Liverpool FC sign Messi, Xavi and Iniesta.

The World’s most famous club Liverpool F.C have today confirmed they have secured the signatures of three of the world’s very best footballers, the capture of Lionel Messi,  Xavier Hernández Creus and Andres Iniesta came about due to the crippling debt which Barcelona find themselves surrounded by, with Liverpool paying just £20 million to secure all three players. The trio had been linked to moves to Europe’s top teams but once they were made aware of the interest of Kenny Dalglish all other options became redundant.

Just imagine the little Argentine genius strutting his stuff, dancing through defences like a modern-day Nureyev on the best grass in football our glorious turf that is Anfield, jinking passed Ferdinand, megs on Evra and then dinks the ball over the hapless David DeGea, then turning to the Kop hands aloft in praise to our mecca.

This is what can happen when we use the internet correctly, where rumour and poetic licence enable us to say what we want, to relay to the masses hearsay, some may say lies I prefer to think of them as un-truths, providing we are not harming reputations or libelling people, sullying names by suggesting they may be joining sinking ships like Chelsea or Arsenal would certainly be despicable, the fun that can now be enjoyed with social network should I believe be embraced when discussing potential suitors, does it hurt anyone?

Many people dislike some aspects of social media, certainly when used to bully, defame and generally cause distress, but when we use this medium correctly and without hatred involved, it becomes a great tool of communicating thought, dreams and one’s own opinion, surely something that should be encouraged.

So who would we like to see come to Liverpool Football Club in the summer, in what positions you think we need some extra strength, where should our King be looking to recruit, of course providing that Barcelona refuse to sell!!

Christian Eriksen 19-year-old Ajax play-maker one of the hottest properties in Europe, an excellent player with huge potential, I think an area we have lacked guile this season, with Steven Gerrard dropping further back, we are in desperate need to find someone to fill that role.

Christian Eriksen

Edinson Cavani 25-year-old Napoli striker, the Uruguay international is an out & out finisher in the style that we have most certainly missed this season, cot may be an issue with the suggestion being that he will cost around £40 million, which in itself sounds like a huge fee, but we paid a similar amount for Andy Carroll.

Edinson Cavani

Scott Sinclair 24-year-old Swansea winger who seems to have grown up this season, turning in some great performances whilst also chipping in with 5 goals, so that would be 5 more than our current under-performer in that position.

Scott Sinclair

So there are my three that according to the internet will be arriving in the close season, along with Mr Messi and his other two amigos.

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