How To Handle The Story Idea That Is Not Meant To Be Written Straightaway #AmWriting #ASMSG

Lucy Mitchell

The story idea that is not meant to be written straightaway is a pesky little devil.

It will trick you, the writer, into thinking it is not worth pursuing and will let out a wicked laugh as you shelve the first few pages. As you walk away your naughty little story idea will blow a few raspberries and skip happily around the desk.

A lot of the time we give up on story ideas too quickly because they are not meant to be written straightaway.

Some story ideas enter your mind and allow you to write them simply using the bare bones of a plot or premise.

However some story ideas are a little bit wild. They need to live a little inside your head, in a notebook or a folder for days, weeks, months or in some cases years.

There are a couple of reasons why some story ideas…

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