Liverpool Football Fans & Patrick Barclay Twitter Gate!!!!

Liverpool Football Club & The Twitter Wars

With the phenomenon of social media suddenly we all have a voice, a place where if we feel hard done by or where an injustice has been perpetrated we can find the perpetrator and inform them of our distaste, and where we can also add support with our shield of justice when we wholeheartedly agree, and where others gather up in arms with disagreement. That’s the thing with the instant nature of the internet, Twitter & Facebook and any number of their offspring, you don’t really have time to think about your ill-informed responses at times & just type away with the first thing that enters the grey matter area!

How we convey our feelings is sometimes more important than those actual feelings, it’s important that we have a balanced argument if we are indeed to set ourselves up for debate within the many forums that exist, there are indeed rules of engagement, if we are to represent our Tribe our institution, and more importantly if we wish to show who and what we personally are, what we represent singularly; then now in a time of instant repercussions and where evidence of our misdemeanours are easily accessible for all who wish to find them, then now we must be forever on our guard that we are having our thoughts recorded and digested in a manner like never before.

Who is Patrick Barclay?

Patrick or Paddy to his friends is a renowned sports journalist with many years of good and insightful reporting of Football journalism behind him; he has a rather impressive C.V.  With work at The Guardian, The Independent, The Sunday Telegraph & The Observer amongst his many positions, since 2009 he was Chief Football Correspondent at The Times until that position was ended due to cost cutting measures. Patrick currently works for The London Evening Standard.

During this time he has also become somewhat of a media celebrity, having appeared on Sky’s Sunday Supplement programme dissecting all things football.

And for those that abused him with tweets regarding Chelsea & Manchester United he is actually a Dundee supporter, he did however for his sins write Sir Alex Ferguson’s Biography; Football-Bloody Hell.

The Tweet That Started Twitter Gate

I have to ask myself if someone in Patrick’s position, with all his experience of how the media and journalists work would leave himself at the mercy of that well-known Animal called the public, on Tuesday whilst being berated by a football fan , Barclay would reply with what can only be deemed disparaging and what could normally be put down to an off the cuff remark, but he has since said it was a “Measured response to what he was asked” so I assume by measured he means he thought about how he could respond, so not just a throw away one-liner!!

In the defence of Patrick Barclay you have to remember Twitter enables all sorts of nasty troll type cretin to pursue both celebrities and members of the general public purely to rile and get a response, and he has nearly 2000 comments or Tweets for the initiated while his fellow competitor having only 20, so if you like a duel between an old hand and a the wannabe.

@charliechucksballsLFC tweets @paddybarclay “Do you get any lower than taking murdoch’s ca$h”

2 hours later

@paddybarclay tweets @charlichucksballsLFC  “ See your point .But, yes, you can. For example, you can be in a crowd that crushes 39 people to death.

I did ask Patrick to explain his remark, unfortunately he would not debate with myself, but did however respond to others on Twitter and here are his Tweets

“Yes, and he didn’t half ask for it with the silliest question I’ve ever been asked”.

“I just think feeling even slightly responsible for tragic deaths must be worse than feeling guilty for working for a Murdoch paper”

“The usual twisters are active, I hear – “he’s mocking the dead” – but those who can read plain English know I wasn’t mocking. The opposite.”

All of the above are still on @paddybarclay twitter timeline and in the public domain. What however I have not reported on is the abuse that @paddybarclay received from, and it has to be said mainly Liverpool fans, some of which was well constructed and based on a feeling that he was incorrect in using Heysel as a tool to win an argument, in knowing that it may offend some people, it is however totally unacceptable that people feel they can use outrage in the name of Liverpool Football club and attempt to represent all Liverpool fans with some of the crass and stupidly constructed comments, if we are to have a fair point & get across how we really feel we have to put ourselves above all of the other rubbish, some people who were not even born when The tragic events of Heysel took place and scarred our club for over two decades have tried to defend our club with some untruths and rhetoric, they should perhaps read the following article by Tony Evans. **

And if things said on Twitter offend you so much as to resort to threats and abuse of people, even the worst types of journalist, then maybe this type of open forum is not for you, and the same applies to said journalists if you cant accept the sword is sharp, then don’t use it.

@EveNewtonJobs example Tweet

Then just when things began to calm down up pops Steven Cohen or as he prefers to be known on Twitter @EveNewtonJobs, and as much as I dislike almost everything he has to say about my club, most through my red tinted glasses & chip on my victims shoulder apparently, he was however very pleasant when I spoke to him last night as regard his views and take on the Barclay situation, which at the time Cohen had sprung to his defence, those that don’t know Steven Cohen he has quite a history with Liverpool fans having written very disparaging  articles reflecting on Liverpool Football Club and its fans and most particularly The Hillsborough disaster and having also given his opinion on radio and through the media.

Once again the debate with @EveNewtonJobs headed straight toward the gutter, with some fans remarks completely uncalled for, again making uncomfortable reading, racist and anti-Semitic to say the least, surely we as a club do not support this kind of response, surely we can represent ourselves better than this, as much as a few words may hurt us; for so-called Liverpool fans to respond in such a manner just makes us look poor and the medias idea of how we are perceived gets stronger, it just weakens us as fans and as a club.

There is a line when trying to engage people even those that are clearly belligerent and arrogant in the way they conduct and construct their opinion, I do not like what @EveNewtonJobs has had to say or what he continues to try to pedal as the truth, his constant belief that we wallow in our role as “The Victim”. I do not feel like a victim and never have done, yes I was present at Hillsborough but the victims are the 96 who lost their lives that day and their friends and family, me I am far removed from being a victim. Like many Liverpool supporters I actively seek to keep the justice campaign in the public eye and will continue to do so until the day that every Victim feels they have closure and more importantly the truth.

I really disapprove in using Hillsborough in any sort of argument or constructive debate, but I feel in this instance and to give an insight into @EveNewtonJobs I had no alternative. But if it upsets anyone then I apologise for the reference.

So what did @EveNewtonJobs have to say in his defence of his fellow journalist

@EveNewtonJobs Tweets @HowlingFanTodd

“ 39 died at your hands….End of. Explain however you like, blame whoever you like, everyone knows the truth”

@EveNewtonJobs Tweets @3xOne

“They are not even considered…it is only about the 96…the 39 don’t matter to them”.

@EveNewtonJobs Tweets @PremierLgBoston

“I am sure he will…more so than you I suspect. You can run from the truth but it will always find you”.

@EveNewtonJobs Tweets @MATTYxLFC @paddybarclay

“He is not insulting the dead he is insulting you and rightfully so”.

@EveNewtonJobs Tweets openly
“All football fans please stand with @paddybarclay as he has to endure the rabid abuse of the ‘best fans in the world’ for telling the truth”.

@EveNewtonJobs Tweets Openly
“I see that @paddybarclay has got himself in trouble with the scum of the earth…for telling the truth. Well Paddy I for one stand with you”.

The following website will give you an idea about how @EveNewtonJobs feels about Liverpool Football Club and its supporter, it is an open forum and as such is available to all. **

I have tried where possible to only give quotes that could not be taken out of the context in which they were written, I may add that all the quotes are still on @EveNewtonJobs Twitter timeline. It is important that my stance and opinion is this, I have no problem with dealing with the events of Hysel and that some have a responsibility with what happened that evening, but I do have a problem with it being used as a tool for bating or winning a subsequent argument, and the way it was delivered by Patrick Barclay and latterly the comments by @EveNewtonjobs trying to defend that delivery.

Would Patrick Barclay be as content with his argument if a German football fan baited him, and he replied with “we won the war” No I doubt he would,

We have been constantly accused of having a siege mentality over the Suarez racism debate, yet certain sections of the media are guilty of just that, lets protect and support our own is acceptable when it suits, and the siege sets in.

If you feel the need to let either Patrick or Steven know what your views are then please do it in such a way that it does not harm our club, and is it possible for us to accept that it is just an opinion of others and with free speech we Liverpool Football Club along with others will always have to defend the integrity of ourselves firstly then our passion which is our Football Clubs.

I am on twitter just follow the link & follow, I will follow you back unless you seem like a stalker or journalist!!

** I have not sort permission or consent to use either link, and they are posted without the knowledge of either party, but they are freely available at this time.



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4 responses to “Liverpool Football Fans & Patrick Barclay Twitter Gate!!!!

  1. Jimmy oshea

    Very eloquently put.I for one have started to sympathise with Paddy as we all sometimes say things we regret but not unfortunate enough to have millions witness it. I thought Paddy to be genuinely contrite today and he usually talks a lot of sense so let’s hope this thing fades away eventually.

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  3. Vicci

    Well written mate, while it’s easy to get upset at some of the moronic vitriol on Twitter it is important that we keep our heads and not add to the spiteful abuse, IMO. That’s not helping us or our club.

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