Olympic Spirit – Booing and Hissing its way to Gold.

The Olympic Oath

“In the name of all competitors, I promise that we shall take part in these

Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules that govern them, in the

true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and the honour of our teams.”

So British/English football fans do their hardest to disgrace not only the sport they shambolically feign to support, but also the country or Island in which they live – I refer to the constant booing of Luis Suarez and Craig Bellamy who would be booed during Great Britain’s first game at Old Trafford – those jeers for Bellamy would be replaced by applause after an excellent display would turn the opinion of said morons around.

I have watched many Olympics and I cannot remember anybody actually being booed whilst taking part in their particular sport – The Olympics would have an unwritten rule, where even athletes of the most limited ability receive accolade for the fact they are Olympians – that alone is enough to transcend everything else.

Football however is another animal, lacking in the most basic skills of fair play, where your opponent is an enemy, there to be kicked, sworn at and abused – The supporters of this sport follow suit, you can lead a horse to water then watch it get drunk at the well.

Is there really a place at the Olympics for this type of sport – or this type of supporter? I think that there is not – kick it out before it muddies more water, the problem is this Nation, this Great Britain that has educated its own that it is acceptable to adopt this pantomime approach.

Bellamy & Suarez both booed at Old Trafford – Bellamy by his own “Fans”

So we can all understand why opposing fans would want to boo and hiss at Liverpool’s Luis Suarez – Racism, handballs, diving, cheating all things that others would point accusingly at Suarez – so the racism aside nothing too dissimilar to most other footballers from the Premier League – indeed the stats suggest there are many worse.

Let’s deal with the racism then – Suarez accused of and found guilty of misconduct and abusive insulting words including Patrice Evra’s colour – A charge that although Suarez accepted the verdict, has always publicly denied those charges – this bit is immaterial guilty or not this happens to be the main reason Suarez finds himself booed whilst playing at the Greatest Show on earth – The Olympics.

It was quite shameful to hear people showing allegiance to Great Britain actually booing another countries National Anthem – It is beyond words, but like an old Iron Curtain nation it will be silenced by not one comment making any part of the Olympics round-up – pushed into the cabinet filed under “oh and a man was hit by a bus” – It feels like 1980s Russia – Imagine those pesky Uruguayans booing God save The Queen – exactly.

Hypocrisy is the one constant that all football fans tend to be guilty of – footballing blindness where we see only the best in our own heroes, whilst being able only to see the worst in our greatest of foes.

Stuart Pearce the Great Britain coach himself has accepted guilt also, in regard to a racist slur aimed at a fellow player – when Pearce would in 1994 say to Paul Ince “You arrogant black c**nt , some may believe that the fact Pearce admitted this and then apologised is enough – Ask yourself this how can people cheer and support Pearce because at this time he represents Great Britain, whilst booing Suarez for what is believed similar conduct?

Drugs Cheat Justin Gatlin

This whole argument is about the spirit of the Olympic Games or the lack of it during Football, there are many dubious cases for booing or hissing if we wish to look for them – take a look at the 100 metres sprint – Justin Gatlin would win an Olympic gold in Athens in 2004 before being tested  positively for a banned substance in 2006, Gatlin will appear in London 2012 and is one of the favourites to gain a medal after winning the USA trials with the fastest ever time by a man over the age of 30 in 9.80 seconds – Will the British boo boys & girls be out ready to hiss Mr Gatlin?

Then team GB has its very own drugs cheat representing them in London – Dwain Chambers would test positive in 2003 for a banned performance enhancing drug, he would receive a lifetime ban which has since been overturned – God forbid if Chambers were to win

The very worst issue I have with all of this booing, is how easily this has all been accepted without a newspaper or commentator making so much as a boo hoo over the disgraceful booing, the way it shows a lack of respect to athletes and their countries – It would make you wonder what the opinion would be if it happened at the swimming or maybe the gymnastics? Football will always play by its own rules.

As someone said to me earlier – supporters should be made to take The Olympic Pledge.

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6 responses to “Olympic Spirit – Booing and Hissing its way to Gold.

  1. LWC

    You have just written the article that was in my heart! This is an excellent article and I couldn’t agree with you more. The hypocrisy of British football fans is beyond belief. Racism is entrenched in our culture, it’s a fact but we publicly try to ‘stamp out racism’. Total hypocrites.

  2. David Smith

    I Totally agree with your comments, and I am appalled at what should be a national disgrace, but is hushed into silence by the very people who on another day would take part in a racist witch hunt. I put it down to the total arrogance of the British, every body else must learn to speak English because we can’t be bothered to learn their language. We erect a statue to ‘bomber Harris’ the instigator of carpet bombing,. but complain when Germany want to build a memorial to the inventor of the V2, the fore runner of the modern space rocket. We are appalled when other countries show British dead and captured in war zones yet show their dead and captured ourselves. I could go on but while this arrogance prevails we feel we are above the rules of good behaviour, which only apply to other countries anyway, and manage to disgrace ourselves in full view of the rest of the world with impunity.

    • Gitch

      Why erect a statue of those fighting against genocide when you can erect a statue of those fighting for it. Good point, of course when i say good point just imagine me saying it to rhyme with pitiful.

  3. uruguayan

    spot on…
    as a uruguayan i feel aggreviated by this bunch of uneducated low lifes

  4. Uruguaya

    Thank you for bringing this to people’s attentions. I am Uruguayan and I was deeply offended by the booing of our National Anthem (as well as by the incredibly stupid, jingoist and ignorant note in the Telegraph dubbing it ‘ferocious’ and one of the ‘worst’ national anthems in the Olympic Games). I am one of those people who are very moved whenever they hear our anthem played. I must add that I would be just as offended if another country’s national anthem was booed.

    With regard to Luis Suárez, I have always believed that the racism accusations levied against him were false and biased. They needed to make an example of someone and they chose him — a simple guy without much formal education, and a foreigner to boot, who could be relied on not to put up a great defense! As some well-qualified people explained back then, in Uruguay physical, racial or ethnical references can be and often are used in a friendly way and without any derogatory connotations, a fact completely overlooked by the committee that judged Suárez, as was the fact that he has a black grandfather. The fact that Evra had already been involved in a couple of incidents in which he accused others of racism, and could thus be argued to be more than a little paranoid about that issue, was similarly disregarded.

    Uruguayans in general are a civilized, respectful and worthy people. We deserve and demand to be treated as such. That includes respect for our citizens, even if they live in your country, and for our national symbols.

  5. Gitch

    Uruguaya – Thanks for clearing it up. My aren’t we arrogant.

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