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David Cameron’s Country Thatchers Britain.

Thatcher’s Britain being regurgitated by the Tories in its new incarnation “Cameron’s Country” welcome to the new world and “The Big Society” apparently a flag-ship policy, like the Belgrano before it most surely a first-class target for a sinking, or at the very least a shot over its irreverent bow. Where Thatcher rode effortlessly over the miners and the ranks of the unemployed, selling off with will the countries processions without thought to the future, while showing an intolerance toward protestations, and an ineptitude only akin to the afore-mentioned Mr Cameron.

Thatcher and her prodigy stepping out.

Cameron would however ride upon a slightly different horse, Raisa would be saddled up and mounted in many a forgetful moment whilst out riding with his News of The World editor “Friend” and serial phone hacker Rebekah Brooks; no sorry he is not friends with her at all, it is her husband Charlie he rides with which of course makes a huge difference. So giddy-up David tramples over the countryside with a borrowed ex-police horse which had been housed by one of Rupert Murdoch’s chief of staff, well at least all that confusion is cleared up, eventually. You can understand his memory loss after all he has a lot of friends to keep happy in “The Big Society”.

I suspect that not only has Mr Cameron been riding the retired Raisa, but very soon he will have to apologise once more for Riding out with a certain Dick Turpin and Black Bess, soon to be seen galloping into your local NHS hospital, thieving and pillaging, holding Doctors to ransom “Your Waiting List Or Your Life”. Feeble apologies in a squeaky exasperating tone will not spin the truth about this ride into many a local Town or City, recollection not disguised by a convenient amnesia, whilst we all look on angered and bemused.

He would need some where to stash his booty, step forward The Bank of Former Contrite Conservative Friends, and all deposits welcome, with second-hand Knighthoods up for grabs; used but in good condition, one not so careful owner! “Recapitalise the poor instead of banks” suggested public school boy Dave, so what exactly does that kind of jingoism mean, well firstly it is a highly insulting suggestion that poor people need reorganising financially and that they should be separated from Dave’s Big Society, good old Cameron’s Country patronising the little people, like Maggie before him, before you know it his big wooden hooter will be getting us all splintered up, by poking itself into racism in football!

Does this refinancing of those who can’t finance themselves include not spending huge amounts of money if you happen to have a 60th anniversary coming up? Maybe take it easy on the jelly and ice cream in a time of austerity, perhaps the corgis can be feed slightly less, a better celebration would be to give the money to recapitalise pensioners in our Cameron’s Country.

Untruths delivered with a Thatcher like bravura, orated with Paddy Doherty and his band of merry men in mind, Cameron said of The NHS in 2007 “expect a bare knuckle fight with us over the next few weeks and months about saving district general hospitals as a key part of the local NHS”. I pictured David outside his newly erected if illegal caravan site, with torn vest displaying tattoos “Hate” “Mum” and “Thatcher” and Kappa tracksuit, fists held high in defense of the family name National Health Service, alas it was not to be and his “come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough” approach would just turn out to be nothing more than swagger.

Well We Did Warn You!!!

A guarantee of health spending increases in real terms one month before coming into power, quickly dispatched to an in-tray quickly followed by a removing to the Downing Street dustbin, as our hero began to notice a growing of his wooden boy made good nose, Geppetto would be proud of how incredibly well the boy has done.

Violence and unrest on the streets of “The Big Society” I feel like I have somehow been here before, striking teachers and health workers, Déjà vu. Detestation of this government continues apace animosity and loathing aimed straight at Cameron himself, his creation a more family friendly society, intent on selling the very roads he and Turpin have used for their Highwaymen business; from under us in true highway robbery.

An inclusive society where everyone has a share and something to say “We are all in this together” more jingoism from Dave, but hold on what about those who may be injurious to one of your bills; lets as an example say The Health Bill where the Liberal yellow bellies decided neither to oppose or support the bill, splinters on their sorry arses again. Mr. Cameron and Mr. Clegg seem to want to ignore those better placed professionals and of course hundreds and thousands of voters who oppose the bill.

The following were all against the bill, but were not invited to debate with “The Big Society”.

British Medical Association
Royal College of GPs
Royal College of Midwives
Royal College of Nursing
Chartered Society of Physiotherapists
Royal College of Pathologists
Royal College of Radiologists
Royal College of Psychiatrists

If only they had been bankers, they would have had a seat at the top table, if they had maybe had a horse to lend Mr Cameron, possibly he was averse to letting in the Royal College of Psychiatrists in case they asked him to lie down and relax “Tell me about your childhood” ………..”I can see a lady in blue with a black handbag, blue rinse snatching milk from primary school children” Alas he is beyond help.

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