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Blame Luis Suarez If He Does Not Pay His Debt

SOMETIMES in life as much as your head tells itself the heart is wrong, acceptance of  truth can & will override both. Another international break and yet another story pertaining to come from the lips of Liverpool’s “want away” striker Luis Suarez.

Liverpool fans once again charged with the arduous task of the parental protagonist, leaping to the defence of their sullied hero Suarez, fearful perhaps that a grain of actual truth may lay in the stories coming out of Montevideo protectionism sets in and the disparaging claims of the Worlds media are swept aside in a sea of red rage.

Luis Suarez will not be the first, nor for that matter the last professional footballer who although idolised by his adoring public – would still appear to court a perceived greater alternative, sold as a footballing challenge whilst its mercenary nature is disguised as career defining decision, as said footballer wonders off across the hallowed turf of a more stunning magnificent Spanish/German/Italian horizon.

Whilst Liverpool supporters continue with this guessing game of “Will He” or “Wont He” the media begin to circle the Anfield wagons looking for any chink its armour. Some on the outside of the club seem continually intent on building a wedge between supporters and players & also supporters and owners. This week even former players have expressed opinion on Suarez leaving the club, with a consensus being that he has every human right to have his head turned by a more suited specimen, perhaps with “European Pedigree” if it were to show interest.

We are told to accept this under the guise or illusion of acquiescence. The clubs progression ultimately from the incentive of finance – Like some kind of Venture Capital speculating to accumulate, however football cannot be run like this. One only has to look at Arsenal to see the effects of selling your best players for huge sums, then purchasing two or three cheaper alternatives.

It has become increasingly difficult for the clubs to keep talent, fearful that same talent has eyes for another enjoying the constant flirting & head turning. The biggest loser in this travesty will be the supporters. Loyalty has become a dirty word within football aligned with its ugly sister allegiance with the unfaithful ruining the experience for us all.

At this very moment Luis Suarez remains a Liverpool player & suggestion of him leaving the club although the probing and questioning continues on the subject – Is purely speculation. Liverpool supporters have been here before, they & the club have form – Fernando Torres and Javier Mascherano spring to mind, whilst further back Steve McManaman and Michael Owen all raised similar queries moments before the door slammed shut as they left the building.

Suarez Supported To The Hilt

Suarez Supported To The Hilt

If Luis Suarez were to leave after just two full seasons at Anfield, this would incontestably represent the most disappointing and damaging of all those aforementioned occupants of the office of hero, where veneration would be thrust upon them by an adoring public, only to be reciprocated with dishonour.

Suarez would be indebted not only to the supporters of Liverpool Football Club its owners and management now & previously but rather the whole institution of Liverpool Football Club. Under Kenny Dalglish and the preceding management the complete ethos of the club, its history & integrity would be perilously put on the line. All in the pursuit of what history may tell us was a misguided attempt at complete loyalty to Luis Suarez. To this day the slur on the club and its supporters of being racists while supporting racism remains. Whether founded in truth or not, has become irrelevant – we remain guilty as charged.

Credibility of an institute built upon fair play has been brought into question. The diatribe of disgust and hate would not only be thrown at Suarez and the club. Rather more importantly levelled at its supporters. The people who built the empire complicit in its downfall – Take Dalglish for example, he who would put his entire footballing legacy on the line in his support of Suarez with his defence over those allegations. One of the institutes greatest and integral parts vilified & abused. Indelibly the slurs remain.

The question on Luis Suarez future will always remain. Here you have one of the world’s greatest footballing talents a brilliant genius blessed with footballing ability from the Gods. Why would the good and great of world football not want to court him? There is no doubt that one day a more beautiful intelligent suitor will come rattling the Shankly gates enquiring whether Luis is coming out to play – For now those gates must be slammed shut and padlocked with the key kept well away from Luis Suarez.

The biggest question lies at the doorstep of Luis Suarez “Does he fell indebted to the club?” only Suarez can answer that, not in broken English more so in his actions as he twinkle-toes across that great turf nutmegging his way toward the Kop end for at the very least another season.

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Player of The Year – And the Award Goes To My Mate

WITH the footballing fraternity stumbling ever closer to the unveiling of its very own Footballer of The Year, with football fans across the country eluding opinion and condemning in the same breath. This is not a time for calm and informed debate, more villification of the candidates whilst recollection of worthiness is promoted in a pursuit of reason. Much blood will be spilled on this football field before a victor can be announced & awaiting public quick to renounce the new King prepare sharpened swords.

This is a time where he will be no longer judged alongside his teammates, but set aside and with esteem recognised by his peers, judged on footballing ability alone over a season with acknowledgement & appreciation toward one of their own. Amongst the many reasoned argument, the one stand-out criteria that of being the very best, unsurpassed to be crowned for his feet of clay.

Unfortunately and at the detriment to the very trophy being procured, the task of choosing this “Chosen One” is left at the disposal of professional footballers themselves, they who have propensity to point shotgun toward foot and go bang.

If we are to believe our media, this above all years has left the profession a question regard morality of the candidates, rather less their footballing ability and more the conduct and indeed the sportsmanship of those we are told are fortuitous enough to be considered contenders.

Premier League footballers are not so different to Joe Public susceptible to the same dilemmas. Whilst we may think and trust that “The Players Player “ is purely a decision based upon ability and a genuine belief that its choice originated from worthiness, we must also take into account personal and private opinion of individual players. Indeed it was a long-held belief through seasons gone that specific clubs would not vote for players from other rival clubs. And why would this not be true, as in life itself is this not how we as supporters act.

In some previous seasons we have witnessed the accolade given to a player who perhaps has not so much had the greatest of season, rather more a career defined award. The league’s top scorer can normally expect to sportingly be given the opportunity at getting his hands on the trophy, again if no truly outstanding player is propelled to the fore usually by media intent on having its say irrespective of the Football Writers Award.

Two pillars of the footballing community with their awards.

Two pillars of the footballing community with their awards.

This year alleged contenders and aspiring front-runners for the award include Robin Van Persie, Gareth Bale & Luis Suarez, with Bale the favourite to collect the award for the second time in three years. The main focus of attention courtesy of both media & football supporters seems to be the self-inclusion of Suarez, in a season where the Uruguayan leads the scoring charts & at times has played some scintillating football. Unfortunately baying sections of rival supporters are derisively intent on making the award about more than footballing ability alone.

Football supporters do not and will not decide who wins The Players award, however, will morality become an issue for those players deciding upon a winner? All three of these leading protagonists have fallen (quite literally) foul of the law on simulation, having all at one stage been booked for such an offence, it does seem rather odd to just pick out Suarez on the question of diving whilst favourite for the award Bale has been booked more than any other Premier League player for this such offence.

Luis Suarez will always be targeted with the cries of racist after the well-publicised incident with Manchester United’s Patrice Evra, and here lies his biggest hurdle to overcome if he is to secure the votes required to win the award, will players choose a footballer deserving of the award, or rather not choose a player, however succinctly linked with being a racist.

We need not look too far for the answer, a gentle stroll back through previous winners of The Players award, would overwhelmingly suggest; perhaps players do not concern themselves with a moral high ground when deciding exactly where the cross in the box goes. Still this does not allow us to just assume the players vote for the best footballer. Many times the players have chosen a player in complete contrast to an assuming public & the writers of football journalism.

In the past we have had winners with some very diverse characteristics, womanisers, alcoholics, violent thugs & they are just some that have been seen to be proven. It will be a very sad day and quite disheartening day when The Players Player of The Year is chosen for his sportsmen like behaviour & ability to be a role model alongside footballing ability – Rue the day.

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Brendan Rodgers – Trouble With The Learning Curve

When Brendan Rodgers was appointed as the new manager of Liverpool Football Club in June 2012, many Liverpool supporters would find themselves with the dilemma of fully supporting his new regime, whilst on the other hand wanting to be respectful to the outgoing manager Kenny Dalglish. Something was not quite right about the fast pace at which they were asked to accept this new love, whilst the office chair was still warm from the previous incumbent.

Rodgers would come armed with a briefcase full of his Tiki-taka spread sheets intent on impressing upon his new charges and supporters, this philosophy of pass & move, unfortunately for Rodgers many Liverpool supporters had their own knowledge of a passing game, having been educated by forefathers schooled in the science, through preceptors like Shankly, Paisley & Dalglish amongst others.

Managing Liverpool would be fraught with a danger all of its own over the previous 20 years, a public whose expectation at times has outweighed a footballing & business reality, where once Liverpool and its owners The Moore’s family would be the richest club on the high street, today they would find themselves playing second, third & fourth fiddle to cash rich Russian’s and Arabs. Liverpool’s fanatical support however has not lowered its expectation, or taken into account this new more able adversary scrapping for its own object of desire – silverware.

It is not just Brendan Rodgers who would find it difficult to compete in this new footballing market-place, where financial hindrances make it essential that young managers are far more savvy in both the transfer market & development of the clubs own young talent. Sometimes the decline of a whole institution like Liverpool Football Club can go un-noticed until it has receded to an extent where the fix takes longer than the decline.

Coming together -

Coming together –

The new finance that has flooded football has meant the rewriting of history & to a certain degree the consequence being obliteration of history, other than from Liverpool’s supporters own perspective, the clubs own history is in fact used as a stick to beat it with, made to be embarrassed by its rich history, for many of its new foes, fundamentally it has become meaningless.

So what will be success for Brendan Rodgers? Liverpool supporters will only be placated with winning trophies & as much as Rodgers can be seen to improve the club or its playing staff, where this season he and they have received plaudits, criticism has also followed with accusations of a lack of fight or passion from his troops at times. If he is going to field young inexperienced sides then supporters have to expect the learning process will not be such a palatable dish at times.

The owners decision to relinquish Kenny Dalglish of the reins would also mean the club taking  a massive backwards step in its five-year plan, there is no doubt that this has also hindered Rodgers in terms of the type of progress that was going to be seen in one yet unfinished season, against a backdrop of two visits to Wembley last season under Dalglish, Rodgers would always be up against it whilst fans would unfairly compare that season forgetful that the club had remained without a trophy since 2006, albeit they were qualifying for The Champions League regularly during this time.

It would be naïve for fans of the club to purely look away & allow a huge reverse in its fortunes or standing, ever wary that FSG’s responsibility and commitment to the franchise they have acquired, their financial input & reinvestment of the massive financial rewards that a club like Liverpool generate, even through times of very little success on the field. It is not about dipping its fingers into the petty cash tin once in a while, it must be reinvestment & this will be the only way the club can become stable whilst turnover grows year on year like it has. If the owners have confidence in Brendan Rodgers then of course he must be backed financially and the verbal support it has so far during its stewardship been lacking must be added when required.

FSG must reinvest -

FSG must reinvest –

Has Rodgers made mistakes? For sure he has, for a young manager in his first season at one of the World’s most iconic football clubs have those mistakes taken the club backwards? Tactically at times he has been found wanting with very little in terms of a plan B. The accusation being levelled at him is one; that when we struggle to break teams down there becomes a reliance on continuing on the very tactic that has reaped little success, as arrogantly we stick to plan A, with no adaptation. To be fair to Rodgers lately we have seen a rather different approach, this coinciding with acquisitions of quality with Daniel Sturridge & Philippe Coutinho seemingly making a difference in approach, whilst also offering Rodgers options that seemed lacking through the early season.

The players have no excuse to push on in this final section of the season, there is no pressure as in effect our campaign has run out of steam, we can only assume a possibility of a top 6 finish will be enough to spur the squad & Rodgers on. The plan for next season has to be in place & whether Rodgers is a success as Liverpool manager cannot be decided at the conclusion of this season, rather in the next two.

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