Liverpool FC You’re Not Famous Anymore

So once again we find our club along with ourselves the supporters held up to ridicule – as others look toward us with an undeserving contempt, what is it with Liverpool and the transfer of players, how we portray the club seems very unprofessional and where we were once revered in the way we conducted our affairs in-house “The Liverpool Way” now replaced with finger-pointing and laughter from our foes.


I have read that the way forward for Liverpool football club is to support the Club, Manager and FSG the owners, which is all well and good, but these owners seem to be stumbling their way through their own initiation into the world of football, it must not be forgotten that they came to the club with no knowledge or experience of the game in England.


My concerns are that we are a club in decline off the field – whilst on it we have a style of play which bodes well for our future, the way we played and competed against Manchester City proved that we will be capable of holding our own, young players who seem more fearless and generally seem less weighted down by the clubs huge expectations.


The loss of Andy Carroll which we are told by Brendan Rodgers was a non-footballing decision but made purely to balance the books does seem like a crazy resolution when in effect the £1 million fee West Ham are paying for such a loan could surely have been raised in other areas – then we have a scenario where Jordan Henderson is offered to other Premier League clubs in a week where we find that Lucas is out for some months, it does seem nonsensical , the fees we paid for these players under the reign of Dalglish with the help of Damien Comolli is constantly being used as an excuse as to where we find ourselves.

Loan Signing Of Our Number 9


We have to worry when we are seen as a selling club – even if to balance books. When England internationals are assuming the position of make weights in deals, these are young players with careers ahead of them, not the type you sell for short-term gains – My own thoughts are that Carroll will be a huge success at West Ham and this in turn will heap more ridicule upon the club and Rodgers can sugar coat it any way he wishes to, but if our manager did not wish to sell/loan Andy Carroll then he would not have, this one decision has left many Liverpool fans with a nasty taste – this is not how we do our business, not how we treat our heroes!!!


We don’t all of a sudden find the club in this predicament – we have not won the league for over twenty years, the blame game and culture is never a healthy thing, it just allows excuses, which people who are in a position to make progress taking the club forward find a necessity to throw into the pot – are we suddenly being run by politicians, which leads nicely on to Ian Ayre –


The owners have employed Ayre and we have to ask what exactly his role is? Headhunted by the cowboys Hicks and Gillett in 2007 as Commercial Director, a role where we are told he excelled, what is more likely is the fact that previous under-performance had seen Liverpool fall way behind our competitors in commercial areas and improvement was always going to be on the cards, however Ayre had done a fantastic job in the overhaul of the commercial department, and deserves great credit for that – my fear is that currently in his position he is out of his depth.


Yes as always we must support our club and our players – but we must not allow ourselves to be hoodwinked, questions need to be asked, the
communication from our owners needs to be improved, as was under the management of Dalglish they seem to leave all types of communication to the Football Manager, but the questions are of the owners – The new stadium and the type of funding we have for personnel are key topics, our owners seem to be getting a much easier ride than they get in their own country.


Answers on a postcard Mr Henry…….

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2 responses to “Liverpool FC You’re Not Famous Anymore

  1. Mark

    Open your mind, lad.

    Club in a decline off the field? Deary me.

    Never have our sponsorship revenues been higher. Off the field we are a top 4 club, we just haven’t got a top 4 team yet. It’ll take time, we just got a new manager in with new ideas. We have to rebuild the first team and first team squad due to the absolute shambles under Kenny and Comolli.

    This is the first year of rebuilding, we’ve laid the foundations. Over the coming transfer windows we’ll build upon it.

    We managed to keep our solid enough defence and have an exceptional midfield, yes we’re light up front but you can guarantee Rodgers knows that and it’ll be addressed in the coming windows.

    Questions need to be asked about funding for personnel? We spent about £30M net! That’s not taking into account the cost of sacking Kenny and his backteam! And the cost to capture Rodgers and his. Yes we’ve cut the wage bill,and rightly so.

    As I’ve said, we’ve got our midfield and defence sorted, in the coming windows we can fully focus on strengthening our attack.

    £30M net on our attack next season is a pretty attractive prospect, is it not?

    Thank goodness you’re not an Arsenal fan, where a positive net spend doesn’t exist and there actually is off field problems…

    Calm down, we didn’t sign a striker on deadline day. As far as I know the premier league isn’t finishing this year?

    It’ll take time.. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    In my opinion, not signing an attacker on deadline day isn’t enough reason to worry that FSG are H+G MKii…

    Off the field they’ve ran our club magnificently in terms of finance and revenue. In my opinion, we now have the man to run our team magnificently on the field…

    • Sorry my friend but you are sadly deluded if you think our off the field activity is excepetable, all those financial issues you talk of are gimme’s and come as part of the heritage of this club – Having to loan out a £35 million pound purchase to raise £1million clearly shows that things are not as red rosey as you would like us to believe #Personnel I have already stated my opinion on our team.

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