King Kenny Dalglish Dethroned

My father always told me – that I should always treat people in the same way, as I would wish to be treated myself. I would guess that I am not alone in having been given this nugget of information from a parent.

Another pearl of wisdom would be – “You have to earn respect” alas this would prove a little more difficult to achieve, especially if one hides behind a keyboard protected from the world outside by Windows defender and the might of Microsoft (allegedly).

Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish however is what my mother would call “A different kettle of fish” – No I don’t actually know what it means either, maybe it’s an Irish thing. My guess would be it means very different, and Dalglish is certainly that.

Sure it is one thing to be a legend, to be both respected and loved by those who you have also shown that same affection – where you have delivered their own dreams for them, given their hopes and aspirations a realism that they could not give themselves. The failures of average people become a little more palatable – when heroes produce those very same dreams for you, taking them to a level that even your own mind could not reasonably aspire too.

Those in the know – people graced by the playing days of Dalglish, those present at Wembley in 1989, the lucky few who saw the title won at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge in 1986 – a smile I will remember forever – half volley into the bottom corner to secure the League title on the last day of that season. Wembley once again in 1978 when he would score the winning goal and Liverpool’s 2nd European Cup.

Unfortunately this means nothing to those “not in the know” people who owe Dalglish nothing – not even an ounce of respect, for these poor folk they will never have that memory to keep their minds occupied, or their hearts warm.

Mr Werner and Mr Henry have obviously taken their decision to remove the King from his throne, without such memories also – my guess is they care more about business than they do about the club at the moment – they have a great understanding of sport franchise, and I think this is possibly the end of Liverpool Football Club being any different to any other Football club.

What made us different – we don’t sack managers yearly like so many others, the supporters are knowledgeable about their club and their capability with the players they have. The memory that fans have – a rich history that makes them different.

But how do you treat a legend, how to dump him on his sorry arse in the most disrespectful way – you leak it over the internet for 48 hours, you allow others to once again divide our club, to belittle its manager and supporters with the most deafening silence – you don’t drop legends in this way.

We cannot forget where the club found itself less than two years ago – have we improved, I believe we have on and off the field – we now find ourselves with no real direction, from owners who have treated us with contempt, they have minutely picked off the very people they entrusted our club with – just one year in on their own plan.

The sacking of Dalglish is not the main story here, it is a side distraction that hopefully won’t fool any further, the fools running around asking for sackings since week one of this season just gone. Where are our stadium plans – in fact where are any plans?

I suggested last week that indeed if Dalglish were no longer at the helm, then the plan would be in the office bin, well it seems it has also been set alight – never to be seen.

A final note on Luis Suarez – is this the perfect excuse to leave these shores, away from the constant media attention – and would you blame him?

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  1. Yaseen Noorani

    ‘possibly the end of Liverpool Football Club being any different to any other Football club.’ Unfortunately I think that could be very true

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