Kenny Dalglish Painter & Decorator – Or Silversmith

IN WHAT HAS been an interesting weekend in both a footballing sense with a trip to Wembley and the Hillsborough memorial, and with that has once again come a media interest in our club and its supporters – A dissection of an as yet complete season, and of course comparison to others, with a noticeable slant against us and our Manager in a way that only an objectionable and Machiavellian media would.

What really is most annoying and saddening is the way that some Liverpool supporters allow themselves to be hoodwinked and misled from a perceived more knowledgeable and well-intentioned media – Former professional players vying for an angle, a stance where opinion is assumed correct – Where the Sky Sports brigade will swallow that such opinion with an unmatched gullibility, with an excessive greed for more.

In a synopsis from the weekend media I would glint the following;

So Chelsea have managed to expertly manoeuvre themselves into a Champions League semi-final and F.A. Cup final – skilfully they have exerted every sinew, strained every muscle, perspired every ounce of sweat, given all for the cause, and their supporters, whom earlier in the season they had disregarded with such contempt – When personal glory would take the place of any apparent team work.

Roberto Di Matteo has done a wonderful and fantastic job in guiding a mass of expensive individuals, turning them into much more of a collective – Nothing mentioned about the price of that assembled squad, or the expectation of that return.

Roberto Di Matteo " Football Genius?"

Arsene Wenger is another manager who after an early season debacle which saw his Arsenal side dumped out of both English cup competitions, and another season where the clubs trophy cabinet would remain empty would quickly come to pass. The Medias response; a great run of victories to secure Champions League football.

Compare the above to Liverpool Football Club and their manager Kenny Dalglish who on reaching two Cup Finals in his first complete season, having already secured one Cup clearly having excelled in this sphere.

Unlike Chelsea who’s achievements have been described as SKILFUL – Dalglish would not be afforded such generous praise from those intent on division, commentators only interested in negativity would describe Liverpool’s achievements as purely papering over the cracks, and Dalglish compared to a dodgy decorator with a bucket full of paste in one hand and paper brush in the other, unaware of hidden cameras in a clear set-up, and an attempt to flush out another Builder From Hell.

Dalglish & Clarke Papering Over The Cracks.

We must ask ourselves where the precipitous dislike of Dalglish and Liverpool has come from, if it were from an isolated area, we could comprehend such loathing. The footballing public at large are not enamoured with Dalglish and his charmless interview technique, a constant battle ensuing, belligerence toward a foe intent on drawing Dalglish toward confrontation with a policy to annoy – Far too often The King has been found wanting amongst such battle hardened antagonist, and a turning of the cheek mid interview has been a familiar response.

Having become great fodder for a media, whom Dalglish had always had an uneasy relationship with, something clearly needs to be addressed regarding that relationship, and new rules of engagement put in place – We are suffering because of the constant disingenuous articles which have a perspective toward both bias and clearly attempt to rile a man who has found himself the target for those in need of self-fulfilment, on the back of such derision.

When next we are told to assume that Dalglish is stuck in his very own managerial time-warp, maladroit and clueless, having seen the speed train of the modern game pass him by at a rate of knots, left behind choking on a trail of its Premier League smoke. You may want to rub your eyes, clear your head and consciously arm yourself with the knowledge of what he has achieved in his first full season – Something other managers who would later be knighted for their footballing achievements, would not manage in their first three years of management.

Rather than have an opinion of him being a dubious decorator – I myself like to think of Kenny Dalglish as more of a silversmith making new history for his team and its followers – Whilst carving its name upon silver trophies, in an obvious resurgence of glory hunting, soon finding himself travelling first class on that very same speed train.

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8 responses to “Kenny Dalglish Painter & Decorator – Or Silversmith

  1. That is so true, keep underestimating Liverpool, I’m ok with that. It will sting all the more when we take them out. Great Post.

  2. I am constantly amazed at the naive “fannies” who swallow the BS of the inept & mis-guided media & the “agenda” of our enemies, any one who doubts there is BIAS against the people of Liverpool must be blind to the history of the last 40 years …. but there are seemingly many blind /deaf and particularly DUMB sky-washed “fannies” out there!

  3. So when will Kenny be given his knighthood? If anybody deserves it, it’s him –

  4. David Aris-Sutton

    An intelligent and well written piece expertly expressing the views of the more savvy supporters.

    One small point, in the line that reads of the modern game pass him buy at a rate – of knots, left behind choking on a trail of surely it should be by rather than buy?

  5. Redtrev73

    Well in fella. This type of perspicacious analysis of the torrid media relationship with LFC is hard to find.

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