Kenny Dalglish & Liverpool, Crime Victims

ANOTHER RIDICULOUS week in the life of King Kenny, with both Dalglish and his team once again becoming the targets of pick-pockets, thieves, southern softies appearing harder than Liverpool’s less concentrated back four. Like Arsene Wengers band of merry men weeks earlier, Mark Hughes and his Rambling Rangers would commit grand larceny embezzling three points from the Anfield outfit.

Strangely for a victim of crime Dalglish and his team would not get much sympathy, in fact accusations that they deserved to be such victims, and were asking for it would surface, a naivety punished, prey like unable to make eye contact with the perpetrators of such criminality. Whilst crucially the offenders Mark Hughes and his woeful pack of players somehow get away scot free, without so much as a blemish on their characters, receiving praise and applaud from not only their own short sighted supporters but also some of Dalglish’s and Liverpool’s detractors.

The King and The Pickpocket.

Some of Liverpool’s immediate family and friends have suggested that in some way they deserved everything that happened to them, at a time when the victim of crime gets treated far worse than those who instigate and commit such hideous acts. I have to ask what ever happened to empathy toward our victims, the repercussions for those involved, the mental scars may last longer than it takes to pickpocket a pensioner on budget day!

Worst was still to come for our hapless hero, who within moments of the crime having been committed against himself and his crew, and crucially before he had even had a minute to assess exactly what had just occurred and the appropriation of points that moments earlier had been in his Kings bag, and on the way back to his Kingdom of Liverpool, the trauma of victimization still fresh in his crushed mind, and broken spirit by such a pillage, he would have an unsympathetic Geoff Shreeves shoving a microphone under his nose, and an enquiry into said crime would ensue.

Geoff "Touchline Terror" Shreeves

The self-styled “Touchline Terror” has a history all of his own when it comes to upsetting not only pickpocket victims, but those that may support the act of simulation. When asking Alex Ferguson a question regarding Cristiano Ronaldo being awarded (rightly) a penalty against Middlesbrough; Ferguson would question Geoff’s parentage and then politely telling him to F***k-Off; give that man another Knighthood I say.

King Kenny would not overstep a mark in the same manner as furtive Fergie, but his interview technique would once again come under the scrutiny of the footballing fraternity. We have a man who has just been a victim of a mugging, being asked to eulogise about the perpetrators of the mugging, nobody would take into account his posttraumatic stress disorder, the shock he would have felt, a numbness and of course, disbelief, denial and anger all symptoms experienced by victims of crime.

The biggest thing that Liverpool and Kenny require after this misdemeanour is the support of those closest to them, family and friends, an arm around a shoulder, a friendly tweet, a message on a forum asking regard the well-being of players who may have suffered injury during the heist, a stance of defence of our heroes, respectful and dignified approach to those on the undeserved receiving end of loss.

A sympathetic media is too much to ask, and at times I would think a good idea would be for Dalglish to send out his very own champion akin to Ferguson and his spat with the BBC, when he would not engage with them, neither managers are at their best in defeat and why would they be, they are both winners of the highest order. Imagine how a Shanks, Busby or a Brian Clough would be getting on in today’s hyper sensitive football society, it doesn’t bare thinking about. Geoff Shreeves would be chewed up very soon after having his appendage of a microphone popped into that rather insolent aperture that houses his teeth.

A blatant plug

Chris Morgan LFC Physio

For those fans that are unaware Chris Morgan our Liverpool physiotherapist and all round top bloke, is once again Running and Cycling for The Christie cancer charity, having raised over £20,000 for the charity last year. The following is a bio from his giving page.

Last year I chose the Christie as it was where my former colleague and Liverpool player Gary Ablett was receiving treatment for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Gary lost his fight with the disease on January 2nd 2012. Unfortunately, my Dad has now been diagnosed with a similar form of Cancer and is currently undergoing treatment at the same hospital (often from the same nurses and specialists who treated Gary).

Below I have attached the link to donate to what is a fantastic cause, which is also very close to my own heart with my own father having been successfully treated for throat cancer, at a time when money is incredibly tight, there is also the opportunity with every donations to WIN lots and lots of signed and worn Liverpool memorabilia, and match day tickets, just make sure you add email, or twitter details when you donate. And of course let all your LFC followers know.  Chris Morgan’s Just Giving Page where you can donate.!/ChrisMorgan10 Follow Chris Morgan on Twitter  The Christie charity page for an insight to the great work they do.!/TheChristie Follow The Christie on Twitter.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you will understand me using my forum to promote both of the above.

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2 responses to “Kenny Dalglish & Liverpool, Crime Victims

  1. Excellent stuff. I personally got abused left right and centre at the final whistle Wednesday night, stranger thing was, all I said .. FT: QPR 3-2 Liverpool. I don’t mind folk getting it off their chest but a lot of this was disgusting abuse aimed at KD, the players and for sum reason little old me. Ah well I put myself out here, I expect it from now on, from our OWN. 😦

    • It’s so crazy, the jump in with both boover boots merchants, have nothing to of quality to say when victory is ours, suddenly they find such wonderful communication skills when we lose, I think they actually reap enjoyment from our defeats, gives them a platform

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