The Sun – Undermining the Justice Campaign Ourselves.

The Sun newspaper has once again become prominent in the minds of Liverpool people, after the newspaper sponsored the recent fight between David Haye & Derek Chisora – stirring up a whole host of opinion on my particular timeline.

Not that it is relevant, but in 1989 I was present at Hillsborough on that horribly sad day on which the disaster occurred. I also read The Suns article and The Daily Stars, both which appeared within a couple of days. I have decided not to buy The Sun since that day – my choice.

I will also remain critical of anybody who also chooses to have a similar opinion, but then goes on to either sell stories or promote themselves in that paper – whilst championing Liverpool or the Justice Campaign – that is the difference.

On Saturday David Price Liverpool’s heavyweight boxer faced a heap of criticism because he worked for Box Nation the station that showcased the fight – The criticism being that the bout was sponsored by The Sun.

This complete madness from some people from within the City and from Liverpool football supporters, or fans is at the heart of the reasoning that others within the country jump on the bandwagon of criticising The Club and the Justice Campaign – accusing them of a victim syndrome.

The most important thing for the campaign is JUSTICE a much more important part of any campaign whether inclusive of Don’t Buy The Sun or not – people need to get behind finding the TRUTH through this campaign, in a sense take the focus away from the continuous barrage of Don’t Buy The Sun – everyone knows they lied, what they don’t know is the TRUTH regarding the deaths of 96 innocent people.

I am quite bored and sick of mainly younger supporters believing a militant approach to people with links to The Sun does our campaign any good – it does not and whilst these ill-informed people sit in front of their Sky TV on their Sky telephone, with their Sky internet shouting vitriol at David Price, they have no actually interest in The Justice For The 96, that sadly is the real truth.

Many many times we have seen Steven Gerrard and Kenny Dalglish give interviews on Sky Sports – media which is owned by Rupert Murdoch who just happens to own News International which in turn owns The Sun, so at what point does such links back to that newspaper stop? Are we all going to accuse Dalglish of letting the 96 down – Ridiculous?

What we all have to appreciate is that we are only responsible for ourselves, we have individual responsibility first – that is what leads to a social responsibility where we take account of others.

Try putting as much effort toward the justice campaign as you do toward Don’t Buy The Sun – It is a far more important aspect of anything that can be done to help.

David Price is a fantastic advert for the City of Liverpool and most people are very proud of David, which is of course the way it should be – A man making a living for himself and his family. His appearance on Box Nation was not an endorsement for The Sun – David Haye and Derek Chisora were the only people who would have profited from The Sun’s sponsorship – But why should they be criticised? They have no connection to the City of Liverpool or the football club.

It is time for some people to grow up over the constant barrage of those who choose to use that rag, but have no loyalty or connection to the campaign – no wonder people are critical of us as fans and the campaign, we owe it to 96 people who lost their lives to conduct the campaign with dignity alongside passion in the pursuit of our ultimate goal – The Truth.

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One response to “The Sun – Undermining the Justice Campaign Ourselves.

  1. Mandy Atherton

    Very well said. David Price is a wonderful “ambassador” for the city and for LFC, as a fan. There is indeed a great deal of hypocrisy out there if he was criticized for his contribution. Did he walk around the ring between rounds holding aloft a “I’m Scouse and I LOVE the S*n!” banner? No? Leave it out then. Did you watch the bout? Probably via Sky. If so, hush. And grow up.

    Sorry, got on one there. ; ))

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