Kick Racism Out or In Out Kick It All About

Kick Racism In-Out Kick It all About

So the search continues with the speed of an express train, not stopping in its ultimate goal and pursuit of finding the next candidate for the position nobody wants; not that of the Manager of the English football team, but that of the next high-profile footballer who may have said something slightly racist!!

In a way I blame the 12 men & women who sat on the jury of Harry Redknapp’s tax evasion trail, if they had found him guilty then the hacks would have a different kind of story to concentrate on, but instead they go back to that tried & trusted “Guess who is a racist today” story.

They are deluded if they believe what they are doing is highlighting racists within Football, in fact what they are guilty of is not furthering the cause of racism in portraying that they are waving their sword of social injustice against racism, they are allowing the real racists to wonder around un-reported, and they can stroll amongst society un-checked, purely because a portrait of a real racist sat on the front page or taking up the lead story, does not in fact sell newspapers.

Are they kicking racism in or out!!!

I also do not think the Kick Racism Out campaign has itself been done any favours, more like pump it up till you can get no more air into it and throw it into the mix!! What seems a more likely truth is Kick Racism IN, it seems irrelevant if the subject matter is actually worth commenting on, we will anyway as it gives us a sense of believing we are making a difference, and makes us relevant, they have to show there is a purpose to their role, otherwise they become redundant, less self-important, for too long they have had no real purpose, racism in football is apparently like buses, nothing for ages then all of a sudden three turn up, and then it’s all aboard.

It is a very dangerous game these people are playing, the hacks, who we all know are responsible for jumping on the 3 wheeled bandwagon, which will be very soon overloaded with the lazy arrogant types who for too long have abused their positions within the football media believing we will read & listen to any amount of crass bias rubbish they choose to flower certain rags with.

Sir Alex Ferguson also thrust his big red nose in the mix, suggesting that racism seems to have come back into football & he does not know where it has suddenly come from, is he really that naïve, has Old Trafford become like a nuclear bunker, Sir Alex please do us a favour next time you have a few spare moments get one of your Gran kids to help you do a Google search, it never went anywhere, why on earth do you think you have been supporting Kick Racism Out? Because it had to be there to enable you to kick it out surely, or am I missing something.

Stuart Pearce has become the latest target for the let’s find a racist brigade for something he said 20 years ago, and he is being vilified by the very people who make him out to be a National Hero, just be careful what you wish for Mr Newspaper Editor, you are giving the racists another face to put on their posters, a recognised face, a hero.

I must also make you aware of my conflict of interest here; my Brother once stole an Easter egg from Sainsbury’s in 1979, I know it devalues my opinion and I will understand if your outrage makes you turn away now and never again read any of my blogs!!

I think from now on every despot journalist who is kind enough to patronise us with his written word must also list any convictions members of their family may have, and any moments they may have said something although irrelevant that may have been construed as racist, even as far back as Primary School, with all respect they probably would not have much room for the article.

Not much of a story

A Far Better Headline

I have never been unfortunate enough to be a newspaper sports editor, not really sure how this has eluded me, but I offer these people a far greater headline, or if you like a Better Headline; if you require something that incorporates sport and racism and maybe even quite a few racists into the mix, unfortunately it does not involve Luis Suarez or his brother, John Terry, Stuart Pearce or for that matter Black’s, Irish Gypsies, Poles or Red Indians, it does however include Nick Griffin yes that is correct him of BNP leader fame, he who peddles racism and hate, he who met the Ku Klux Klan and attacked Islam, and who’s party refused to support the England football team whilst it has those silly little Black men pretending they are English, a list of its members is quite easy to obtain, I have a copy if you wish to save some time, so you can have a longer lunch!!! So there you go Racist’s in Football I have done most of the work for you, you only need to come up with a punchy headline something along the lines of “ Racist Football Fans Hate Coloured People” that should create both controversy and may even alienate quite a few football supporters, but hell who cares about Football fans, bloody racists.

The last thing I wanted to be doing is another piece on racism within football,definitely not one that may seem to trivialise the subject, but I feel strongly that not one journalist has really tackled the wider issue held within the incidents that have recently occurred surrounding the game, most seem to have such an agenda that they have completely missed the real story here,is it possible that they are not interested in truth getting in the way of a good story, or at least fairness being applied.

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2 responses to “Kick Racism Out or In Out Kick It All About

  1. Thanks Christopher.

    Racism is not about two overpaid millionaires who are slagging each other off (no matter how vile the language is). I wonder if any Welsh, Scots, Irish or even ginger people will go to the FA claiming that they were offended.

    I doubt that Evra felt any discrimination or fear…..actually he seemed pretty happy to dance a jig around Suarez on Saturday. I doubt he would have done that to the racists that you referred to in your article.

    We also have the hypocrisy surrounding a handshake……such a vile thing to do not to shake hands (just like the Keane and Vierra incident).

    I’d like to see LFC and MUFC make strong statements about the disgusting songs about Munich and Hillsborough and about offensive personal chants that go on every match.

    Nobody would go into a theatre and shout abuse at the cast so why is it ok at a football ground? Why is it wrong for a player to use abusive language when there are 40,000 plus fans also doing it?

    Racial hatred and it’s cousin discrimination are what we should be fighting against……not focusing on a player who could have told the other to get lost.

  2. Similarly the songs sung about Steven Gerrard and his wife & children, or Adebayor and his father & mother, the homophobic songs from Arsenal toward Sol Campbell it goes on and on and on, but unless it fits a particular Newspapers agenda it will fail to be reported, a sad indictment of us all.

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