Liverpool FC Klopportunity Knocks

With the psyche of the modern fan it will always come down to managing expectations, a season where Chelsea have surpassed even their own expectations, a season that without such a run would see five teams within a win & a loss of each other, Liverpool are not doing so badly – More importantly the journey has begun.

Jürgen Klopp has done a great job both on & off the field at Liverpool & remains the key factor if we are to realise that title success, the best opportunity we have in a manager capable of achieving what all supporters want, but he needs that commodity which the modern fan ill affords a manager at a top club – Time.

Klopp is the best opportunity the club has had in a very long time to getting us to a sustained challenge over a block of years rather than the hit & miss we have become accustomed to, this man is courageous like no other since the glory days, blooding young players whilst dispensing with those who don’t show the same approach, gregarious & charismatic to extremes, why would we not want to follow him on what is the start of a journey.


Imagine another preseason with the addition of players schooled in the pressing mould that he demands, with one or two of the plethora of young players solidifying their futures by gate crashing this squad, we have already witnessed what can be achieved with 70% of a Jürgen Klopp squad & the closer he gets to 100% the better for us.

This is going to be no ordinary path & when he gets this shuddering train up to speed there will not be anything temporary about it, it won’t be bits & pieces of wins here & there. Jürgen Klopp operates on a completely different level, the peculiars of errant goalkeeping & wayward defending will become a thing of history, moody strikers moved on & replaced with 100% effort that supporters take to their hearts on the strength of their exertion & endeavour.

The acquisition of Klopp’s first piece of silver will only accelerate the process, we require new blood, with specific DNA pace & energy with a winning mentality, that combination will put Klopp & Liverpool closer than ever to winning the title, he has already proved what can be done with a few average players, & if his call on the goalkeeper situation had perhaps worked out better I think they would be within touching distance, we seriously need to acquire a top class keeper.

This season has become very important, imperative that we qualify for The Champions League if the success is to be hurried along, the media & others would have you believe that winning the Premier League is so much easier if you don’t have European football to entertain the players, when in fact only Blackburn & Leicester have managed Premier League realization whilst not playing in a European competition.

Liverpool are far from the finished article, supporters with any clear sense understand this, those that have positioned themselves on the Klopp train, enjoying the journey with a knowledge that when we get to top speed all the bumps will have been worth it, the trophy haul will be testament to it.


Anyone who doubts Klopp need only look at the after-match interview for the Swansea game, I’m not sure any Liverpool fan was more annoyed & angry than the manager, if Klopp can’t get these players focused in this type of match then nobody can & some of those players will clearly be on their way out.


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