Lying Tory Terrorists

The Tory/BBC propaganda juggernaut aided & abetted by the right-wing press would have us all believe that there are no choices in the general election, strong & stable Thatcher spawn locking journalists in cupboards, unable to engage with anyone who possibly disagrees with her policies.

Strong & stable – my arse I have seen stronger & more stable furniture in Ikea, once chosen there will be no returns policy with the Tories or Mrs May, far from being sold as the opportunity for a generation with a vote for Corbyn & Labour, the pedalled lie; no alternative, same old, same old Tories supporting banker friends & multi-nationals chucking millions into the Tory pot with no actual care for the country & its citizens, more themselves & theirs.

May Fox

The right-wing call Corbyn “A terrorist sympathiser” whilst allowing May to symptomatically terrorise the poor, the disabled, the homeless, children going to school starving, their parents having to rely on food banks, the NHS where nurses are overworked, under-waged. They have terrorised young people into having to accept work in jobs with no hours or contracted hours at such a low rate they don’t know whether they have a day’s work from day to day. To top it off the bastards want to terrorise foxes, again, so their friends can dress up at the weekends blowing horns like toffs do.

They will ridicule a man that does not want to charge around other nations bombing them at will, a man that sees no benefit of killing children & poor people, rather to sit around a table & discuss alternatives, a man who does not want to sell arms & bombs to others in the name of profit, in the name of creating business for our very own British business, the Tories will tell you what an awful day it will be when we stop selling arms to the Saudis, they will tell you what a mad man Corbyn is for wanting peace & not wanting to be a warmonger, we’ve been here before, it does not end well.

The Tories are intent on bleeding the NHS to the point that it can be wholesale sold off to their banker friends & big business, they have no interest in saving the NHS, it does not suit the agenda of selling everything to the highest bidder(FRIENDS) – They have form, fattening up their own bank balances whilst dissolving all state owned industries in the pursuit of fuck all for this country & its people, the many have sat by & let that happen through the 80’s, 90’s & up to today, the reason there are no post-offices close to your gran or grandad, the reason Gaz & Leccy are out of fucking control; just imagine if they were both state owned, imagine being able to control prices.

All sold off – British Steel, British Rail, British Airways, British Telecom, Coal, Electric, Water, The Post Office & it goes on & unfortunately there is not much left to sell is there? NHS?

The poorest students in even more debt when they leave university after Tories scrap maintenance grants –

Cuts to disability payments(PIP) reducing the points within the points system for those unable to wash themselves, or going to the toilet unaided, so their payments were lowered or in some cases stopped all together, yes, they did this with a tory cabinet of 23 Millionaires taking an average of £30 off disabled people every week, yes they did this.

Austerity, transferring money taken from poor people to make rich people even richer, how come the top earners & richest people in the country have not been touched by austerity? Because it’s a con & lie, a falsehood to cover your eyes whilst they get even richer.

The institute of fiscal studies has said those who will be most hit by the Tory austerity agenda will be children, fucking children, from poor families, this alone should be reason to get rid of the Tory machine.

Food banks –

Social housing, or the lack of –

Big business dodging their tax responsibilities, being encouraged by the Tories & HMRC with their sweetheart deals –

I could go on forever with the disparity between the behaviour of this Tory regime & the “We are all in it together” jingoistic nonsense. If they have not come for you yet, you could be next, are you old, young, disabled, poor, small business or just a child from a poor family, Mrs May & her cohorts have no compulsion for fairness.


Jeremy Corbyn has an idea of a fairer society, where those at the top pay their share to allow those at the bottom to not have to go cap in hand to foodbanks, for children of poor families to not have to go to school under-nourished, to not starve people of their right to eat, to exist in a humane way.

An NHS funded only & direct from government, where the vultures sniffing around it’s corpse are kept at bay, where their wallets are not bulged on the back of the sick & infirm. Nurses paid a wage becoming of that profession, Doctors treated with a respect from its employer & not constantly undermined & undervalued.

A place where young people would now know how many hours they are employed to work in the upcoming week, where employers would not be able to force unreasonable working conditions on those unable to fight back for fairer & contracted work, a fair day’s work for a fair days pay.

Where Jeremy Corbyn, instead of jumping into wars at the drop of an American hat, would instead prefer to resolve issues prior to making such decisions as bombing the hell out of innocent people, where we don’t sell arms to others & turn a blind eye to their human rights abusers.

What is wrong with saving 4000 homes for rough sleepers whilst also building 100,000 homes through councils & associations, can people even remember council houses, you know for those that cannot afford private sector housing. Where housing benefit would be restored for those under 21 so young people end up as rough sleepers because they have no money for rent.

The Tories will tell you that the coalition of chaos won’t be able to afford any of those policies, but remember how quickly they(Tories) all found money for their banker friends when needed, remember how the national debt has gone up & up under the Tories, can they be trusted with your money – NO. The Labour manifesto looks to borrow £250bn over 10 years, but the Tories have just borrowed £700bn in the previous 7 years – Don’t allow them to sway you with their lies.

Too many people will sit back & allow personalities to decide this election or more to the point the media bias on Corbyn, the man has been vilified at every corner, lied about, painted black, but this is a principled man, a genuine man & an honest man & that for a society used to being cheated on by politicians is the problem – The public prefer a bad boy, or girl in this case.

This truly is the opportunity of a lifetime as many have called it – It is up to us all to take this opportunity, not for ourselves but for everyone.



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