Liverpool why Emre Can – Can not be captain.

After remaining unbeaten for 20 games & also 19 home fixtures Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool have tamely given up both long standing runs in surprising defeats to Swansea & West Bromwich Albion, agitating supporters, who are mindful of how such lapses have cost Liverpool key points in their pursuit of Champions League qualification & a long awaited trophy for the Klopp regime, leaving a nasty taste on losing consecutive games to the leagues bottom two teams.

The question remains unanswered regarding Klopp’s plan B when teams arrive in opposition to Liverpool’s open and attacking style with a solid and robust defensive structure, Klopp’s side look one dimensional when faced with such opposition tactics seem unable to fathom a way around or through –


The problem seemingly that wing backs or wingers seem scared to take the football around defenders & head for the goal line, they seem to always cross toward the keeper & not away from him & the goal where supporting players from midfield can get time to support the attack, instead everything happens in front of the opposing defenders, which enables them to defend their lines easily, this is a player problem & not a coaching issue, scared of losing the football, passing & moving has become everything with very little room for any individual play.

Many supporters are also unhappy with the Klopp use of captains, so we all know that other European coaches don’t buy our obsession with having one player as leader & captain of the ship, Klopp having become dismissive & in my opinion disrespectful of that little armband with the word CAPTAIN on it, it is one thing putting little importance on the role, but quite another to arrogantly throw the role around with such contempt –


Emre Can; a player who is currently signed up to footballs very own dating app “Last year of my contract” checking out suitors from around Europe –

Tall dark & handsome –

Can sometimes wonder in & out of games –

I can shoot from anywhere –

My passing is woeful at times –

If one pass will do, I will take 4 –

Favourite position is backwards, although I may accept a sideways pass –

I have been accused of being slow & cumbersome, my arrogance says I’m not –

Applications to Anfield Liverpool.

Why Klopp sees no problem with giving his fellow German the captains armband is itself problematic, someone clearly intent on looking for another bird, the Liver obviously not being enough to satisfy Emre, when a side is looking for a leader, a captain to steer it’s ship through choppy waters, he(Can) has not been that man – The two games when Can has been captain have become two of the worst performances this season, whilst we cannot level the blame for the defeats wholly with Emre Can, we can say we lacked a leader to lift us from the mire.

The history of Liverpool captains surely dictates that OUR captain has to have a certain amount of personality & qualities linked to that position, from players of standing Yeats, Smith, Hughes, Souness, Hansen & Gerrard forward to the modern era – Lovren, Mignolet & Can, it’s not on & needs addressing, players that are hardly competent in their own specialised position cannot be expected to encourage others in theirs.


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