Lying Tory Terrorists

The Tory/BBC propaganda juggernaut aided & abetted by the right-wing press would have us all believe that there are no choices in the general election, strong & stable Thatcher spawn locking journalists in cupboards, unable to engage with anyone who possibly disagrees with her policies.

Strong & stable – my arse I have seen stronger & more stable furniture in Ikea, once chosen there will be no returns policy with the Tories or Mrs May, far from being sold as the opportunity for a generation with a vote for Corbyn & Labour, the pedalled lie; no alternative, same old, same old Tories supporting banker friends & multi-nationals chucking millions into the Tory pot with no actual care for the country & its citizens, more themselves & theirs.

May Fox

The right-wing call Corbyn “A terrorist sympathiser” whilst allowing May to symptomatically terrorise the poor, the disabled, the homeless, children going to school starving, their parents having to rely on food banks, the NHS where nurses are overworked, under-waged. They have terrorised young people into having to accept work in jobs with no hours or contracted hours at such a low rate they don’t know whether they have a day’s work from day to day. To top it off the bastards want to terrorise foxes, again, so their friends can dress up at the weekends blowing horns like toffs do.

They will ridicule a man that does not want to charge around other nations bombing them at will, a man that sees no benefit of killing children & poor people, rather to sit around a table & discuss alternatives, a man who does not want to sell arms & bombs to others in the name of profit, in the name of creating business for our very own British business, the Tories will tell you what an awful day it will be when we stop selling arms to the Saudis, they will tell you what a mad man Corbyn is for wanting peace & not wanting to be a warmonger, we’ve been here before, it does not end well.

The Tories are intent on bleeding the NHS to the point that it can be wholesale sold off to their banker friends & big business, they have no interest in saving the NHS, it does not suit the agenda of selling everything to the highest bidder(FRIENDS) – They have form, fattening up their own bank balances whilst dissolving all state owned industries in the pursuit of fuck all for this country & its people, the many have sat by & let that happen through the 80’s, 90’s & up to today, the reason there are no post-offices close to your gran or grandad, the reason Gaz & Leccy are out of fucking control; just imagine if they were both state owned, imagine being able to control prices.

All sold off – British Steel, British Rail, British Airways, British Telecom, Coal, Electric, Water, The Post Office & it goes on & unfortunately there is not much left to sell is there? NHS?

The poorest students in even more debt when they leave university after Tories scrap maintenance grants –

Cuts to disability payments(PIP) reducing the points within the points system for those unable to wash themselves, or going to the toilet unaided, so their payments were lowered or in some cases stopped all together, yes, they did this with a tory cabinet of 23 Millionaires taking an average of £30 off disabled people every week, yes they did this.

Austerity, transferring money taken from poor people to make rich people even richer, how come the top earners & richest people in the country have not been touched by austerity? Because it’s a con & lie, a falsehood to cover your eyes whilst they get even richer.

The institute of fiscal studies has said those who will be most hit by the Tory austerity agenda will be children, fucking children, from poor families, this alone should be reason to get rid of the Tory machine.

Food banks –

Social housing, or the lack of –

Big business dodging their tax responsibilities, being encouraged by the Tories & HMRC with their sweetheart deals –

I could go on forever with the disparity between the behaviour of this Tory regime & the “We are all in it together” jingoistic nonsense. If they have not come for you yet, you could be next, are you old, young, disabled, poor, small business or just a child from a poor family, Mrs May & her cohorts have no compulsion for fairness.


Jeremy Corbyn has an idea of a fairer society, where those at the top pay their share to allow those at the bottom to not have to go cap in hand to foodbanks, for children of poor families to not have to go to school under-nourished, to not starve people of their right to eat, to exist in a humane way.

An NHS funded only & direct from government, where the vultures sniffing around it’s corpse are kept at bay, where their wallets are not bulged on the back of the sick & infirm. Nurses paid a wage becoming of that profession, Doctors treated with a respect from its employer & not constantly undermined & undervalued.

A place where young people would now know how many hours they are employed to work in the upcoming week, where employers would not be able to force unreasonable working conditions on those unable to fight back for fairer & contracted work, a fair day’s work for a fair days pay.

Where Jeremy Corbyn, instead of jumping into wars at the drop of an American hat, would instead prefer to resolve issues prior to making such decisions as bombing the hell out of innocent people, where we don’t sell arms to others & turn a blind eye to their human rights abusers.

What is wrong with saving 4000 homes for rough sleepers whilst also building 100,000 homes through councils & associations, can people even remember council houses, you know for those that cannot afford private sector housing. Where housing benefit would be restored for those under 21 so young people end up as rough sleepers because they have no money for rent.

The Tories will tell you that the coalition of chaos won’t be able to afford any of those policies, but remember how quickly they(Tories) all found money for their banker friends when needed, remember how the national debt has gone up & up under the Tories, can they be trusted with your money – NO. The Labour manifesto looks to borrow £250bn over 10 years, but the Tories have just borrowed £700bn in the previous 7 years – Don’t allow them to sway you with their lies.

Too many people will sit back & allow personalities to decide this election or more to the point the media bias on Corbyn, the man has been vilified at every corner, lied about, painted black, but this is a principled man, a genuine man & an honest man & that for a society used to being cheated on by politicians is the problem – The public prefer a bad boy, or girl in this case.

This truly is the opportunity of a lifetime as many have called it – It is up to us all to take this opportunity, not for ourselves but for everyone.




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Liverpool FC Klopportunity Knocks

With the psyche of the modern fan it will always come down to managing expectations, a season where Chelsea have surpassed even their own expectations, a season that without such a run would see five teams within a win & a loss of each other, Liverpool are not doing so badly – More importantly the journey has begun.

Jürgen Klopp has done a great job both on & off the field at Liverpool & remains the key factor if we are to realise that title success, the best opportunity we have in a manager capable of achieving what all supporters want, but he needs that commodity which the modern fan ill affords a manager at a top club – Time.

Klopp is the best opportunity the club has had in a very long time to getting us to a sustained challenge over a block of years rather than the hit & miss we have become accustomed to, this man is courageous like no other since the glory days, blooding young players whilst dispensing with those who don’t show the same approach, gregarious & charismatic to extremes, why would we not want to follow him on what is the start of a journey.


Imagine another preseason with the addition of players schooled in the pressing mould that he demands, with one or two of the plethora of young players solidifying their futures by gate crashing this squad, we have already witnessed what can be achieved with 70% of a Jürgen Klopp squad & the closer he gets to 100% the better for us.

This is going to be no ordinary path & when he gets this shuddering train up to speed there will not be anything temporary about it, it won’t be bits & pieces of wins here & there. Jürgen Klopp operates on a completely different level, the peculiars of errant goalkeeping & wayward defending will become a thing of history, moody strikers moved on & replaced with 100% effort that supporters take to their hearts on the strength of their exertion & endeavour.

The acquisition of Klopp’s first piece of silver will only accelerate the process, we require new blood, with specific DNA pace & energy with a winning mentality, that combination will put Klopp & Liverpool closer than ever to winning the title, he has already proved what can be done with a few average players, & if his call on the goalkeeper situation had perhaps worked out better I think they would be within touching distance, we seriously need to acquire a top class keeper.

This season has become very important, imperative that we qualify for The Champions League if the success is to be hurried along, the media & others would have you believe that winning the Premier League is so much easier if you don’t have European football to entertain the players, when in fact only Blackburn & Leicester have managed Premier League realization whilst not playing in a European competition.

Liverpool are far from the finished article, supporters with any clear sense understand this, those that have positioned themselves on the Klopp train, enjoying the journey with a knowledge that when we get to top speed all the bumps will have been worth it, the trophy haul will be testament to it.


Anyone who doubts Klopp need only look at the after-match interview for the Swansea game, I’m not sure any Liverpool fan was more annoyed & angry than the manager, if Klopp can’t get these players focused in this type of match then nobody can & some of those players will clearly be on their way out.


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One Direction – The New Beatles

One Direction – The New Beatles

We can all reminisce to a time when suddenly everything changed, a moment, as overwhelmed we are consumed while controlled by music or musicians. Unaware of the affect it would have upon our lives, perhaps not until years later.

As a 13 year old I would stumble across a certain John Winston Lennon. I like many other kids of that age would find themselves in 1980 engrossed at the media furore and the world’s attentive disposition toward Lennon’s death. Overwhelmed does not really do those emotive feelings justice; my whole being would change one Friday afternoon during that December month in 1980.

Friday each week would be celebrated with a lunch time disco at my senior school. Entry would be confirmed by an ink stamp to the back of the hand with the school logo upon it, and 5p which would go to charity. This would be a place that had been electrified previously during the year by The Jam; Madness & The Specials whilst intertwined would be the odd piece of Kenny Rogers & his “Coward of The County” halcyon days. For a boy my age it meant everything, everything.

This particular Friday would become a defining moment. For the few days since the death of Lennon there would be a preoccupation from TV & radio and it would not deviate from its collective tale – The legend that was Lennon, The hero, The God. Alongside this would be Beatlemania flooded across all media, TV and newspapers would regurgitate constantly “The Fab Four”.  As significantly the message manifested itself I could not deny it, the truth was I did not want to, with my new found musical enthusiasm I would lap it up without question.

For a two minute period during that Friday disco I would experience a felling an emotion that would not be replicated from that moment forwards, as the “DJ” Mr Smith, who also happened to teach religious education would gently slip on a vinyl 45 toward the record deck, unaware of the mayhem which would in a moment swamp him and the school dinner hall.

I will never forget that intro, even if I had listened and heard it many times before – Today it would be the first time I truly understood, having witnessed its infectious nature  – “Oh yeah I…… tell you something I think you’ll understand……” The place would erupt with a crescendo of testosterone and with it the creation for 2 minutes and 25 seconds of our own extraordinary example of Beatlemania – Even now I still experience goose-bumps thinking of that day or rather those moments. The screams that would reverberate around that dark dingy hall, voices yet to be broken would pierce even less developed ear drums. A moment where all & everyone would collectively contribute, even the kid who would remain silent throughout the whole duration of his school years whilst assuming the role of the bullies victim – Yes even he would scream & shout without inference of pinching or punching.

I would never be without The Beatles in my life from that moment onwards – Hooked.

This would signal the very beginning of my journey toward adulthood. The time when decisions I would begin to make would be based on my own selfish fulfilments – I would be youth and the world would begin to engross me. Rather more so music would battle alongside football intent on my affection, for my part I would glean the realisation for a 13 year old, some things  are more important than family, friends or existence in this world itself.

The essence of my new heart and mind collaboration would be manufactured around a certain held belief, a philosophy that dictated that I alone truly understood my kinship with my music. It would sit rather unwell if others, namely my peers, could or would begin to have a similar comprehension – To be au fait with. God forbid that they would also “Get It”.

In musical terms, generally the law states you must assume that anything that may have been produced later than April 10th 1970 – Is somewhat inferior purely on the grounds that this date represents, again according to folklore the disbanding of “The Greatest Musical Band Ever” – The Beatles. And the World would never be the same again.

If our parental propaganda is to be believed, and a generation or more are to in some way give credence to a perpetually opinionated argument driven by those intent on giving their own youthful existence greater meaning. We must with white flags aloft, petrol in one hand & gas lighter in the other set in motion the preparation covenant like, the destruction of history itself post 1970.

Well to steal a still to be claimed quote “Nostalgia aint what it used to be” –

Clearly the distinction between what may be cool and what might give others the impression of a low standard of pleasure intake tends to be incredibly difficult to determine for many a teen – and so it continues to represent a difficult puzzle for each new generation. Hoodwinking however has become rather more succinct; add to this the inception of Cowell like musicality and it becomes ever more difficult to separate marketing malingering and showmanship from actual bona fide talent.


Today even 10 year olds have their own identity and minds, social media, computers & other forms within a technological world that leave this 40 something, dazed and confused – all add to a greater understanding and existence for the children of this day.

One Direction are entertainers at the height of their powers who seem to constantly come under both scrutiny and derision in equal amount, experiencing contumely at every juncture from adults and teens intent on lauding it over the less initiated.

The accusations, and there are many levelled at this clearly manufactured band, range from – puppets being strung along by the modern day Geppetto – Simon Cowell, they are lads unable to play musical instruments singing songs that are to quote those proficient in popular music – “Rubbish”. They are assumed to be lacking in the commodity of talent.

And that ma Lord is the evidence for the prosecution.

Why can we not just accept that young people enjoy and are indeed consumed by One Direction and their like? Has it really become so essential for young people to be derided purely because they enjoy something slightly less intellectual than the pompous saving the World Coldplay types that are lauded as respectable alternatives.

The day we become quintessential romantics, as we fall in love with that first band, album or song – It means everything, we will use up every ounce of our existence with our new addiction – These Directioners are no different, the Bieber fans feel what we all felt. The main difference between the decades seems to be the inception of Twitter & Facebook, giving these super-fans a greater voice to glorify their heroes as they pay homage at the altar of the internet Gods as they worship. Where we had Smash Hits and NME today’s music junkie can find his or her crack house online.

Let’s not forget that early on in their musical careers The Beatles would sing songs such as “I wanna hold your hand” “She loves you” and “From me to you” – If One Direction were churning out such lyrically challenged songs they would most definitely be ridiculed from the “Music Police” whilst threatened with imprisonment or death.

So the question remains – Are One Direction the new Beatles?

History will tell us the answer is No.

Their flavour of the month just happens to be incredible palatable right now. The fan base these huge stars have would prove that indeed the interest is significant enough to warrant a comparison – Is it really that relevant that older people disagree with their younger foes, surely this is how it should be.

Ok so it is rather an unfair question where the consequence of such an irrational argument will always receive condemnation from the masses. It becomes imprudent to compare – Weighed against the new breed of band is what can only be called Beatle Proof, where nothing and nobody can compare.

The most important thing for me is that my kids (I don’t have any) are not bullied because they fill their bedroom walls full of pictures of Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam & Louis. Whilst endeavouring to fill their tiny minds with John, Paul George & Ringo. Instead the recognition that they are setting out on a journey & should be encouraged to travel alone in pursuit of their very own beat of the drum.

You pay’s your money – You takes your choice.

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Brendan Rodgers – Lost In Action

What on earth has happened To Liverpool Football Club & more directly to their supporters, once a group of people found at the highest echelons of inspired unaffected support to those less deserving, whilst also treating like Gods those with feet of clay; elite fans, knowledgeable, fair and patient. Seemingly their fairness & patience has been tested these last few weeks.

The modern football memory has become shorter & shorter, less able to find that fleeting moment (A football season) when all seemed well, but why should it, scouse humour ( Indian, South Africa, & our American friends also included) replaced by outrage & antagonism toward Brendan Rodgers, at every juncture the twisted bile & downright hatred, hostility thrown toward the manager has been unacceptable for a club of the stature of Liverpool, for fans of the great institution that remains by its fingertips.

Liverpool fans & the club have become a focus of ridicule, how they never walk alone through those bloody horrific storms, constantly reminding anyone who won’t listen about ancient times, halcyon days gone by when they plundered these shores before moving on to conquer that Europe place & finally the WORLD. We have become as close to parody of ourselves as possible.

We cannot hold Rodgers accountable for 26 years of mainly under-achievement given what glory preceded them, reality somewhat dictates where the club now finds itself. I remember when the Kop would sing “Attack, Attack, Attack,” now we use it to exploit the weakness amongst our own, this season particularly it would seem our illness our schizoid approach to the world outside has made us unrelenting toward Rodgers.

Hands Up - I Surrender

Hands Up – I Surrender

The “Rodgers Out” brigade (at the point of writing, he is in) who repetitively & persistently over his 3 years at the club have shouted & screamed their betrayal, unfaithful from day one, they now sit lauding over how right they were, what do they require to appease? Sacking? Hanging? Public flogging?

Brendan Rodgers has made mistakes, some glaring blatantly obvious mistakes, & deserves criticism, being held accountable, however, he does not deserve the total character (no pun intended) assassination that has arrived via some quarters of the media & those that pertain to have this club at heart. It’s apparent that some enjoyment is being gained from the teams disastrous season & the personal failure of the manager to put things right, those same people who would eulogise about Rodgers less than a year ago, pedalling his greatness have done a 360 in spectacular fashion, as social media pops the noose around our managers neck to aid & abet his hurried departure.

We have been here before; Deja vu – I for one hope the owners have the courage of their convictions to stick with Rodgers on the basis that perhaps he gets some sort of help, no rocket science required but perhaps a defensive coach of sorts & that old chestnut; more money.

Dispense with the services of those that could not care less about the club, supporters or manager & use that financial gain wisely with those proven in this type of environment, a club of this statue, players who can perform on this stage. Southampton, Swansea and the like need not apply, this type of player has gotten off very lightly this season whilst the man picking them has not. What has happened to our passing & pressing game? All but non-existent.

For a side built on pace, we lack it in defence & also the midfield where it is prevalent in the Premier League, as for strikers…..well I guess we just stick with what we have. It does worry me that the strikers we are being linked with are very similar to those we are allegedly showing the door.

One thing that will not help is heaping deluded pressure of the manager or players, we are at a specific level that we need to accept, we have had darker days, found ourselves in far worse league positions. In 6 previous seasons other than last year we have found our level to be top 6, until we find a manager we are prepared to stick with perhaps we will remain at that level.

Careful what you wish for.

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Hillsborough 15th April 1989 “The Guilt That Lingers”.

In the 25 years that have passed since 15th April 1989 – At such a pace that it would seem like the interim years have somehow eluded me – I have ruminated about that fateful day on many occasions, reflected upon my ignorant, and at times unconscious thought toward the effect that it would have upon me as a young man, how ultimately it would change my perspective not only on football and Liverpool, but my life itself – How I would go on to deal with my experiences, and relate those back to that day.

I have only ever written about Hillsborough on two occasions in all those years, mainly defensive articles, predominantly in reply to those individuals who have taken it upon themselves to contemptuously deride the day itself – in magnification of printed words, or ramblings intent on riding on the back of rage fixated articles. A cacophony of lies have been twisted manipulated & repeated as if freedom of speech allowed such brutal banging of a delusional drum, extenuated by those protagonists responsible.

Liverpool people have constantly become targets from some hell-bent on portraying both supporters of the club, and residents of the city, with a media tar brush focused on painting them as constant victims – attention seeking that includes feigning and exaggerating both illness and its effect – in a pursuit of a sick-note from society.

I was 22 years old in April 1989, no longer a boy; unquestionably I was neither a man. I had no idea what I would become, like many young people of that age I had however convinced myself that I was indeed invincible, and could not care less where my life would lead me, or how I could facilitate the journey.

Bravado and self-confident I would stride through the mid-eighties –Fight with the police on picket lines, battle against Thatcher’s Britain -Obsessed with Alan Bleasdale. I purposely strode through my days carefree, fear having been abandon long since. I would assume a similar arrogance as my peers, believe nothing, and question everything. If my fingers could not touch it, feel it – Then surely it did not exist.

When I see images from Hillsborough, stills of people fighting for their last breath, negotiating broken bodies in mis-held belief that they were aiding Emergency Services, when fundamentally they had in fact taken over those jobs, whilst minutes away those employed to do that very job would be held back by those in power, unaware how their dereliction of duty would take over 20 years to come to light – To return and haunt them.

As I watched from my vantage point which hours earlier I had specifically located, credence that this very spot would be exactly where I would view my heroes progress toward Wembley as they would proficiently deliver silverware once again.

The scouse hijacked terrain amongst opposing fans where I would find myself, would indeed if for the wrong reasons be an incredible vantage point – Clearly we would see lifeless bodies who only moments earlier would struggle for their last gasping breath, laid out in some sort of macabre pageant for the deceased. In my mind I need not go so deep to envisage those sights once more.

I’m still not completely sure how my mind attempted to process images from that day – Dead bodies being carried & taken from where they had fallen, to be placed on dismantled advertising hoarding – used as stretchers. This would be the first time in my short life I would see someone dead or dying before my eyes, as cripplingly close as I could touch them. I’m not really sure that these words could do such an image justice.

I had only ever seen one dead person prior to Hillsborough – An old nun at my primary school she would be 70 or 80 years of age. This day I would see possibly 30 more, supposed lifeless bodies in the space of an hour – Middle aged men and women, interspersed would be the motionless bodies of children. I am at pain to call them Dead as we all now know this may not have been the case, and the thought that we were indeed witnessing children dying, is a horrific thought, quite haunting.

I would not lose my life at Hillsborough that day, nor would I lose blood relatives – For years I would feel guilty that I actually felt that I gained from that very experience, maybe a sick disturbing understanding of the true effects of that day. Down the years I have met people who in a sense “ dined out” on the fact they survived Hillsborough – I can say that, but not without remorse, having at times being guilty of that myself – That is what we do as humans at times, am I sorry? Yes, most definitely. The immediate years after Hillsborough the trauma would have different compounding effect of people – Different types of people.

That is maybe the point, you can’t change how you were many years ago, but you can regretfully take a look back in an attempt to put that right, as such I feel answerable to myself . I am far from perfect, but when I talk about Justice For 96 strangers I went to a football match with some years ago – I mean that.

My brother said he had not seen me cry since I was 8 years old, I suppose I was just that kind of kid ,stronger than most – I would make up for it that day and subsequently over the next year with Images of Hillsborough seemingly on a constant rewind in my head and on my Television screen. I would never go back to Hillsborough after that day, and I believe I never will.

I don’t require a sick-note from society – I am not a victim of Hillsborough, I just happen to be someone amongst thousands of others that has a story to regale about that day – And I have also become tired at keeping that story to myself, and I refuse to feel guilty that my emotions or thoughts do not matter.

There are defining moments in all our lives, where uncontrollable instants will rocket you in a direction you were otherwise never to live through, some would call it fate possibly a destiny. I changed after that day, at times not for the better, I would find perspective through its very experience. Others will constantly promote a “Move On” mentality, usually those who believe they have the an understanding of Hillsborough having seen it on their TV screens over a constant of years, as repeated our shouts for Justice have gathered apace. They remain unaware that many of us did & have moved on, and that new journey took us fleet-footed toward justice and the truth, unbeknown this would not be as swift as anticipated.

I still question whether indeed we have had Justice, after all these years I have a distrust of a system which still seems intent on perpetuating its own agenda – Clearly the example in the canonising of Thatcher this last year, and how her many friends within the system have attempted to whitewash her role in the initial cover-up, and the subsequent years of lies coupled with deception on a grand scale.

We certainly are still to have TRUTH – the whole truth that is, and not this distortion of the guilty that still goes on, the protectionism of the few top brass lacking in integrity whilst intent on criminality, the full stop that has been placed on their crimes just before the point where they should be in a courtroom charged with manslaughter & fraud.

The 15th April should not however be about my rage – More so about remembering and honouring The 96 and those affected by their deaths.


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“I am Football Fan”

I am football fan – That fateful day.

With my arm raised, fingers toward the heavens, palm opened wide yes, yes, and yes count me in; accept me in to your exclusive club, as football fan blindly I will be guided, my influences stopped in their very tracks, as I mentally sign up for my very own emotional rollercoaster. Football will forever now abuse & use me, torment me, but ultimately change me.

Being football fan is at times an arduous task, done correctly all socially acceptable rules will be torn up and thrown upon the footballing furnace, never to be viewed again, this is not a job for shrinking violets, preparation for the dismantling of your soul must ensue, all previous reasoning that may have presided over your moral & decent choices shall be eroded, mainly for 90 minutes, however, if you choose the higher level of football fan, this will consume for a lifetime, embedded, screwed, it will bury you.

Sentiment will be replaced with distrust, distrust will be replaced with disgust – hatred will fill your very being, those that were once family & the many assumed friends, very soon will be foes, the only love left will be the love of hatred. Belligerence will become a by-product of becoming football fan, as arrogantly you will strut your stuff at every opportunity that football presents itself, and then some.

We Are Football Fans

We Are Football Fans

Very soon perpetual motion will dictate you will forever feel aggrieved, anger, fury & rage will become defence mechanisms where once sensible perspective was the order of the day, defiance shall rule. I will find my opponent’s weakness and with a flash of my sword of truth I shall expose him & his foolish ways. For I am football fan & ultimately I have reason on my side.

It will distrust all reasonable argument, instead I shall antagonise him & his sort for the shower of bastards that they clearly are, they have achieved less, and as such their knowledge is inferior, I will constantly shove this down their horrid throats, as football fan I will have not a grain of compunction as they choke.

The true football fan must find new lows and disgust to thrust upon its lesser opponent, tell them how obese they are, how even though you have not had the displeasure to meet such fools you may assume they stink, they steal from dustbins & are fascists, racists, chavs, Jews, paedophile’s, murderers, divers, how they bribe referees, they are Scottish, Irish, Spanish waiters, pussies, bandwagon hoppers, money grabbing, black, white, whores. And this will only be fellow football fans; I will find a different approach for my enemies.

All this before you start on their parents or children, fuck them they mean nothing to football fan. I am my clubs most important and influential asset my opinion must take precedent – Inside I am football fan & as such I am significant, I am a high-ranking officer within my club, I cannot listen to reason & will resist being dictated to.

My self importance will only confirm that truly “I AM FOOTBALL FAN”

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Brendan Rodgers Defending Mediocrity

ONCE AGAIN Liverpool’s defensive vulnerabilities have been cruelly exposed by an Aston Villa side that had clearly spent time revising its homework. Paul Lambert’s men were helped by what can only be assumed was a naivety in Rodgers team selection and tactics, a formation that cried out “Come & bully us”. Rodgers team having already been much maligned for its inability to keep a clean sheet, defending has at times become a running joke amongst the Anfield faithful – Or the lack of it.

Brendan Rodgers must himself take the brunt of the supporter’s unhappiness, seemingly unwilling to see the glaring faults that occur on a regular basis. Rodgers has form in this department throughout his fledgling career as a coach; a constant at all his managerial posts has been the inability to defend, or keep a clean sheet.

Let’s be honest the personnel he has at his and the clubs disposal is far from ideal, however some of those very players, are players Rodgers himself has brought to Anfield, some he has decided not to use like former Sporting Lisbon defender Tiago Llori despite a fee of £7 million pounds, whilst Kolo Toure has found himself exposed in the rigours of Premier League football, lacking pace and having poor positional play, his game being littered with schoolboy errors. Mamadou Sakho is another purchase (£15 million) who seems lacking at the highest level, whether in confidence or ability is a conundrum still to be answered.

Then we have the loan signing from Valencia; Aly Cissokho like Bambi on ice whenever in possession of the football, having been unable to master running and keeping the football, but even with his limited talent Rodgers men seemed intent on giving him the ball as if he were some sort of talisman A La Zidane –

Aly Cissokho not making the grade

Aly Cissokho not making the grade

Liverpool’s insistence on giving the ball to either Toure or Cissokho whilst neither has a clue what to actually do with it, seems flawed, Liverpool may as well just attempted to kick it into the Mersey and put supporters out of their misery.

Whether Rodgers has the coaching nous alone to sort the problems at the back out, will only become known once he has a stable back four, this season having seen a plethora of changes to the Liverpool defensive quartet and at times trio.

Wherever Brendan Rodgers has plied his trade, the one constant alongside Tiki Taka has been incompetence to defend its goal; clean sheets seem never to be high in the priorities of Rodgers footballing philosophies – Liverpool are as Brendan himself has stated a massive club & maybe he needs to accept that help is required in the defensive coaching department.

Rodgers goals conceded column - Not great reading.

Rodgers goals conceded column – Not great reading.

Clearly a policy of buying young unproven defenders has not worked for Liverpool, or in the case of Toure, players passed their best, there needs to be an overall of the policy of acquiring defenders and the blooding of those youngsters we already have, but all that will be of very little importance if they can’t be coached into that system. At present that system becomes error strewn when those lacking the proficiency to pass a football are asked to do just that.

Throw into the mix the poor form of England international Glen Johnson, and indifference of former defensive stalwart’s Skrtel and Agger, and soon we see the mayhem that is Liverpool’s defence at times.

As good as Liverpool clearly are going forward, they are very poor defending, especially from set pieces & the deeper they have to defend the more exposed they become. Liverpool have conceded as many goals as Villa, Manchester United & Hull, if they continue at that rate they will not finish in the top 4 or qualify for the Champions League as was their goal this season.

One major issue of Liverpool’s poor defensive form has been the effect on goalkeeper Simon Mignolet’s own form, which has begun to dip over the last few weeks, becoming less & less confident with each defensive blunder, it becomes a priority that Rodgers must address in this transfer window. If your goalkeeper does not have trust in the defence he will make rash and poor decisions, as is being seen.

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