The Sun Newspaper Rag Read Or Follow???

There are many reasons why people may follow the many forms of The Sun newspaper on Twitter, some are without shame and lacking in a conscience, they lack empathy for their fellow-man, or more commonly they have not been educated about the ways this institute has acted in the past, and continues to act today.

My own personal gripe with the newspaper goes back to the days after Hillsborough, and its continued support of the Thatcher government against the working man and the miners, which then spread to the unemployed and those disenfranchised from society. I know I alone cannot change the way someone has perhaps acted all their lives, with a blinkered view toward social wrong-doings, never feeling a responsibility to act against those perpetrators.

Dont Follow The Sun

Some will never have their opinion changed and rightly others just don’t feel as I do, and quite rightly exercise the right of freedom in what is perceived a free World. All well and good and for those, please do-not continue to read, apologies for taking up, and wasting three minutes of your life, with a tip of my hat and a thumbs up I wish you well and wave you on your way, maybe with a kick to your bony back-side as you turn and head for the delete button.

So the lesson today will be on hoodwinking, how people are easily deceived, cheated and fooled and finally groomed online, how the decisions they make are actually being made for them, and unwittingly they just go along like the proverbial sheep bah bah bahhing as they go along their grazing business. How they are easily taken in with promises of cheap holidays at Butlins, when collecting vouchers, or computers for schools, or just its cheap.

In a time when people will join all sorts of media funded propaganda driven campaigns, against injustice millions of miles away, but won’t lift that simple finger of theirs to register protest on doorsteps walked-over and soiled every day entering and exiting their own homes. An example being the KONY2012 campaign which although sure a good campaign to throw my Gregg’s inspired weight behind, slightly too polished and marketing that Sachi & Sachi would be proud of, yet it has become the flavour of the month being jumped and trampled upon by all and sundry, compare with The Hillsborough Justice Campaign or Don’t Buy The Sun, parity ends swiftly, and not a comparison I really wish to make regard anything other than the marketing of said campaigns. The very lack of interest and nuances in both just lately is shameful, how Liverpool supporters can frequently jump on bandwagons while assimilated rubbish fills their grey matter, they are happy to follow parody accounts about AnfieldCats, Father Christmas, and Suarez is innocent campaigns, yet don’t follow!/HJC_Official that is to the shame of those “True Liverpool Fans” how can we expect the respect and help of others, if we can’t convert our own.


There is an old Adam Ant song which goes “That music’s lost its taste, so try another flavour” not just a case of taste but relevance 23 years later where we have the children of the children of the lost voices of Hillsborough, only interested in symbolism easy to put #JFT96 on their Facebook & Twitter profiles but not half as easy as it is to follow The Sun, rehash its headlines around the social media attached to its choo-choo train without thought or consequence, well there are consequences when facilitating what that newspaper stands for, what it stood for, what it means to the people of Liverpool, the people whose minds and hearts are full of what being a SUPPORTER of Liverpool Football Club means, what the rules are, yes we have our very own dress code, attire linked to mind-set, a morality linked to tribalism, if you can’t accept these then you are not coming in, regardless of your protestations, we have heard all the excuses “ I did not know” “I am only 12” “That was a long time ago” and it goes on and on, you are either part of the solution or you are the problem.

So this is where another campaign starts, it is called “ I Am A Massive Liverpool Fan” it is on the curriculum a kind of education policy piece, I have learned from my own experiences, just to call someone a not too polite name and question parentage, does not help, but shame does!!! Fred West is an optimum example, poor Fred hung himself when the shame of the local constabulary finding chopped up bodies in his many back gardens became too much, not sure which team Fred followed, but I am sure he was not welcomed back into the fold after all those shenanigan’s.

I think us as supporters are also indicted in the case, the lack of emphasis on who we are allowing to follow us, whom we are following on forums and social media, why would you follow somebody who follows The Sun? Why would you allow somebody to follow you who follows The Sun, shameful lethargy on all our behalves, it must stop, would you allow Fred to babysit the kids NO, would you want to be indirectly associated with him NO. Would you follow someone who followed Kelvin MacKenzie or want him following you on Twitter?

So how do we educate, how can we all impact on The Sun and all its spin-offs, the truth is we probably can’t, but what we can do is win some minor battles, for News International  having the audacity to open a twitter account @SunLiverpool well that is at least cheeky and at worst the lowest form of disrespect to the City and to those who lost their lives at Hillsborough, that moments later would have their tragic deaths sullied with lies, and the subsequent years have not diluted such contempt shown those innocent victims of The Hillsborough Stadium Disaster by The Sun newspaper.!/SunLiverpool/followers

We can all do our bit though by going through the time-line of those following @SunLiverpool and post this blog or the following video and ask them to consider Un-following The Sun, they currently have 5400 followers, let’s intend to get rid of them all.   Why Liverpool Fans Don’t Buy The Sun or Follow It.

If we make it our business to inform them all, every day if all of us just post to 20 of their followers, as a minimum, we will surely hit this Twitter page, we can then move on to its other pages. The Sun is not welcome on Liverpool, if we also tag @lfc on all tags then all other LFC fans will be made aware of these alleged fans following The Sun whilst having #JFT96 on their profiles, the lowest denominator.

Make sure the users have not already had the video posted on the time-line as we need to hit all, not just the 1st 20 followers, share this with as many Liverpool fans as possible. Not forgetting to tell them they are following The Sun, some foreign fans may not be aware, thinking that if it says Liverpool in it, then it must be related to the City, and or Club.

Follow me on twitter

All help appreciated. YNWA Registered & Protected



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7 responses to “The Sun Newspaper Rag Read Or Follow???

  1. I agree and fully support these views.
    That’s all.

  2. david

    Great post I am a massive Liverpool Supporter and never buy the S*N don’t even fllow any writers or anything to do with paper online Sadly with the NOW closing The Mirror is becoming the new S*N cos some writers went to other media outlets. Kelvin Mackenzie as sort of apologized. He said he regretted what he had written and would have done it differently. I think the person who told him this info in 1st place ought to apologize for spreading lies too. Mackenzie admitted he only printed the Hillsborough story after receiving info from an unnamed person.

    • All complete bull from MacKenzie, name names, he is the worst sort of media whore, plus for the record he has never apologised, I regret killing someone is not an apology, it is an excuse.

  3. Karl Mullen

    Great piece, which pretty much sums up the soccer am generation of football fans for me. With apologies for those of the younger generation who do actually hold with tradition and values that sets Liverpool Football Club apart.

    Definately a worthy campaign which will result in some interesting “banter” as the high degree of apathy that exists is brought to the fore as we challenge their “right” to read or follow whatever they wish.

    SHAME on whoever buys the S*n, SHAME on anyone who even reads that rag, SHAME on whoever follows it on twitter, SHAME on whoever has been taken in by the hollow words of Kelvin Mckenzie.

    And anyone that fits the above then SHAME on you because you disrespect the victims and families of Hillsborough and you do not stand Liverpool Football club.

    I fear for the future of LFC. Not only are we in danger of becoming just another mid table club on the field we are also in danger off the field.


  4. viking

    Good piece. The S*N is dreadful paper. I feel more LFC supporters need to be more informed about that paper. I have had rows with so called Reds who ive seen with that paper. I now carry photocopies of articles on why LFC supporters need to boycott that paper. JFT96….YNWA

  5. simon

    Not sure how to use technology but have been telling people about the scum for many years. Always disliked the jingoistic crap ever since the evil one provoked a war just to get re-elected after toiling up the first years of her rule. After 89 I always felt I could kill the sods who write/buy the rag. I’ve mellowed a bit now, I’d let them live in agony and anguish. A bit like the evil one did to miners, dockers etc. YNWA

  6. david

    People go on about sun but sky is also owned by Murdoch and ky as shares in manutd all 3 should be banned.

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