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Brendan Rodgers – Lost In Action

What on earth has happened To Liverpool Football Club & more directly to their supporters, once a group of people found at the highest echelons of inspired unaffected support to those less deserving, whilst also treating like Gods those with feet of clay; elite fans, knowledgeable, fair and patient. Seemingly their fairness & patience has been tested these last few weeks.

The modern football memory has become shorter & shorter, less able to find that fleeting moment (A football season) when all seemed well, but why should it, scouse humour ( Indian, South Africa, & our American friends also included) replaced by outrage & antagonism toward Brendan Rodgers, at every juncture the twisted bile & downright hatred, hostility thrown toward the manager has been unacceptable for a club of the stature of Liverpool, for fans of the great institution that remains by its fingertips.

Liverpool fans & the club have become a focus of ridicule, how they never walk alone through those bloody horrific storms, constantly reminding anyone who won’t listen about ancient times, halcyon days gone by when they plundered these shores before moving on to conquer that Europe place & finally the WORLD. We have become as close to parody of ourselves as possible.

We cannot hold Rodgers accountable for 26 years of mainly under-achievement given what glory preceded them, reality somewhat dictates where the club now finds itself. I remember when the Kop would sing “Attack, Attack, Attack,” now we use it to exploit the weakness amongst our own, this season particularly it would seem our illness our schizoid approach to the world outside has made us unrelenting toward Rodgers.

Hands Up - I Surrender

Hands Up – I Surrender

The “Rodgers Out” brigade (at the point of writing, he is in) who repetitively & persistently over his 3 years at the club have shouted & screamed their betrayal, unfaithful from day one, they now sit lauding over how right they were, what do they require to appease? Sacking? Hanging? Public flogging?

Brendan Rodgers has made mistakes, some glaring blatantly obvious mistakes, & deserves criticism, being held accountable, however, he does not deserve the total character (no pun intended) assassination that has arrived via some quarters of the media & those that pertain to have this club at heart. It’s apparent that some enjoyment is being gained from the teams disastrous season & the personal failure of the manager to put things right, those same people who would eulogise about Rodgers less than a year ago, pedalling his greatness have done a 360 in spectacular fashion, as social media pops the noose around our managers neck to aid & abet his hurried departure.

We have been here before; Deja vu – I for one hope the owners have the courage of their convictions to stick with Rodgers on the basis that perhaps he gets some sort of help, no rocket science required but perhaps a defensive coach of sorts & that old chestnut; more money.

Dispense with the services of those that could not care less about the club, supporters or manager & use that financial gain wisely with those proven in this type of environment, a club of this statue, players who can perform on this stage. Southampton, Swansea and the like need not apply, this type of player has gotten off very lightly this season whilst the man picking them has not. What has happened to our passing & pressing game? All but non-existent.

For a side built on pace, we lack it in defence & also the midfield where it is prevalent in the Premier League, as for strikers…..well I guess we just stick with what we have. It does worry me that the strikers we are being linked with are very similar to those we are allegedly showing the door.

One thing that will not help is heaping deluded pressure of the manager or players, we are at a specific level that we need to accept, we have had darker days, found ourselves in far worse league positions. In 6 previous seasons other than last year we have found our level to be top 6, until we find a manager we are prepared to stick with perhaps we will remain at that level.

Careful what you wish for.

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