Luis Suarez Public Enemy Number 1

Italian-American gangster Alphonse Gabriel Capone known as Al to his followers was by all accounts a criminal of the highest order, although he enjoyed a highly visible profile as public figure all-round man of the people, he had behind this facade a criminal empire linked to the smuggling of alcohol, yes there was a time when you couldn’t just go into the local Thresher with your older brothers I.D. and buy four cans of Special Brew, also bribery, money laundering and like all good gangsters; the execution of any poor soul that might get in the way of business, dabbling in the odd bit of prostitution and protection rackets. For all Al Capone’s many hideous crimes the only charges the authorities could actually convict him on was the very minor crime of Tax Evasion, of course after exhausting every other avenue this charge was to stick, with Capone being convicted and sentenced to 11 years imprisonment.

Luis Suarez however has not ever been charged with any illegal or criminal acts, much to the displeasure of many a newspaper editor, or fledgling reporter looking for a headline busting story. So why it is that Suarez has become Public Enemy Number 1?

For sure Suarez has not helped himself in being projected to the dizzy heights of most sensational headline fodder, in his own words “He wished he had acted differently” especially when he has been offered an out, by his employers and those running the game both here and in Europe. He is however a young man (25) in a very bright spotlight, in a country where he is still not fluent in its language and cultures, maybe if he were to go out on the tiles with Mario Balotelli frequenting strip joints until the early hours, and enjoying a champagne lifestyle his profile would be better received by the footballing public in this country, and its media. But unfortunately Mr Suarez is a happily married man to his childhood sweetheart Sofia; they had their first child Delfina on 5th August 2010.

Suarez Family Man with Daughter Delfina

Luis Suarez has many positives to go with some of the sensational negatives that have recently surrounded him and his career. Whilst at Ajax in Holland during his 4 seasons he would score 111 goals in just 159 games, joining such Ajax greats as Johan Cruyff, Marco van Basten and Dennis Bergkamp in achieving that milestone.

Whilst in Holland Luis Suarez was twice named Dutch Footballer of the Year, such an accolade to win once, but to repeat that fete for two years running a truly remarkable achievement, at this time Suarez was just 23 years old. This would go alongside his Ajax Player Of The Year which he had also been awarded over those same seasons, add to this that Suarez had become the captain of Ajax an honour bestowed upon him by manager Martin Jol

In 2011 Suarez was named player of the tournament at the Copa America in aiding Uruguay win the competition whilst scoring four goals. Add to that an international record of 26 goals in just 52 games.

In all fairness has this footballer been treated with a balanced opinion by football fans, the British media and none footballing people, who somehow believe they are the spokespeople for our social conscience being ever ready to teach us morality?

Some of the over the top exhaustive commentary on Luis Suarez can certainly be called excessively biased, and possibly witch-hunt like.

Luis Suarez Dutch Footballer of The Year

He has been compared (Sunday Times) to General Augusto Pinochet former President of Chile who’s regime was responsible for the torture of over 30,000 citizens including women and children, killing more than 3,000 people in the process, at the time of Pinochet’s death he still had over 300 criminal charges still outstanding, I cannot for a moment see the comparison with any Premier League footballer let alone Luis Suarez.

It is not just the Printed press, if we take Arsenal’s visit to Anfield and the concession of a penalty by the Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny clearly shown on TV replays the connection with both Suarez and Szczesny and Suarez subsequently being fouled, but described by too many pundits to list them all, as either a dive, or having made too much of it. During this game on five different occasions the commentator telling the watching millions how good it was to see Suarez getting up after being fouled and not making too much of the situation, the public and genuine football fans are being hoodwinked .

Possibly the worst example on Public Enemy Number 1 I leave until last, the honour goes to Judge; yes Judge Jonathan Taaffe who whilst passing sentence on some poor unfortunate Manchester United fan that Suarez had managed to upset through the medium of TV, had his own opinion on Luis Suarez.

The following was reported over many forms of media, making headlines in the Daily Mirror, The Sun, Daily Star and The Manchester Evening News who chose the headlineJudge blasts Luis Suarez after ‘handshake bust-up’ with Patrice Evra prompts Manchester United fan to assault wife in Eccles”

Forgive me for using my very own style of reporting, not wanting to be accused of plagiarism, but the content of the story remains.

A judge has launched an amazing attack on footballer Luis Suarez after a Manchester United fan hit his partner with a TV remote control following the infamous handshake bust-up with Patrice Evra.

Judge Jonathan Taaffe said the Liverpool striker – had been ‘petulant’ and acted like a ‘spoilt child’ in his refusal to shake the hand of Patrice Evra.

He spoke out after hearing how Manchester United fan Graham Trelfa claimed to be so enraged by Suarez’s behavior that he hurled the TV remote in his partner’s face.

Sentencing him, Judge Taaffe made it clear Suarez was not directly responsible for Trelfa’s ‘bullying’ behavior.

Graham Trelfa Leaving Court

But he added: “The actions of Mr. Suarez were at best ill-considered and at worst the actions of a petulant individual who behaved like a spoilt child and brought contempt on both his club and the many professional footballers who conduct themselves properly week-in, week-out.

“It’s undoubtedly the case that the actions of a so-called role model can affect the behavior of many and the need to act responsibly both on and off the field as they hold privileged position and are idolised by many.”

Manchester magistrates court had heard how dad-of-three Trelfa – of Trafford Road in Eccles – reacted furiously after watched footage of the ‘handshake that wasn’t’ on the Ten O’clock News.

He made a comment about ‘foreigners refusing to shake hands’ before hurling the remote at his partner at close range.

Trelfa who had been drinking cider hit her in the eye, then grabbed her and hurled her to the floor before storming out.

When he came back home his partner had called police.

Trelfa was arrested – and later pleaded guilty to common assault. He was given a 12-month community order and told to pay £85 in costs yesterday.

The court heard Trelfa, who works as an engineer, had received a caution in 2008 for a similar offence.

It was not however disclosed whether he blamed Stan Collymore or Joey Barton on that occasion

Judge Taaffe told him that by trying to blame Suarez he was ‘missing the point’ about his behavior.

He said: “In my judgment it would’ve occurred sooner or later as it’s quite clear you have an anger problem and have behaved in a bullying fashion for many years towards your partner without any thought for the effects it would have.

“To blame Mr. Suarez, in my view, illustrates your refusal to confront the real issue.”

Speaking outside court Trelfa said he was ‘sorry’ for his actions.

He said: “I would like to apologies for what happened and I’m relieved with the judge’s decision.

“I saw the snub and it just made me angry. It annoyed me so much.”

So in summing up your Honor, Luis Suarez was not directly responsible for this despicable example of a human being beating up his partner, can we then assume he was indirectly responsible for this poor man throwing the remote control at the poor woman, why no criticism of the folk that peddled cans of cider to the poor chap, making him slightly intoxicated were they also not directly responsible?

None of us are naïve enough to suggest any fairness from opposing supporters, as similarly we would not offer such an easy ride for their heroes, but an unbiased media and judicial service, perhaps we expect too much.

If they can’t get Suarez on Murder charge let’s all hope his financial advisor has his tax returns in good order!!

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18 responses to “Luis Suarez Public Enemy Number 1

  1. Sara

    The witch hunt of Suarez is absurd.

    As for the Manc wife-beater’s pathetic excuses, they’re ridiculous. The repulsive, abusive little scrote should be in jail.

  2. Brilliantly penned. Sick of English hypocrisy towards Suarez and all things Liverpool. Leave that nonsense about Suarez having dug this hole himself, the throwing all objectivity out of the window is just as heinous. A human being is a package, good and bad forming part of it – just like sides of a coin. No side is greater than the other.

    Has Rooney learned anything from his travails? Has John Terry or Ashley Cole? Is Rio Ferdinand a saint (or SAF)? Yet Suarez of Liverpool is a devil. Hmmmm.

  3. One more, did this Manc fan get chided for “foreigners refusing to shake hands”? Probably not. If only he was Suarez, the man the media will soon blame for breakdown of all moral order in the UK and global warming.

  4. Dave

    Excellent work again, I don’t see anything being in the press about Lee Hughes, still playing football after killing someone (to be fair, he served his time), there wasn’t as much hype about Cantona’s kung-fu, and definately no condemnation from the press when Keane ended Håland’s career, So basically it seems that non-contact is so far worse than ABH

    • Funny you should mention Lee Hughes as I actually know him, he is actually a nice guy, if a little failing in some of lifes ordianary skills, hopefully he wont read this.

      • Dave

        I like Lee as a player, I was just using him as an example of the press going to town on someone who refused a handshake, yet there are others out there who’ve done so much worse. Hope he doesn’t read it but it wasn’t meant as a personal attack on him, apologies if it came over that way

      • Not at all, nice of you to comment, he wont be bothered, honestly.

  5. The way the media have conducted themselves has been shameful. They haven’t been concerned with ‘racism in football’ but rather ‘racism and Liverpool FC’. This is reflected by the selective reporting of racist incidents that have occurred over the past few months.

    The English media and self-righteous sections of the footballing family will do their level best to drive Suarez out of English football. Like Alex Ferguson, the media needs its sense of importance to be recognised by all.

    • Indeed. Mancs, Arsenal and Spurs fans have been singing a racist song about Adebayor, and this has been ignored (as has manc and Chelsea songs about Hillsborough). Since then we’re seeing the same fans taking the moral high ground about Suarez.

      I’m involved in anti-racism work myself, and this whole debacle has made clear to me that it is not just cognitive factors that support discrimination, but also group mania. That which everyone says (and what the media says) is “truth” regardless of any proof. I know some good people who have fallen for the media myth about Suarez. Of course, this myth started before Evra’s claims. When it comes down to it, the English media and many fans don’t like those foreigners. Occasionally through the likes of Alladyce and Fry. Largely however people feel disinclined to say what they believe. With Suarez however (a South American, i.e. from the same continent as those Argies) the floodgates could open.

  6. Tom

    I think Suarez is disliked mostly for being a diver and so unpleasant on the pitch. Trying to lie his way out of the recent charge really made him look awful. Then refusing to shake the hand of the man he abused was the cherry on the top.

    It’s that incident being joked about when that Times journalist wrote “Ah, Suarez, South America’s greatest charmer since General Pinochet”. I don’t think it was a serious comparison!!

    As for that silly story about a drunk bloke chucking his remote at his wife, well I can’t see a word the judge said that was wrong. As what he saw on TV sparked it, it had to be covered in court. It’s the kind of story tabloids write about all the time though.

    But the general public think Suarez is a pretty horrible person, with some justification. Papers just write what sells. Football is huge and he’s just a very disliked footballer that keeps getting himself into trouble.

    • Clearly the article was aimed to Educate people like yourself, If you notice this piece was written with a bias toward Luis Suarez Footbaaling skills and not how people like yourself perceive him, do you know Luis personally? No obviously your opinion would change, would you be happy for me to Jokingly compare you to a Rapist if your only missdemeanor were that you called somebody a bad name,I suggest you would be not.
      You are obviously entitled to your wayward opinion, but I am entitled to disagree.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      • Tom

        I don’t know Suarez personally. Most Liverpool fans don’t know Suarez personally. You don’t know what I may or may not think about Suarez.

        I’m always happy for anyone to make a joke if it’s funny. After that the only problem is being unfunny. I’m not easily offended, especially if no offence was intended.
        You’re obviously easily offended and even take offence on behalf of other people.

        And I certainly don’t really feel better educated after reading your post, in fact the opposite. You’re the worst propagandist to come out of Europe since Joseph Goebbels 🙂

      • Very good, love the Joseph Goebbels comment,I just think you miss the intergrity of the article, enough has been written about what you and others believe is the real Luis Suarez, this is not an objective piece from from it,I have written also about all that rubbish. Can you not see that yourself and others have been hood-winked by the media, the fact I have been unable to educate you, and infact in some way taken some of your educated stance away, offends me!!!
        I am not a spokesman, yes,I have words,maybe poor ones, but I have them no less. I am not easily offended or upset which is the reason my friend I am not reporting you to the R.S.P.C.A. for your cruel words.

  7. I presume then that this pathetic individual upon seeing Cantona assault a fan,must of went out and bought his wife flowers and chocolates?

  8. Great read Chris.tom,your comments prove Chris,s’ve come on here and talked more nonsense about suarez than you have about a bully and an abuser. I believe the judge had no right to comment on suarez,s actions or personality,it had nothing to do with Trelfa,s abuse of his partner.anything could of sparked him off.talking of role models [ I don’t believe footballers should be seen as role models anyway,they,ve taught me nothing about how I conduct myself,however ] maybe Mr Trelfa,s role model is Ryan Giggs,judging by how he treats women?

  9. Tom

    I’m sure Suarez is a normal bloke out of football. My point was that his conduct; all the cheating, the diving, the handball, the moaning, the Evra issues, the middle fingers, the lying and the bizarre biting incident, are all reasons why people may form a negative opinion about him without it being due to a media conspiracy.

    As for the RSPCA. Are you the animal I’m abusing? Or are you reporting me as an animal who says cruel things? I don’t really consider you an animal, but I don’t think the RSCPA get involved with foul-mouthed gerbils or mean donkeys.

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