Fabio Capello England Manager Arrivederci!

So here we go again, down a familiar road, and probably toward that most familiar of outcomes, like smoke emerging from The Vatican as we await our new leader, only the F.A are not exactly in mourning for its latest casualty from another holy balls up. As The F.A  pontify over their next move in the self-made mess of finding a new England Football Manager, the public whom somehow believe they actually have a say in the process, begin the debating game.

The F.A. having stated that they will take a few different criteria into consideration when making its decision including public opinion, oh dear since when has the public been in any position to decide who may or may not be best suited to a job of this magnitude, we only have to look toward the house next door to number 9 Downing Street for an example of the publics ineptitude, and its interview technique needs a slight tweak.

In what is becoming somewhat of a regular pattern another Italian jumps for the safety dingy within moments of steering his ship far too close to danger, the only difference on this occasion was our Captain Capello was able to stow away a pocket full of gold and quite a large amount of Pavarotti’s in his back pocket.

Man overboard Fabio Capello.

Once again the blame is heaped on the man sailing the vessel, whilst the owners of the vessel sit pretty on dry land with rhetoric of onwards & upwards, well more like sideways. Could this whole sorry episode have been handled and indeed managed differently? Yes.

We now find ourselves with well paid members of The English Football Association who failed so miserably in managing the whole Racist,Captain,Terry and Innocent, Guilty palava, I in no way wish to trivialize racism, but the F.A. have made a complete mockery of the whole situation, interestingly they were more than happy to explain their position today, but not so happy to clarify the same position before the Terry court case was delayed until after The European Championship, so now things are out of control, and out of The F.A.s control,and their prize for being unable to MANAGE this episode is that they get to sit in judgement on whether somebody is capable of being a manager, only in the Football industry could this happen.

If Joe Bloggs(not his real name!) working at the local burger flipping eatery were to manage his business the same way The F.A manage theirs, he would be out the door. What we have to realise here is that The F.A. is a business and quite a profitable business, but with success like any other business it becomes so much more profitable.

Ana its shareholder Joe Public(again not his real name) and his many relatives end up getting royally shafted , with minimum return on their investment, treated like the poor relation, you can’t pick your family apparently, and blood is thicker than water……….blah blah blah. The result is always the same, we will take your money that you spend on the ever-changing England replica shirt, we will accept your vocal support, but the moment the head of the family says something silly in a language that we struggle to understand, because he has poor communication skills, although ours are excellent, we will ostracise him, because we know what’s best, after all we have Joe Public’s best interest at heart, not our own.

So there we have it Fabio Capello with oars in hand rows off into the sunset and only time will tell whether the ship he left sails off into The European Championship sunset or alternatively it sinks without trace.


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3 responses to “Fabio Capello England Manager Arrivederci!

  1. Geoff Williams

    Great the use of pavarotti for spondoolies and the vatican references. Excellent as usual

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