Why Liverpool Fans Will Fight “The Sun on Sunday”

TWENTY TWO YEARS and a few months later we find ourselves still in a fight in defence of reputations ruined, and the deaths of innocent people sullied, but unabated that fight goes on, call a newspaper by whatever name you like Mr Murdoch, but where intrinsically that paper has a core called The Sun, the battle will become more intense & stronger than ever, we will not hide or shy away from what is our heritage and our duty to continue to honour those innocent people, yes those INNOCENT people who your newspaper and Kelvin MacKenzie felt it your responsibility to lie and construct myth about, all in the interest of selling newspapers.

The Hillsborough Disaster Liars.

I feel it an appropriate moment in time to re-visit the subject matter, on a weekend where Murdoch has chosen to launch his Sun on Sunday tabloid, the same weekend where we will also find many Liverpool supporters congregating in the capital to watch their team at Wembley.

I am not going to go through our history or reasoning behind the Don’t-Buy-The-Sun campaign; instead I have attached two links, for those few who still do not have such an understanding, due to either age or plain ignorance.

http://www.contrast.org/hillsborough/  The Hillsborough Justice Campaign.

http://dontbuythesun.co.uk/site/             The Don’t Buy The Sun website.

It is however still surprising that many supporters are still unaware of the depth of feeling from Liverpool supporters regarding the newspaper, in the modern age and certainly the interim years since Hillsborough admittedly it has become, and is continuing to be incredibly difficult to avoid putting money in the pockets of Murdoch and his News Corporation empire, the inception of The Premier League and Murdoch’s ownership of Sky and particularly Sky Sports this has made donating to his business near on impossible to avoid, certainly for sports fans.

News International are also responsible for The Times & Sunday Times newspapers.

Rupert Murdoch who decided to, in political terms jump into bed with Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s, amongst other disparaging claims laid at his door has been bribery and corruption by his business in the U.K. which is investigated by the FBI in the United States.

Sometimes we will all be made to feel hypocritical in regards of a total black-out of this unscrupulous man and his ever-increasing empire.

It reminds me of a girl who I went to school with, she was a vegan and vegetarian and had lots of other of these type of what we liked to call eating disorders, whilst we would attempt to distort her social conscience, mainly because we were trying to support our own meat-eating antics, we would respond that she was a modern-day fake because she wore leather shoes to school!!

Hillsborough Justice Campaign

The point is, and should not be lost that providing you are doing your bit, your singular bit in some cases, and some outsiders looking to divide us may think it insignificant, but is it that difficult to show support for our cause by refusing to purchase a newspaper, lots of Liverpool fans may now live outside the City myself included, but you still have responsibility to continue to educate other Football fans regarding our reasons and show them that it is not just the same old rhetoric or a somewhat outdated cause and campaign, none Liverpool people or fans of other clubs find it difficult to understand, but I say would you be happy if your child or a relative had died so tragically at a football match, and still twenty years later you could read an article on-line linking their deaths to lies and soiling their very memory and the memories of their families & friends.

Would you also be accepting of an apology years after the lies had fuelled many a conspiracy theory, and as such people actually believed such lies and continue today to peddle those lies still, mainly in hope to discredit our club or as a point scoring exercise for our closest competitors.

There are many fine Liverpool supporters and Footballing people, fans of great clubs with great insight and love for the game we also love, who for their sins are having to make a living writing for News Corporation, as unfortunate as this may be, I like to look at a bigger picture, the saying “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer” comes to mind, provided they are making an effort to support our cause on both the Justice campaign and toward our beloved club in a positive way, then I understand that they may have to indirectly work for Mr Murdoch, however what I cannot accept is any true Liverpool fan, especially those whom like myself were present at Hillsborough taking up a position at The Sun or The Sun on Sunday. This I am afraid is unacceptable, it is no different to crossing a picket line, the lowest act of a working man or woman.

So whilst you may find it impossible to protest against his huge organisation, and from time to time we may all unwillingly have to stomach some meat, while we pertain to be vegetarians, you can quite easily counter your conscience by never buying the newspaper responsible for “The Lies” and any other offspring of said paper, and encourage others to do the same.

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4 responses to “Why Liverpool Fans Will Fight “The Sun on Sunday”

  1. davbruv

    Great Rallying Cry Chris. A Calling for All Football fans to stand and be heard as One, the call for Justice for those unfortunate souls lost and the lies still told #YNWA

  2. James Cookson

    I’d rather cut my cock off than buy the rag. We have fought since that day and will fight until the “Murdoch Empire” is no more. Those who know the real truth, is that “The Truth” was all lies. JFT96. YNWA

  3. Sara

    The S*n is a repulsive little rag that’s not fit for use as toilet roll. Can’t believe so many clowns actually buy it. No doubt the Sunday edition will be just as much of a national embarrassment.

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