Steven Gerrard Captain Fantastic or Selfish Scouser

AFTER much debate and protestation regarding the England captaincy, the country does not find itself any the wiser, and possibly more confused than ever before, with Stuart Pearce choosing to go with Tottenham’s midfield maestro Scott Parker, a choice that was not universally met with agreement certainly not on Merseyside where with obvious bias most red’s supporters expected Stevie G to be restored as England captain.

This whole process regarding England captains & England Managers has taken away from what should be the real debate regarding the Liverpool skipper, in a way whether Steven Gerrard were once again to be honoured with the England armband is irrelevant , what is more of a relevance is the role he has seemed to have negated over the weeks since he returned from injury, the thrusting, bustling  runs at the heart of the opposing defence, once were like a knife through butter but recently we have seen less and less of this type of contribution to the team.

Kenny Dalglish has tasked Gerrard with a much different type of midfield role in what is a personal sacrifice for the sake of our team, and I believe at loss to his own aggressive attacking nature and game, but this is typical our captain once again like many times before, like a true leader he leads not just from the front, but all over included from the side-lines, which unfortunately he has had to with the injuries he has had to encounter over the last few seasons.

England Captain Celebrates His Goal Against U.S.A

I was surprised after Wembley and the game against Cardiff how much personal stick that the captain came in for, maybe from those quarters where people know no better, and don’t have a true understanding what the demands are on a professional sportsman at the top-level in these days where the belief is that money rules.

The defensive role that Gerrard has taken on, or has been forced to take with the injury to Lucas, is certainly not foreign to Gerrard. If supporters really look at how that role has been taken on they will actually see a master of his art at work, the World’s greatest players find it easy to adapt positions with the ease and grace befitting of such a status. I still think it is quite plain to see that Gerrard has tended to wane slightly toward the end of games, possibly his fitness has still not returned to 100%.

Those doubters need to take a reality check, in the position he is now playing for Liverpool he has most certainly helped the side over the last few weeks, there is no soft centre whilst Gerrard plays this role, the protection of both Skrtel and Agger I think has mainly gone un-noticed, but Steven Gerrard has manfully been responsible along with those two for our great defensive record. Just because he is no longer making those career defining runs from box to box, his work rate is just as impressive, he is slowly becoming a different type of player, the type of player he will need to be and in the role he most certainly will have to adapt to full-time over the next two years, Kenny Dalglish can see this and fans need to share that vision and appreciate Steven Gerrard’s job, still one of the best crosses of a football ask Andy Carroll, still a dead ball specialist with unerring accuracy, and still our club captain.

Which leads me on to an article by our journalist friend Paddy Barclay from The London Evening Standard from Monday, now first of all you have to remember that Paddy Barclay has his own history with our club, using the Heysel deaths to score points whilst argueing with a Liverpool supporter on twitter?

Under the headline “Mystic Steven Gerrard should get rid of crystal ball” Barclay once again looking at our club from an all too familiar angle, in the article he suggests and blames Gerrard for not leading England to a victorious campaign in the last World Cup and that he is in some way a selfish player rather than the selfless captain we have all witnessed over many years.

Patrick Barclay On Sky Sports Sunday Supplement

I am going to now paste the whole article, obviously without the author or papers permission, after all The London Evening Standard is a free newspaper, I am sure they won’t mind. I won’t however paste the link and feed the monster any longer.

Congratulations to Steven Gerrard on adding the Carling Cup to his garland of honours. And thanks to the Liverpool captain for kindly allowing us an insight into the strategy for what, it is hoped, will be a glorious culmination to his career.

Delivered in interviews with the BBC and a Sunday newspaper, it boils down to this: Liverpool, after duly beating Cardiff (Gerrard seemed not to envisage the difficulty of that task), would defeat Stoke at home to book at least one more trip to Wembley while climbing into fourth place in the Premier League (Arsenal must have provided another surprise).

As for England, they would restore Gerrard to the captaincy this week and for Euro 2012, after which he would decide whether to quit international football in favour of devoting all his energies to his undoubtedly beloved club.

You may be thinking two things. One is that this hugely gifted but loyal club man deserves every bit of success that comes his way. The other is that his England presumptions must have been liberally hedged with phrases such as “if selected” and “depending on the manager’s opinion”. They were not.

And nor was this the Steven Gerrard who, after giving England an early lead in their opening World Cup match against the United States, led them to further victories over Germany and others before giving an inspirational performance in the final against Spain, establishing himself as an all-time great.

This was the Steven Gerrard who, after giving England an early lead over the United States, ran alone to celebrate on the touchline, brushing aside Emile Heskey, whose superbly weighted pass had laid the goal on. The Gerrard who was then distinguishable from the rest of a crumbling team only by the armband he forlornly wore.

If he gets the armband back this week when the selfless Scott Parker is available, Stuart Pearce will have begun his England stewardship with a mistake.

So you can see for yourself exactly what Paddy personally thinks of our Captain Fantastic, using such examples as “brushing aside Emile Heskey” to show his selfishness, how many players barge, kick and throw their teammates from the celebratory path.

This whole article is based on a misquote.

Barclay says: “….his England presumptions must have been liberally hedged with phrases such as ‘if selected’ and ‘depending on the manager’s opinion’. They were not.”

What Gerrard actually said was: “If I get offered it, I’ll take it and I’ll be delighted and I’ll be very proud to take it.

“But it’s not my decision. It’s down to, first of all, who Stuart Pearce wants to lead the team out, then whoever gets the job full-time. But I want to be England captain.”

Once again we find ourselves having to defend against the bias of poor journalism, both factually incorrect and most definitely disingenuous, we await another poor excuse and then a much poorer attempt of an apology Paddy? If not for the supporters you have misled with your article but for Steven Gerrard still Our Captain Fantastic!!

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3 responses to “Steven Gerrard Captain Fantastic or Selfish Scouser

  1. Let me say first of all that I really enjoy your blogs – give plenty to discuss and plenty to debate.

    Captain Fantastic or Selfish Scouser. Well, for me, neither actually. OK, a fair bit of the first but certainly none of the latter.

    Personally, I don’t feel that Gerrard has been as great a player in the last 6 years as he was in his first six. Two reasons – firstly, the regular injuries he’s had, and secondly, because I feel that he often tries to dominate the game that little bit too much, and thus, in his attempt to try his best for the team, actually hinders the rest of the team playing at their best.

    Let’s start with Istanbul. There is a myth that already reads (and I quote directly from something I heard on TV less than a week ago) “Steven Gerrard single-handedly won Liverpool the Champions League in 2005”. Let’s be honest and examine the facts. In the first half, Kaka completely overran generally the Liverpool midfield, and specifically Gerrard. Kaka was allowed to dictate the game with Gerrard his direct competition in midfield, and the result? As one-sided a 45 minutes of Champions League final since 1978 when Liverpool played Bruges.

    What changed in that game was not Gerrard dragging Liverpool back, but Didi Hamann stopping Milan’s dominance, and thus releasing Gerrard to do what he does best. Of course, Gerrard’s header sparked the comeback & he completed it with his excellent run for the penalty, but never forget that it was Gerrard’s defensive ineptitude against Kaka that caused the whole problem in the first place (and Traore, but that’s another story).

    Next, do you remember the arguments about Gerrard’s best position? Everyone thought Rafa was crazy for not playing him in central midfield, but Rafa knew Gerrard’s defensive limitations and preferred to play him where he was superbly effective and where he contributed most to the team. That is, on the right wing. When you have probably one of the best two crossers of a ball that England has produced in the last 25 years (with Beckham), why wouldn’t you play him there?

    Then two and a half seasons ago, when we nearly (and should have) won the league, Benitez often played Gerrard just behind Torres. Result was the most exciting attacking Liverpool team we’ve seen in the last 10 years. No defensive duties, just be there with Torres, feed him and pick up the pieces. Result? Win 4-1 away at the Mancs, beat City 3-2 after being 2-0 down etc. etc.

    So, don’t get me wrong. Gerrard is a superb player. He has been inspirational, and has indeed, occasionally, pulled a rabbit out of the hat to win games, but he is better when his role is pre-defined in an attacking sense, not defensively.

    Some of Liverpool’s attacking problems this season stem from Lucas’s absence. Charlie Adam specifically is not the same player at all, as he is now being asked to perform defensive duties. Given Gerrard’s injury problems earlier in the season, I don’t think he can take much credit for protecting SKrtel & Agger.

    Teams at the very top level rarely focus on one individual. Liverpool had problems in the seasons before Benitez’s arrival because the whole focus was providing Michael Owen with chances. You might say the same to some extent about Torres, but that wouldn’t be true with Gerrard coming through from midfield.

    Finally, Paddy Barclay is a complete idiot. A typical journalistic hack who is only well-balanced because he has a chip on both shoulders. For some reason, the hacks have relatively recently become very anti-Liverpool. Maybe it’s because of the contiuning boycott of “The Scum”, but whatever it is, it matters not. Their illogical non-fact ridden condemnation of Suarez is a case in point, whilst they revel in the hypocrisy of the whiskey-nosed bully down the East Lancs road. Barclay doesn’t like him either by the way.

    Barclay is just an idiot though.

  2. Dont see where he shoved Emile Heskey out the way at all when he celebrated against USA. heskey was runing past him and celebrated with him in the corner flag. How that makes him selfish i dont know! Hes probably been selfish(also known as loyal) to himself by sticking with liverpool through the bad times and when real madrid where chasing him upto 12am on deadline day when mourinho first went to REAL and he turned them down and chelsea again. Selfish scouser? nah i dont think so, celebrated with all his team in the corner in reference to your point of “an alone to celebrate on the touchline, brushing aside Emile Heskey” watch it again you will see he celebrates with Emile!

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