Has Twitter Killed The Football Hooligan?

Have Twitter Finally rid us of The Football Hooligan?

Have social network sites predominantly Twitter finally rid the game of the football Hooligan?

In an age where I can tell you within a millisecond exactly what it is I think about you, and what I also think about your particular football team, when I can verbally scrap with you for hours on end, where the once loathed hooligan has now been replaced by the Social Network Terrorist.

Old School Football Hooligans.

A different set of rules of engagement are required for this type of altercation, the pugilist has long since thrown away his gloves, his blades, baseball bats and bottles, and instead he has taken to the art of language, he is instead armed with a dictionary with an ability to limit his many battles to One Hundred & Forty Characters, but the war however can only be won by he who has the most followers, he who’s followers are prepared to join him in the ensuing battles that lay ahead.

Weight will not be an issue in these fights, physicality an irrelevance, your prey will be easily identified purely on what they have to say, it has become quite easy for us all now to take part in the new hooliganism, all that is needed is a phone or access to a computer, throw into the mix a few choice words and away you go.

It has become less of a hassle than arranging to meet up at local railway stations or similarly drinking establishments, with no real planning required, and provided you are careful with the choice of words very little chance of possibly ending the day with a trip down to Wormwood Scrubs.

In the good old days we never really had the opportunity to interact with other supporters, other than the twice a season match, we certainly never had the opportunity to believe that what we felt about our opposing teams players would ever be able to be put across in a few words from a text, or that these football stars could even reply, but that is exactly what is happening today.

The naivety of these so called celebrities, and the consumption of their public really has no boundaries, many times being prepared to indulge in battle when these are battles that cannot be won, and where it is clear at conception that they will not win. Where it is not just me and you behind the bike sheds after school, but more you and I and my 50,000 friends set fair for engagement.

There seems to be no actual point in physically fighting with you, when I can have lots more fun exchanging my views and my hate with you, when hundreds & hundreds of fellow fans can too join in with the duels, battles and subsequent war. I am completely hidden or so I think behind a screen, never am I going to be answerable to my fellow protagonists.

Soial Media Terorist.

The Social Media terrorist is far more of a coward than the football hooligan, if things do get a little difficult in the heat of battle, he need not stand shoulder to shoulder with his gang, oh no he can run and hide without conscience, whilst never having to explain himself.

The celebrity battle becomes the most proud moment for those medallist contenders, this has become the real test of how hard the new hooligan is, the bigger the celebrity the harder I can become, a Top Boy is within my reach if I can bait my celebrity to furnish my life with a response that is my ultimate goal.

So yes I do believe that Twitter has indeed rid us of The Football Hooligan but what they have given us as his replacement is a much more dangerous and deadlier animal The Social Network Terrorist.

Please join me on Twitter https://twitter.com/christobinsings let me know what you think.



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