Are Liverpool Football Club Knackered.

So that explains it then, the team were tired after 3 games in six days. Jamie Carragher falling to sleep once again in a dereliction of defensive duties caught yawning when he should have perhaps been straining every sinew to dispel away the simplest of headed clearance. Lately there are no excuses for the lack lustre displays of some of this allegedly tired team.

Jamie Carragher taking a well earned rest.

Is the throw away comment from King Kenny just a smoke screen of an indicative mood that is becoming apparent within an ever dropped point at Anfield, and on recent journeys away from the once invincible stadium? Dalglish is possibly correct in his analysis, players did look very lacklustre, but more in approach to their opponents, nobody joining the attack, not one player prepared to break necks to join the forward ranks.

As a team of point gatherers we have actually capitulated, when getting in a position to collect points we have struggled to finish teams off, unable to complete the task at hand, whether through a weakness in mentality, or more possible a lack of true winners in our squad, fighters who would die for the cause. Think who amongst our squad would you choose to represent us in a brawl, a scrap; Downing, Henderson, Enrique, and even  Maxi, these are not battling players, when things are not quite going for you, when you need fighters in the trenches, ours are lacking.

Those same players that Dalglish has defended with the tired excuse need to look at themselves, because for some it is just that an excuse, Luis Suarez having had a 6 week holiday mid-season, Andy Carroll being called upon every second Saturday, Dirk Kuyt having also found himself rested in the last month not to mention Messrs Downing, Henderson and Carra whom have also had opportunity to rest their sorry behinds on the bench recently.

Some should look toward their own performances, and instead of Kenny having to come out every week apologising for what are shabby individual displays, which ultimately are weakening the team as a whole, interestingly those players whom seem quick to come out and receive Man Of The Match champagne are not so quick to meet Geoff Shreeves after dreadful displays at Bolton, Sunderland and Wigan. That unfortunately is where we are lacking, not enough of those prepared to stand up and be counted, and too many I like to call Harry Kewell’s.

Too many Harry Kewell's

I think clearly these players have great ability, some greater than others, and at times this season we have as a unit looked particularly impressive, whilst we suffered defeats at home to Arsenal and in our visit to Queens Park Rangers as a team we actually looked quite strong, take away a few momentary lapses, we controlled both games, but clearly let down by poor finishing in the case of the Arsenal match, and poor defensive mistakes at Rangers.

We also played extremely well against Chelsea, United and Man City this season, in a sense Dalglish has proved we are capable of challenging and beating the top sides in the Premier League, this however cannot be the case when we are lacking certain individuals, and when the balance of the side has had to change through injuries.

The biggest change and most crucial to our backbone has been the injury to Daniel Agger whose partnership with Martin Skrtel which was an essential ingredient to our early season form. Follow that with Lucas also suffering injury and a pinpoint toward our inadequacies shows its ugly head. The replacements in those positions have not performed anywhere near the levels reached by the previous incumbents.

A lot has been made of our lack of fire power, or more to the point our lack of a clinical predator to pop the ball in the onion bag, for me this argument has just let our lack of creativity in midfield go un-noticed, if we believe that Jay Spearing is the answer to this lack of creativity, then I worry for our progress. Someone maybe Dalglish himself or Steve Clarke needs to tell Jay he is not Michel Platini!! He may well have a future of some description with Liverpool, but definitely not in this current position, too easily removed from possession of the football, constantly putting us under pressure when sloppy touch or passing lets him down. I understand this is his first full season and that experience will do him good, possibly the poor form of those around him have forced Kenny’s hand this season.

Clearly what has been shown from this campaign is the fact that our squad is not good enough and does not have the depth required to manage itself through injuries, and extra pressure put upon individuals, the players may well be tired, but some fans are also tired because supporting our men, and our King has become an exhausting experience this season.

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2 responses to “Are Liverpool Football Club Knackered.

  1. It’s more of depth and lack of leaders than anything else. How LFC could do with a few more Bellamies, Lucas’s and Suarez’s, people who put in a shift through thick and thin, never once letting heads drop.

    I still see hope for us but we must for now do more with the personnel we have. It is clear that having world class talent alone is not enough. Argentina would be invincible with that alone. MUFC is a club that has previously won with non-world class talent like Wes Brown, John O’Shea and Phil Neville in their midst.

    Players are not putting in a proper shift but even then, the club must purchase more technical players with fire in their bellies. No playing position must go without competition to keep all on toes. I still believe that Kenny’s project will come good in the end.

  2. ianchakhaza

    It’s not enough too just look at the personnel and say: “not good enough or not passionate enough to play for Liverpool Football Club”.

    I actually believed at the start of this campaign that we had the squad and enough depth to compete for and at least finish in the top four.

    However, there have been times when tactics, selections and substitutions have been suspect. I mean we may not have the quality yet to win the Premier League but surely we have the personnel who even on their worst day should be able to see off the likes of Bolton, QPR and Wigan.

    Which then calls to question the management. If a general is leading troops into battle and war isn’t exactly going according to plan, it only makes sense to review the general’s methods.

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