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Brendan Rodgers Revolution – Lacking Warriors!!

With all the talk around Anfield centring on the much-lauded excuse of a lack of fire power, with Liverpool’s willingness to dump a multi-million pound striker whilst leaving itself woefully short in that position, Liverpool’s defensive frailty and a lack of heart in its midfield has mainly gone unrecognised.

The Stoke City game was a prime example of the many flaws the side have at this moment, which are being overlooked by the no striker’s situation, how we were bullied, out thought and out ran. Stoke to their credit and this hurts a purist like myself, were fantastic on the night, playing some excellent football alongside an attitude of no surrender, possibly even if we had one of the great sides from our illustrious history out on the field that night they may have also been defeated.

Criticism of the Rodgers regime & of course his tactics and selections, must be tempered with the knowledge that this is a small building block this season, indeed for myself I am quite prepared to give my critic with that knowledge that it is a 3-5 year plan. With that in mind the vitriol of my pen is quite blunted, ever wary that a brutal truth has no place in this so far short journey.

Head scratching decisions from the manager!!!

Head scratching decisions from the manager!!!

There will always be a requirement at Anfield to produce, both players & manager the prerequisite of the huge support always afforded those players & manager – Lately the shirt which historically has changed the ordinary as if magically from average to great, is now it seems lost amongst the mediocrity around the fields of Anfield Road.

Where are those that would die for this club, those who would not flinch when faced with the ultimate challenge of getting deep in the trenches whilst facing its foe – Liverpool do not have such players, such Warriors. The one man who could always be relied upon when the chips are down – Steven Gerrard seems lacking the edge to his game which was synonymous with everything the captain did, the Warrior seems weakened by his new-found role.

Even the centre appears to have gone soft, from Reina, Skrtel and Agger they seem slightly at odds with the type of style that Rodgers is attempting to perfect – And that word seems to be the problem PERFECT. Unless you can pass a football, then you will always be under pressure in a passing team, for all Skrtel’s many qualities, facing forward and passing the football in the same direction appears not to come naturally, add to this that he appears uncomfortable when being bullied by opposing strikers, for a senior player there seems some work still to be done.

My fear for Brendan Rodgers lies within an argument that perhaps we have the wrong personnel for such a plan to readily take on to the battle field, some may have been his own making, whilst the majority have been thrust upon him, those of a certain age will remember when Graeme Souness took over the reins from Kenny Dalglish and duly went about dismantling the team at super-sonic speed, whilst unintentionally destabilising this great institution in the process, this club has never recovered from those actions.

So the fans have a choice to stand by and accept that we and the manager need time, time for the disposal of services whilst nurturing the talent we have at the club, giving talent the opportunity to make their way in the game, we must remember how young some of those players are, Rodgers also owes it to these young players to flower the squad and team with experience.

Where the next warrior comes from I believe will be our next key signing, every top team or even mediocre team has to have its fair share of fighters, those required in the trenches – Over to you Brendan.

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The Football Association: Made In England

The complete arrogance and totally disrespectful attitude of the Football Association, the PFA, and The Premier League, toward professional footballers from other countries, and indeed coaches and managers intent on plying their trade on these shores, has apparently reached a new level.


The Professional Footballers association is backing a campaign that will see foreign players and managers attend “cultural lessons” on arrival in the UK.  It really does beggar belief that an organisation that prides itself on representation of ALL professional footballers regardless of race, colour or nationality, could seriously support such a campaign, in some misguided belief that there be a need to reiterate the imprudent and irrational response to earlier misdemeanours regarding racism.


Making Johnny foreigner mindful of what constitutes “The Rules” on discrimination, indeed what our little island deems as racist or racism, this is not a new thing the PFA have already been behind a programme to educate apprentices within the game with “Cultural awareness classes”.


If we were being slightly pedantic we may suggest that lessons in cultural awareness may be required closer to home, more possibly within those organisations themselves, even prior to looking at home-grown players who have shown a lack of knowledge when tackling the differing cultures from foreign players that now have cemented themselves in the UK and Britain. The associations concerned have clearly identified where they believe the problem lies. Whilst clearly failing to understand that cultural differences by definition should not necessitate a foreign national to change something that is his or her way of living, it’s like inviting a vegetarian to dinner and demanding they try a sausage roll, in some hare-brained experiment.


Surely a much easier solution would entail giving said Johnny Foreigner a book containing the law of the land, what constitutes  a criminal act, whilst adding the consequence of such acts, why must football assume it must be a spokesperson for society, holding itself up as a social conscience leading the hordes like some pied piper. It has come to the point where football supporters have had quite enough of these types of protestations, being told what is right and wrong by a big brother disguised as some irreverent leader.


If footballs decision makers really want to make a difference to a game which swiftly heads toward self-destruction, then it should point its social sword upon itself, its members and those who are making vast amounts of money, on the back of working people who continue, if at times reluctantly, to fund this cash cow. The moment that football constructs an amnesia toward the paying public, something that I believe it has begun in earnest – Then football will be buried amongst its own arrogance and self- promotion,  the customer is always right, ok so they are not always but they must be treated with respect.


The cost of watching a game of football is at what can only be described as ridiculous levels, there will come a time when enough is enough, when the paying public realise they are being royally shafted whilst treated with the utmost contempt – One idiot throws a coin at high-profile player and suddenly we all need wrapping in fishing wire to keep the millionaires safe from the scum, fair play to Rio Ferdinand for making very little of the incident, such a shame footballs bosses could not take that as a lead, the complete over reaction shows us all exactly how these people think – Rio is not the first and sadly won’t be the last to have something thrown at him within a football stadium, this is not footballs conundrum – It is societies.

Ferdinand response far more sensible than the FA

Ferdinand response far more sensible than the FA


What has football and the PFA done about cheats in football, how many classes have Luis Suarez and Gareth Bale attended on GCSE diving? Something that infuriates supporters, yet the governing bodies do very little to attempt to eradicate, apart from of course blaming the influence of Johnny Foreigner again, whilst actually data shows British players dive just as much, whereas Journalist tend to ignore it as cute and clever when it is a home-grown professional, against dirty cheat when it’s a foreign player.


We can also look at the standard of refereeing, which we are told is a very difficult job – Really how difficult can it be for 4 guys to get the simplest of decisions correct, for £100,00 a year I would expect better quality than is currently being seen by alleged top referees – Schoolboy errors to say the least.


Then we must ask Mr FA when is threatening a referee acceptable? Allegedly offering to beat him up amongst other things, all littered with expletives – well the answer seems to be that provided another player has told you that they have heard the referee say something racist about you, then by all means attack the referee as we at the FA understand how that might upset you, regardless however whether it has an ounce of truth in it – Hearsay has suddenly become a suitable defence, whilst cultural differences has been described as ignorance, violence versus stupidity, the standards are clearly being set and defined.


My mate says you called me shit!!!

My mate says you called me shit!!!

So the precedent seems to be set, with racism at the heart of its excuse, with the true victims of racism of which there are many that do not come forward, now seemingly being given an even more difficult avenue for their grievances – I remember an incident where Zidane was to head butt Metaratzzi when he suggested Zidane’s sister was a whore, is it really about cause and effect? Only those sat on that FA panel can surely answer that, or as I believe the case is all about that unspeakable word, racism.


The game itself and the highly paid individuals who play at the highest level, have become immune to criticism, not for a moment taking in to account football supporters, only ever concerned about fans when they are invading the hallowed turf, singing historically racist songs, or throwing loose change toward unsuspecting players celebrating too close to the idiot few who cannot and will not accept defeat. What about those of us who attend matches purely to support our team, with no intend on violence or law breaking, how do you treat us? That’s right like the criminal minority – Silenced whilst being beaten and cut with their sword of social justice.


The truth is I don’t have any interest in being educated by those who believe they need to preach to me, I am not inadequate in my beliefs, I comprehend and I am aware of my responsibility in who I represent, football has never taught me anything that I did not already know – It is a game, the sooner people remember that, the sooner we can move forward.


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Chelsea FC: Horrid To Its Core

The support of your football team and indeed your club is for most, a rite of passage, which will comprise an emotional rollercoaster, that will eventually lead to a point when nothing will, or can replace the feeling of belonging that we get from the endorsement of those around us. They are our tribe, our family, our team, engrossed where through such following, our lives are in some way authenticated and we are indeed alive – I am football fan.

What am I prepared to accept of my team, my club? At what point do I turn my back and disassociate my devotion and adoration for my team? Well I am not sure I have the answer to such a question, having never found myself at such a point where I have had to question such sanity in the belief I hold in the club I follow.

Rafa Out

I often wonder what it must be like for Chelsea fans or supporters; what their acceptance levels have become, how they would judge their own attempts at being a football supporter. It’s quite the conundrum; mercenary fans being purchased with success, having become voiceless, instantly recognisable by the way they hold a contemptuous attitude in pursuit of supporting their club, aided by a media which refuses to fully hold them accountable, sitting back as Chelsea Football Club catapults both itself and its supporters toward an horrific parody of its malignant self – Horrid to its core.

With an owner who has a motto of “My way or the highway” which is reinforced by supporters less than intent on asking the question “whose club is this?”. It has become a club without any soul, with its integrity tested with a monotonous regularity, its failing exposed for all to see. Chelsea have allowed the club to be strangled by Mr Abramovich  without so much as a squeal from Stamford Bridge as the Shed End shuts its eyes and ears for a moment of success. Owning a football club when in possession of a wheelbarrow full of coinage, does not have to be managed in such an indignant and clearly dictatorial governorship. The fans support their club in a similar manner to which the owner runs it – with contempt for all.

On the day that your new manager – a man employed by your owner – begins his first game, like the classy supporters you have become, you decide to ask, in the guise of song, for him to “F**k off as he is not welcome here”- seriously people are you listening to yourselves? If indeed you are so unhappy, then why are you not questioning your owner? Supporters should not be consumed or acquired by success alone, allowing themselves to be pimped by magnificently rich owners, taking selling-out to a whole new level. You don’t support your team, players or managers, you have all become a vehicle for Abramovic. You both lack any dignity and in history to come your successes will be lacking any real provenance.

Many questions can be asked of Chelsea & the way it is run – A captain who was not only accused of having a relationship with a teammates partner, but also guilty of calling a fellow professional “a f***ing black c**t” hero worshipped without compunction from supporters – This does not happen in the real world, only in the football arena, where social blindness takes place, whilst the hawking of your soul and compassion are by-products of you prostituting all self-respect.

Chelsea supporters like no other, do not support a club they support the owner. As Rafa would say FACT!!

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