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Rafa Benitez Made In Liverpool Sold Out In Chelsea –

When Rafa Benitez chose to accept his poison chalice the position of Manager of Chelsea Football Club he would clearly have no idea exactly what & whom he was about to get involved with. Why would he because of course it was a massive secret inside football that Chelsea Football Club had the most despised and ignorant set of football supporters, indeed the word “Supporters” itself is a parody of these poor delusional folk. Who would know that at the helm of this Russian plaything would be a sack-happy billionaire whose own self-indulgent traits overshadow The Bridge – Poor Rafa would have had no idea!!!

Benitez would clearly know what Abramovich’s propensity would be toward football managers – Whilst in charge at Liverpool Rafa would make his feelings known regard its then rival & their support, which would involve the waving of plastic flags which the Russian owner (Money to Burn) had given out free to create an atmosphere at Stamford Bridge in a tie against Benitez and his Liverpool side.

Chelsea & Abramovich have become laughing stocks amongst opposing supporters, as they line-up with wet sponges in hand relishing the opportunity to soak its prey, whilst the club and its supporters continue its belligerence toward its alleged enemies. This is where the problem lies; from day one its supporters have assumed the position of hatred and disgust toward its “Interim” manager, whilst the owner constantly stumbles his club along, forgetful almost ignorant to how a watching football public consumes act after act of wilful shenanigans & what it truly represents to those simple football folk who have been going to The Bridge long before the Oligarchy came in from the East.

Did this upset some Chelsea fans - If the cap fits.

Did this upset some Chelsea fans – If the cap fits.

Benitez it is said “Is the ultimate professional” so we must assume that the cliff edge that he has chosen to reside upon has happened because he sees his position as untenable – Players with media meddlers & southern journalists intent on undermining club & manager AGAIN have come out with tit-bits of information from the John Terry camp – He has form as do those particular “Exclusive” journalists. Unfortunately the simple football folk cannot see through this same old practice being played out – Heroes come in many guises.

So what do Chelsea supporters get out of all this manager baiting with their banners and singalongs, at last The Bridge has what they seemed unable to purchase – ATMOSPHERE so it may be poisonous and vile spewing its hatred toward its own manager, players and any other that assumes the position of foe. I actually think quite a few Chelsea supporters are enjoying the drama that is unfolding before them & the majority of their own making, actually much of it INVENTED by those very delusional supporters –

Someone did make a mistake, well a few mistakes and not just in the word Interim –

Rafa Benitez would make a huge mistake in taking the position of Chelsea Football Club manager; this would be a big mistake on his behalf, then pointing his dirty finger at those uneducated supporters but perhaps some are slightly more educated in football ways and are entitled to an opinion whilst not taking into account how many managers they have popped onto the “Managers Walk The Plank” –

The supporters have made mistakes, clearly you can’t ask for a manager to leave on his first day of employment, they have NEVER fully supported Benitez and this is unacceptable, acting like spoilt brats who have not been allowed its favourite chocolate bar so in spite refuse any other.

Supporters offer a unique insight on day one.

Supporters offer a unique insight on day one.

Many clubs have not wanted particular players or managers in their teams, supporting a club though involves a huge amount of patience and respect for both yourself & club, this is where Chelsea fail – Not one or two banners despising your manager, rather twenty or thirty all with a purpose to harm its own. Genuine football supporters don’t allow such behaviour let alone instigate it.

Chelsea are in with a good shout of a top four position, imagine the response from these supporters if they were in tenth, expectation at the Bridge is only surpassed by intolerance – They sing of “We want our Chelsea back” interesting song, which Chelsea? The one from the old second division in the early & late 1980s or the one from last year which you actually still have, the truth is that you have the club you and your owner have created & it is not nice.

Abramovich the man who would be king – Roman will only really be happy when he is picking the team (Oh he is) and perhaps managing the club (Oh he is) and his totalitarian regime covers The Bridge stench like. For all the trophies he has enabled his plaything to acquire with his financial support, he has also alienated a footballing public sickened by his club & its supporters.

Interestingly The Football Association & Premier League stays unusually silent about what is happening continuously at Chelsea – If only Rafa Benitez was a gay, disabled, black man perhaps they would all have an opinion!!

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The Great Football Swindle

ONCE UPON a time in a place & moment that we have all long since forgotten you could go and catch a game of top flight football, in what was known as The First Division – Yes First as in the best. The detriment for supporters would be far from just financial, danger from others at every turn, while stadiums unfit for cattle being promoted as the very best this country would have to offer – And as my memory serves; I would love it.

A programme would cost pence, whilst access to live matches on Television would be limited; it would seem not to matter as going to games would prove less expensive. This is not a tale nor wondrous journey back toward halcyon days, more  confrontation with the modern game, its arrogance, its lies & the addiction I have to devour more and more of The Great Football Swindle.


It's not all about the money

It’s not all about the money


We have been entrapped by a media intent on a gravitation toward gossip and malicious meandering, as the press engages itself in telling stories without a hint of truth or actual relation to football, we become trapped on its hook as we feed on tittle-tattle unaware of the agendas at play, and it has become too late to wriggle free.

How can the printed media and journalists compete with a constant stream of news lines? Well it & they can cause controversy, print less about real stories in relation to football, It would appear much easier to rehash the same old trusted tag lines of #Drugs #Racism #Cheating it has become so much more difficult to actually write about Football and make it interesting – That art is well and truly dead just read old hacks like Sports Journalist of 2012 James Lawton and the bile he spills under the disguise of Independent Sports Writer.

Football is one of the few sports that have no need for self-promotion or fancy sales techniques when its partners & paymasters facilitate any such need to endorse its product or stimulate its customers. Sky the BBC and any other mainstream Television will whore football around like its life depended upon it, whilst losing its soul in the progress – Football in a nutshell has become too powerful to resist, drug like I need my fix.

The cost alone for such extravagance as being a football fan is at an unprecedented level, not just ticket prices; some clubs charge more for a programme than a NHS nurse earns in an hour saving a life – Repulsed? We should be, however we seem not. Ticket prices rise at an unrelenting pace, like a Pony running through the butchery section at Tesco – It does not appear like stopping any time soon.

The truth if there is any – We are being had on a massive scale & our response: to close our eyes, stick fingers in our lugs whilst emptying our well-earned in The Premiership collecting bowl & so what if it goes up a pound a month every so often, who cares if we are watching fewer games for more money Mr Sky – For you do it so well, keeping me entertained with your imbeciles at the ready, I dare not name them all. It does seem that ever new week that passes you dig up another of these former pro’s to give his expert views on the bloody obvious, but my they do have shiny suits while they give a synopsis on the extraordinary events my eyes have just witnessed for myself – God only knows who you will dig up from the depths of footballers graves next.

Then we have pundits with their punditry, what is this some sort of art or a profession, an expertise being spread across my airwaves whilst I shake my head and point my fist toward the television as these experts steal a living having spent all of their own in Ladbrokes or the local Wetherspoons – I get all of this for just £60 per month, therapy would probably be less of an expense & more enjoyable.

A young addict refuses to accept his illness!!!

A young addict refuses to accept his illness!!!

Football perpetuates this wanton customer criminality whilst silently sitting back counting the profits, the repugnance with which we should treat football is only outweighed by the constant feeding of its monstrous ego, we are as guilty as football, as we have allowed it to go unchecked.

Machiavellian millionaires tells us how hard their lives are, maybe they should be made to go on the government’s latest slavery programme Workfare if they are unable to exist after their careers finish – Living off once legendary status expecting all and sundry to support then through their old age.

Has it really been worth it, is it worth it still? I rather think it is not now, although it once was – The very worst thing that happened to Football has been Sky & The Premier League. Sky has its latest promo for The United v Real Madrid game telling us that only one word can connect us – FOOTBALL – My opinion is that there are a few more that can connect us Ripped-Off, Conned, Overpriced, Disillusioned & the one word that truly connects us Gullible.

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The Magic Of The Cup Sucks

The greatest Cup competition on the planet – that was the F.A.Cup, a trophy which footballers and managers alike would crave and desire like no other, most who would assume they would possibly never win the League title or Premier League as it is now called, placing it at the very top echelon of silverware to acquire within a career.

Unfortunately now that very same trophy does not have the same appeal to some at the very top of the game and some managers treat it with absolute contempt – some decide to treat it as a training session for the Under 15s or their reserve squad, whilst other managers use it to rest those poor overworked millionaires, replacing them with less valued personnel.

Over the last few years, well mainly since the inception of the Premier League, many a top manager has come unstuck whilst trying to devalue the F.A. Cup by either treating it with a despicable contempt, or worse still attempting to place his own and his club’s arrogance upon this competition and a competitor. And with this attitude continuing; forever we will have “The Magic of The Cup”.

This weekend has brought it home once again why we as supporters love this completion, why the lower league sides milk their exposure for all its worth and thank God they do, as this adds to the magic and beauty of this competition. Some supporters have forgotten how really difficult this trophy is to actually win – only Portsmouth from outside of the top six sides in the country being able to secure the trophy in the last 20 years. In that respect it is a difficult as qualifying for the Champions League. Why then do these clubs continue to think they can tinker around with teams and not give it the priority it deserves, or more so that the fans deserve.

As a Liverpool supporter I have had a strange few days in terms of what the cup has meant this weekend, firstly huge disappointment at going out of the competition at the hands of lowly Oldham, whilst also seeing the supporters of Oldham revelling in victory I was at pains to find a sneaky smile. Because after all that is what the Cup is all about, the underdog slaying the giant.

A day earlier myself and friends had giggled and pointed at those less fortunate, that had succumbed at the hands of lowly opposition in the shape of Norwich and Queens Park Rangers, and then hours before our own demise Spurs would also fall at the hands of Leeds United – The magic it seemed was well and truly being sprinkled over “The World’s Greatest Cup Competition”.

I suppose the point I am trying to generally make is that I don’t believe these managers within the Premiership give the trophy the same respect as we supporters do; surely if they did they would field the strongest possible sides when pitching their club against sides that clearly will scrap to the very death. It’s like going to war with half your army, someone is going to get a bloodied nose. Why can’t they just give it the best shot every time?

Usually the blame is levelled at those pesky foreign managers who clearly not having been force fed on spoonfuls of F.A. Cup final mornings sat in their jim jams waiting for F.A.Cup question of sport or the teams leaving their hotels, are indeed lacking the true meaning of this competition, and in the past this has been proved so very true. This time however all those managers on the end of the giants’ sling were all British so that excuse doesn’t fly. They should have known better.

For me I hope the magic continues. It is life’s way of reassuring us all that indeed the footballing God’s still exist, whilst also affirming that if you have a perfectly good goalkeeper don’t pick your second string, Brendan.

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Liverpool “Fans” Deriding Their Legend

There was a time when Liverpool Football Club supporters were known not only in England and Europe but around the globe as aficionados of the beautiful game, folk always willing to engage on the subject of football, with a total appreciation of those talented enough to step on to the hallowed Anfield turf from opposing teams, and applaud any team that produced quality enough to beat the Anfield club.

Liverpool supporters would find themselves like one big family, with the intention of clan like supremacy, granted they were amassing trophies along the way with a monotonous regularity with teams capable of producing football bestowed upon them from the footballing Gods. They would be respectful of one another and the only criteria for a place amongst this gang would be an allegiance to Liverpool Football Club.

Today however I find myself writing an article that would not represent any of the above, and a feeling that in fact the opposite would now be true of Liverpool’s support. Whether this is a minority, or a small but loud section of its support is still in the confirmation stage.

One of the new and disheartening features of those few from L4 is a misguided belief that in some way they are superior to any other Liverpool fan/supporter who resides outside the City or even the country. They have such a distorted view of their own importance in the bricks that make this great institution, and within that view they critic fans from outside of Liverpool.

These very same deluded folk will argue with other teams supporters how Liverpool is the biggest club in the world, when it suits they will welcome the millions of outsiders, with a laconic arrogance normally associated with Manchester United or Chelsea – ever forgetful that those clubs have no problem accepting supporters from around the universe.

They constantly do both themselves and other genuine supporters an injustice with such arguments, they will tell anyone interested in listening how only people from the city understand the effects of Hillsborough or the campaign against The Sun newspaper, whilst most of these deluded little minded people were not even alive in 1989, unaware that they themselves have added to the flames of the despicable chants of “Victims” aimed at Liverpool down the years – It may be harsh to say but some of these people have a dining out attitude toward the horrors of Hillsborough.

Many great and insightful Liverpool supporters remain attached to the club, and they outweigh the minority that give the club a bad name amongst its own. Many non-residents of the city have travelled the world to see Liverpool acquire five European Cups amongst other shining silverware, they were there when our own had their lives cut short at Hillsborough and in our darkest hour, when we ourselves were responsible for the deaths of 39 Juventus fans at Heysel in 1985 – Did any of those supporters worry that they did not reside in L4 as they marched around the world? No.

Along with the explosion of social media, an explosion of super fans occurred, they are intent on shouting louder, being much more belligerent, arrogant and knowledgeable allegedly. Unaware they are destroying a legacy created by their less internet savvy mothers and fathers, they sit at home behind their computer screens with minds deluded that they are at Anfield every week with their Liverpool family, they assume a position of ignorance whilst their insular existence overwhelms them. They forget that some of our greatest players and managers were not from the city – Dalglish, Shanks and Bob all non scousers, I guess they don’t matter either to the new generation of fans.

I personally still believe Liverpool do have the best supporters out there, mainly because I refuse to accept these new age scousers and their distorted opinions. I have not lived in Liverpool for over 40 years but I have more than enough memories following Liverpool to make me believe my support is warranted “I once saw the King  Kenny play & Stevie Heighway on the wing” I don’t just sing about it. I have also seen with my own eyes the horrors of our darkest days – I don’t need anyone’s confirmation that my support is acceptable.

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Josh Jackson Battling Cancer – Loving Football

Football and sport in general has come under an increasing spotlight recently highlighting the proprieties held by some within the game and those custodians of “The Beautiful Game”. The negativity that seems unparalleled and constant and it would seem that football has found itself alienated and disenfranchised from its roots, with no redeeming features. It would seem that football the once belle of the ball has become an ugly sister.

This week the Cutter has had its faith in football restored – Ever forgetful that as we reach adulthood, our favourite friend left behind long ago, he that we had forgotten and out-grown, would for some still hold that special unique place at the heart, the centre of a life. What it would mean and how it would assume the role of a place to go, where troubles become less and its importance elevated. Football still resonates through the innocent eyes of a child, the way it should be.

The Daisy Cutter have this week been fortunate enough to interview Joshua Jackson – Football mad Josh was kind enough to talk to us in an exclusive interview.

For those who have not had the pleasure or fortune to know who Josh Jackson is, then let us take a moment to introduce this incredible, likeable Liverpool supporter and we might add Twitter & Facebook favourite of thousands of football fans around the country.

Liverpool fan Josh is currently battling Leukaemia for a second time in the last 5 years. At 8 years old Josh would suffer a relapse in October 2012 after being in remission since 2010. The battle for this incredible young man would begin in June 2007 when he would complain of an earache. At first doctors assumed this was nothing more than an infection which could be treated with antibiotics. However his symptoms would worsen, eventually leading to Josh being referred to Birmingham Children’s Hospital where Josh’s parents would receive the devastating news that their child was suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

Josh would once again start chemotherapy on 30th January this year, and currently his treatment involves 3 days of chemo followed by 3 days of rest. This program of treatments will continue for 6 months then being reduced to 1 day per week thereafter.

Josh takes great satisfaction from his followers on Twitter & also Facebook check his pages out and mail him your support.

We started our conversation by asking Josh about his followers and what it means to him to have such support from his new found friends.

Cutter: We all know you are a massive Liverpool supporter Josh, so if you were lucky enough to one day play for the club, what position would be your favourite?

Josh: I would love to be a defender, stopping all the strikers from scoring goals.

Cutter: Who is your favourite Liverpool player?

Josh: I like all the players but my favourite is our captain Steven Gerrard because he scores great goals for us and he works very hard for the team.

Cutter: Josh you have some very famous followers on Twitter and Facebook who is your favourite from those following you?

Josh: I like all my friends who are following me, and who make me smile with all the messages when I am having Chemo . My biggest and favourite though is Kenny Dalglish. That has made me very happy.

Cutter: How does it make you feel to have over 7,000 followers on Twitter? Are your friends envious that you have all those followers?

Josh: It feels great and I think they may be jealous. On Facebook there are 8000 likes too. The page is Joshua Battling Cancer. I am very lucky to have so many friends following me.

Cutter: Have you got your eye on anybody who you would love to be following you?

Josh: I would really like it if Steven Gerrard would follow me that would be good.

Cutter: I am sure our readers and those following you would like to know about your other family members?

Josh: I have a big sister Courtney who is 12, my brother Connor who is 10 and then my 2 year old brother Thomas who at the moment has chicken pox.

Cutter: What other things do you like doing when you are not receiving treatment for your illness?

Josh: I love playing on the Wii with my brothers and sister. I like playing football with Connor when I am at home and away from the hospital treatment.

Cutter: What are the worst and best things about spending so much time at Birmingham Children’s Hospital?

Josh: The very worst are the “hot-dogs”; they are nasty. The nurses are really great and I really don’t mind the injections that I have to be given. Sometimes it does get very boring so I build Lego and make things.

Cutter: It can’t be nice going through the horrible chemotherapy sessions at the moment Josh, so what can people do to cheer you up and make you smile through Twitter and Facebook? I hear you are raising awareness and funds for Birmingham Children’s hospital – How can people help?

Josh: People can help by buying the red YNWA Joshua Battling Cancer or the blue/green Helping Special Heroes bands. All the money will go to Ward 15 at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. They look after children with cancer from all over the country and the money will help make it an even nicer place to stay as we stay a long time. Andy is also cycling from Newcastle to London and he has to do this in 24 hours. People can sponsor him

The wristbands can be found on Ebay or they are helping me on Twitter and their Facebook page and have a link that tells my story and also a blog that Andy fills in.

All the proceeds will go to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Cutter: Josh it has been a pleasure interviewing you for The Daisy Cutter – What would you like to say to our readers?

Josh: Thank you very much for all your nice messages and photos. I am very lucky to have so many friends. Thank you to all the Liverpool fans especially who have let me join their family and to everyone else who tweets and Facebooks me every day. You all make me smile lots #thankyou

Sometimes the restoration of our faith in football happens through a child’s eyes –

If you wish to donate on behalf of Josh then please do so, every little will add a huge smile to this young boys face J

Joshua and family.

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Honest Jon V Luis The Cheat

Last weekend once again thrust Luis Suarez to the forefront of footballing outrage, it must be said by those mainly opposed to Liverpool and the player himself and of course the legend that is Jon Champion. Such is the nature of footballing rivalry that incidents of this type create such faux outrage from those supporters who moments earlier are quite happy to accept similar decisions in their teams favour without the blink of a blinkered eye.

Suarez however is what my mother would have referred to as “a different kettle of fish” such is the demonic nature of the coverage that Suarez receives both from a media intent on the portrait of him as Johnny foreigner, put this alongside the pure hatred he is targeted with by opposing fans and we can quickly see why such incidents take up huge print and are regurgitated on the hour, every hour by Sky.

The actual argument as to whether Suarez cheated is now lost, whilst instead it has turned itself into some sort of witch-hunt. Luis Suarez is not the first nor can we assume will he be the last footballer to handle a football, whether intentionally or not, a point which for now has become irrelevant.

Cheating – if that is what we are going to label it as – is happening at every single game that is played across the country, on every given Saturday afternoon, and there is a good reason for this – rules. Wherever you have a game that is controlled by rules invariably you will have rule breakers. But are they cheats? The problem with the Suarez incident is that the referee saw the ball hit his hand and decided it was not intentional, not Suarez, the official who is there to enforce the rules of the game.

Many supporters have suggested that Suarez should have admitted the ball had hit his hand to the officials. What a moronic suggestion. So where does that stop then, players telling the linesman when they are offside, defenders telling the referee they have just pulled a strikers shirt – It would not be long before Stoke City found themselves bottom of the Conference.

Could we have players telling referees when they deserve to be yellow carded, or sent off? It is quite ridiculous that football supporters suggest such rubbish as players being honest. If these poor disillusioned folk want a true sport of honest endeavour coupled with no rule breaking then I suggest they start watching synchronised swimming or perhaps dressage. Footballers are always pushing the rules not only to the precipice but over and beyond without a hint of guilt. Whilst supporters of the alleged perpetrators applaud such rule breaking their fellow protagonists from opposing teams point fingers of indignation and horror whilst attempting to see the forest through the trees with rose-tinted glasses.

“You didn’t ask me to say cheese. You sir are a nefarious cheat”

If we have gauged anything from this weekend and the Suarez handball, it is this; the standard of football commentary and game coverage in this country is at an all-time low. There was a time we could tune in to a game with the surety of knowledge that an overdose of dopamine was on the horizon, now unfortunately the only sure-thing is banal uninteresting and generally uninterested pundits and commentators shall entertain with preposterous presentation, where once we would be informed of issues within the game that perhaps had gone un-noticed, we are now force fed opinion when clear evidence is there for our eyes and brains to absorb for ourselves.

Work as a pundit or as I like to call it “stealing a living” seems to be reserved for the intellectually challenged former footballers, those able to, with repetitive regularity talk rubbish, whilst possibly inventing a catchphrase for which they will be indelibly linked for the life of said punditry. At no time will the public have an input regarding these people, and more than likely the more despised or truly hated the pundit, the more stealing they are able to commit in pursuit of their living.

The public are led sheep like toward an abyss as commentary pied piping decides truth, even when your eyes can quite clearly see for themselves, fooled with your senses hijacked, caught in the web of lies, you stupidly are taken in by these regulators of right and wrong, preceptors of propaganda. Oh what lies they tell, the cheating bastards.

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Liverpool Fans – Feasting On Horse Meat

VALENTINE’S DAY –The day when one shows the love of one’s life how much they really mean, using this one day of the year for a momentary glance toward romance. Clandestine we covertly direct our inner thoughts in the guise of a card, whilst exchanging gifts to show our affection. More likely a moment to question that love, to doubt it, where suspicion raises its ugly head & reservations become enhanced –

Which nicely leads me on to “The love of my life” Liverpool Football Club – Well we have fallen out quite a lot lately, I feel like she is cheating on me with some other whom I shall call “The Dollar” where once I was the most important thing in her life, it would now seem not to be the case, I feel like I am being ignored or being taken advantage of where she expects me to pay for everything.

With every passing year she costs me more, my side of the bargain seems to have been reduced, and with every passing moment she seems to want me to buy a new frock to bring my wardrobe up to date – Red ones, Black ones, White ones it is getting like Josephs Multi-coloured coat, it actually got that bad that she tried getting me to buy one with BLUE in – she knows me & all my friends dislike BLUE.

Red Sox & Horse Meat

Red Sox & Horse Meat

She has become furtive to the point deceit quite the mendacious madam – The fine-looking lady that I fell head over heels for, has changed, unrecognisable at times to the point where I find myself wondering what it was I saw in her so long ago.

This week Liverpool supporters were once again treated to mediocrity, in a season that has seen more than enough of such run of the mill displays the natives would not rest easily. Two steps forward with gutsy performances against Arsenal & Manchester City which should have yielded more than the two points gained would be followed by a below par display against West Bromwich Albion – Knee jerk reactions would ensue.

Honest and constructive criticism of Liverpool has become complicated and complex, wary that the great institute is already the standing joke amongst its greatest rivals & those not so great, many believe to support the club then blindness in that support is a factor in remaining a supper-fan, I tend to disagree.

Liverpool’s owners FSG are slow becoming another area for the fans anger – we have to appreciate that we have been here before and we have assumed the position of “Won’t Get Fooled Again”. Honesty with a slight piece of integrity is not a lot to ask.

I was always prepared to give the owners support, the support of a football fan to those who seem not – By their deeds you will know them, well they would rather stay away from Anfield in their support of our club & their franchise, for me that is the start of my problem – The Franchise.

If the franchise appears not to be working you can bet your bottom Dollar that these guys will change things & not always in ways that Liverpool are accustomed to, but we are fast learners after last season. When it suits FSG & Ian Ayre whom I include when I critique the owners, they will quickly shout out loud – Shirt deals, sponsorship deals and anything else that they believe will appease the masses disguised as more Dollar coming the clubs way. At the moment they are asked about a new stadium or renovation of Anfield – Silence is assumed.

The problem with such owners where trust is an issue for many fans – Pandemic it ravages our club, it leads to mistrust of not only the owners but also managers, the case with Roy Hodgson & now with Brendan Rodgers. The fans are quick to jump up and down stamping their feet asking for heads to roll whilst oblivious to how we are being perceived – I like Rodgers & not for a moment have I thought he should be removed from his position, moreover I believe we should stand by him for the duration of his three-year contract, has he made errors? Of course but so have many more with lots more experience.

It is worth remembering where we are, where we stand at this moment in our history – Transition, not on the precipice as some would have us believe. We are not a top 4 side or squad, we lack experience and constantly seem to be lacking when it comes to consistency. When we do play with the correct intensity and attitude we are more than capable of performing with the very best sides, we are not capable of sustaining a full on assault of the top 4, Brendan Rodgers should have accepted that on all the occasions he tells the World we can finish fourth – He makes our lives & his much more difficult – One game at a time please Brendan.

My frustration is with FSG who seem reticent toward the club – Which in turn makes me feel like I am being sold Horse Meat!! The reality seems that they are not interested in guiding the club, other than from behind a big desk in Boston & with that the relationship has no foundation.

Please don’t expect a card this year Liverpool or John W Henry – Roses are Red…….

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