The Deluded Liverpool Fan & Divided Expectation.

WITH The Carling Cup now locked away within Anfields overloaded trophy cabinet, as we now head toward the beginning of what some are suggesting is the dawning of a new era, a time where we return to halcyon days, when glory and silver lay entrenched in all that Liverpool Football Club were.

Steven Gerrard & Jamie Carragher with The Carling Cup

It is quite amazing how victory and collection of Silverware can suddenly change the perception we have about our teams capabilities, only five short weeks ago some unruly servants to our King were plotting mutiny and overthrow of the monarchy, with calls saying he had invested badly and was incapable of winning anything, those same people who were happy to celebrate and revel in the winning of The Carling Cup.

So what made these peasants come to their conclusion, the answer lies within what is known as EXPECTATION what they believed we were capable of achieving at the inception of this season, and unfortunately as we progressed and failed to actually meet those expectations, some supporters also failed in their own ambitious targets and more importantly they failed to redress those targets.

Most major business will during the year change targets to have a more realistic ambition, one which they can now more likely achieve, a review, that’s where football fans let themselves down, they need to find that reality check otherwise they will only ever face failure, and along with the failure they have created, then comes a blame culture, who is to blame for their sides lack of achievement, and of course the answer is never the Football supporter themselves.

Premier League Trophy

At the beginning of a season Bolton Wanderers and Wigan supporters most probably dream about winning a Cup or possibly finishing in the top ten in The Premier League, fast forward to today and both would happily settle for avoidance of relegation. Manchester United are a prime example look at their current review of the season, where more than likely they will settle for winning The Europa League, a huge fall from grace, but you don’t hear many United fans critical of their Manager and certainly not asking for him to be taken to the tower and having him beheaded.

It will most defiantly be difficult for us now to finish in fourth position in the Premier League enabling us to qualify for a Champion leagues berth, that is a reality although still possible with a good run of games. How the club builds the foundation for its assault on the holy grail which is The Premier League title is the most important thing, and not necessarily finishing fourth, by that I mean we need to win the Title that has to be our mentality, only then when that is possible will we be able to set ourselves realistic targets.

In the meantime we do have a team clearly capable of winning a major trophy, and with a lot of hard work and some luck we may even be capable of winning two this season, we are not however good enough right now to win the title, we are not the best team in the league, and we do not have the best quad in the league. So let’s give our club the time to build so in two or three years we do have a squad capable of winning the title, and once again have the best team in that league.

The important thing that fans and supporters can do right now is be realistic in the immediate ambition you have for the club, let’s have a dose of realism, in the euphoric aftermath of our Wembley triumph, lets enjoy our victory but not forget what supporting this great club entails, the taste of that victory has reminded us all where we stand in the history of British football, if we are to return to our former heights then time is the most important ingredient

As Bill Shankly said about our club and about our fans;

“Above all, I would like to be remembered as a man who was selfless, who strove and worried so that others could share the glory,and who built up a family of people who could hold their heads up high and say”

                                                              “We’re Liverpool” 

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13 responses to “The Deluded Liverpool Fan & Divided Expectation.

  1. A balanced and tempered view, but, in the spirit of realistic expectations, let’s realise that this Carling Cup Final win was a fairly hollow victory, given the performance and the subsequent penalty debacle.

    Truth is that in Rafa’s last season, and the last two under Hodgson and Dalglish, we have been 5th or 6th best, whereas for the previous 10 years or so, we have hovered between 2nd and 4th (5th once). The reason for that this season is obvious. Henderson, Carroll, Downing & Adam – simply not good enough, and today’s performance was a classic example of their inexptitude at the highest level.

    Look at my ratings for today’s game at and see if you disagree !!

  2. Fair article.. Can’t agree with previous comment.. Remember there was no Man City in those previous 10 years and also no Spurs, yes those teams have got better while we have gone backwards.. And where are you getting 4/10 for Downings performance yesterday is a mystery.!/LiverpoolWays

    • I have to agree a diffent league completly now, I watched the game repeated on BBC and Downing was worth more than 4/10, you dont get to see everything live, but maybe it looked differently on Sky haha, thanks for the comments though, much appreciated.

    • It’s a fair point re Man CIty (and to some extent, especially this season, Spurs), but we were always in the hunt before Parry, Hicks, Gillett & Hodgson set us back, and I think if Rafa had had the resources Dalglish has been given, we may even be a touch further forward – who knows?

      With regard to my rating of Downing, I would have to say that, had that been the first game of the season, I would be saying “Yes, great, loads to work on there, good potential etc”, but it wasn’t the first game of the season, and, good though he looked, what did he actually achieve? He played no part in either goal (that I can remember), and although he put in some decent crosses, they came to very little.

      I can almost hear you saying that “It’s not his fault that he laid it on a plate to Gerrard a couple of times, but Gerrard’s shooting was woeful”, and this is true, but, one cross that flashed across the face of the goal excepted, he was still relying on the excellence of others rather than make it easier for others.

      I will be very happy if he plays like this in future games, and you will see the rating rise if that is the case, but I would summarise his performance as “flattered to deceive”.

      This is Liverpool FC, remember; we only expect the absolute best, and so far, Downing is not good enough to be a Liverpool player. Perhaps two-thirds of a season watching his ineptitude hampered my judgement?

  3. Your points are worth debating.. I did notice yesterday and indeed the whole season we lack numbers in the box.. every time I watch us I am screaming out wondering why the box is empty. Maybe if Lucas was there then Gerrard would be one who makes those particular runs.. Downing, purely confidence me thinks, he has plenty of ability and the stats do say he has created all season, those numbers in the box again spring to mind. No doubt he has not set any pulses racing all season, but, what ever happened to giving a player a season to settle? No doubt price tags are a heavy burden on the shoulders but these guys have barely had a season.. I am all for getting behind players and encouraging. Another thing I noticed watching on TV yesterday and doing what I do on Twitter was the lack of critism for Suarez.. On BBC nobody questioned him, he was awful… again. On Twitter, same. Makes me question actually had Downing been the person at question over the Evra thing.. would he have got the same level of support from the sheep – beehive – LFC fan mentality?? (ok not all LFC fans are sheep)

    • Stevie has certainly been held back because defensively he is better than Henderson and Adam, who I do believe will both have settled into their roles next season, you are correct about Suarez, but he was very rarely facing the goal when recieving the ball,we must support the guys give them chance to be heroes, let them find their feet, playing for Liverpool is different to playing for any other team.

    • A couple of things. Personally I think that when you pay c£20m for an established England international, he shouldn’t need “a season to settle”.

      Good point about the Evra thing, had it been Downing etc. But had Downing set the world alight with his performances up to that point, then I think he would have been given the support.

      Not sure you’re reading the same Stats as me. Certainly before Christmas, Downing had exactly 0 goals, and 0 assists, although he had hit the bar 3 or 4 times ! Then again, stats aren’t everything. The stats will tell you that Robbie Keane is Ireland’s record goalscorer. Keane is a decent footballer, but the bloke who told him he was a striker needs shooting. 5 goals against Andorra or whoever he scores against doesn’t make him a great finisher.

      Finally, just a point about LFC mentality. I am hyper-critical of the team, and individuals, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t support them. I think Andy Carroll is a big, useless lummox, but nothing would make me happier if he scored 20 goals between now and the end of the season and proved me wrong. At the start of every game, I’m willing him on to prove the doubters (me !) wrong. Don’t confuse criticism with lack of support.

  4. My last point there was not me criticising Suarez.. It was the selective criticism of the LFC fans which I was getting at. Like I said I am all for encouraging players and Suarez is no different, but when Luis has a mare the excuses are..”well he isn’t quite at it today” or “he is lacking fitness is all”.. When Downing is having a mare it is ” What a waste of money” or “KDs buying the wrong players” mad bunch of fans 🙂

  5. A hollow victory jgrady? Do me a favour. It didn’t look like a hollow victory to the thousands of fans who went or the many hundreds that partied well into the night in town. Leave that talk to forget who we beat to get there.stoke away,chelsea away and beat citeh over two legs.think of were we were a year and half ago ? Nowhere.yeah o.k the performance was like a lot of the performances at anfield this year but this isn’t a perfect liverpool team.there,s still a lot of work to do but it will get done.again ,look at where kenny has had to start from ? We were in an absolute mess,couple that with all the crap the clubs had thrown at it in the last few months and you can understand the celebration.

  6. Sorry Brian – you are absolutely right; taking the Carling Cup as a whole, this is hardly a hollow victory, but given that we were a Kenny Miller finish away from losing in extra time, against a team that haven’t even won half their games in the “Championship”, I’d say that “we should have done better” !

    I fully understand the celebrations. I may be in an armchair now, but I was in Rome in ’77, and given where we were and the Ferguson-led media tirade against us in the last few months, why not enjoy it?

    My point is that we shouldn’t have needed penalties to beat this team – that’s all ! I’ll choose my words more carefully next time – “hollow” was clearly inappropriate !!

  7. AaronLfcFc

    Hey guys i read all your comments . Even though I don’t know much I must be fair. Liverpool in olden days was the most powerful force they dominated PL.But now they are in transition as a Liverpool supporter we must encourage them to reach their potential and support them not criticize them. YNWA

    • Don’t confuse criticism with negativity. Personally, I believe that constructuve criticism equates to ‘encouragement’. We all want one thing – for Liverpool to be the best, which means identifying and improving those aspects which are not good enough. Blind support can sometimes equate to an acceptance of the mediocre – we Liverpool fans should surely never accept that?

  8. david

    We may never win league whilst ever you got teams buying title by bribing refs etc. anyone who saw mancity game could see ref was biased ballotelli got bundled over in box no pen keeper never touched swansea player who dived pen given.

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