Rafa Benitez Made In Liverpool Sold Out In Chelsea –

When Rafa Benitez chose to accept his poison chalice the position of Manager of Chelsea Football Club he would clearly have no idea exactly what & whom he was about to get involved with. Why would he because of course it was a massive secret inside football that Chelsea Football Club had the most despised and ignorant set of football supporters, indeed the word “Supporters” itself is a parody of these poor delusional folk. Who would know that at the helm of this Russian plaything would be a sack-happy billionaire whose own self-indulgent traits overshadow The Bridge – Poor Rafa would have had no idea!!!

Benitez would clearly know what Abramovich’s propensity would be toward football managers – Whilst in charge at Liverpool Rafa would make his feelings known regard its then rival & their support, which would involve the waving of plastic flags which the Russian owner (Money to Burn) had given out free to create an atmosphere at Stamford Bridge in a tie against Benitez and his Liverpool side.

Chelsea & Abramovich have become laughing stocks amongst opposing supporters, as they line-up with wet sponges in hand relishing the opportunity to soak its prey, whilst the club and its supporters continue its belligerence toward its alleged enemies. This is where the problem lies; from day one its supporters have assumed the position of hatred and disgust toward its “Interim” manager, whilst the owner constantly stumbles his club along, forgetful almost ignorant to how a watching football public consumes act after act of wilful shenanigans & what it truly represents to those simple football folk who have been going to The Bridge long before the Oligarchy came in from the East.

Did this upset some Chelsea fans - If the cap fits.

Did this upset some Chelsea fans – If the cap fits.

Benitez it is said “Is the ultimate professional” so we must assume that the cliff edge that he has chosen to reside upon has happened because he sees his position as untenable – Players with media meddlers & southern journalists intent on undermining club & manager AGAIN have come out with tit-bits of information from the John Terry camp – He has form as do those particular “Exclusive” journalists. Unfortunately the simple football folk cannot see through this same old practice being played out – Heroes come in many guises.

So what do Chelsea supporters get out of all this manager baiting with their banners and singalongs, at last The Bridge has what they seemed unable to purchase – ATMOSPHERE so it may be poisonous and vile spewing its hatred toward its own manager, players and any other that assumes the position of foe. I actually think quite a few Chelsea supporters are enjoying the drama that is unfolding before them & the majority of their own making, actually much of it INVENTED by those very delusional supporters –

Someone did make a mistake, well a few mistakes and not just in the word Interim –

Rafa Benitez would make a huge mistake in taking the position of Chelsea Football Club manager; this would be a big mistake on his behalf, then pointing his dirty finger at those uneducated supporters but perhaps some are slightly more educated in football ways and are entitled to an opinion whilst not taking into account how many managers they have popped onto the “Managers Walk The Plank” –

The supporters have made mistakes, clearly you can’t ask for a manager to leave on his first day of employment, they have NEVER fully supported Benitez and this is unacceptable, acting like spoilt brats who have not been allowed its favourite chocolate bar so in spite refuse any other.

Supporters offer a unique insight on day one.

Supporters offer a unique insight on day one.

Many clubs have not wanted particular players or managers in their teams, supporting a club though involves a huge amount of patience and respect for both yourself & club, this is where Chelsea fail – Not one or two banners despising your manager, rather twenty or thirty all with a purpose to harm its own. Genuine football supporters don’t allow such behaviour let alone instigate it.

Chelsea are in with a good shout of a top four position, imagine the response from these supporters if they were in tenth, expectation at the Bridge is only surpassed by intolerance – They sing of “We want our Chelsea back” interesting song, which Chelsea? The one from the old second division in the early & late 1980s or the one from last year which you actually still have, the truth is that you have the club you and your owner have created & it is not nice.

Abramovich the man who would be king – Roman will only really be happy when he is picking the team (Oh he is) and perhaps managing the club (Oh he is) and his totalitarian regime covers The Bridge stench like. For all the trophies he has enabled his plaything to acquire with his financial support, he has also alienated a footballing public sickened by his club & its supporters.

Interestingly The Football Association & Premier League stays unusually silent about what is happening continuously at Chelsea – If only Rafa Benitez was a gay, disabled, black man perhaps they would all have an opinion!!

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2 responses to “Rafa Benitez Made In Liverpool Sold Out In Chelsea –

  1. Cian

    Good article – the Chelsea fans leave a lot to be desired in terms of their behaviour towards Rafa.

    I’m a Liverpool fan myself & have huge respect for the man. He put our club back on the map.

    We, too, on rare occassions have let ourselves down, the chanting of Dalglish from the Kop during Hodgon’s tenure springs to mind. Not vitriolic like the chelsea fans but hardly fair either?

  2. johng1706

    Spot on Chris

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