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My life revolves around amassing letters – Concocting them in such a way that temporarily they make an idiom of sense – Writer of things sporty.
Author of “Joviality Killed The Clown” – I have a list of epitaphs in anticipation of the deaths of sporting heroes.
I write about Football and I am a Liverpool supporter and have been since 1974. Dislike those that think sacking managers is a form of support for any football club, whilst clearly missing the obvious point – Sufferance is good for the soul.
 I will debate with anyone who is prepared to understand that I have a superior knowledge and will probably be right – I am a self-promoter of my work.
 I am a supporter of the Justice for The 96 campaign – I have never written for any Newspaper with links to Rupert Murdoch & never will, I do however respect those that perhaps find themselves having to work for The Murdoch press – Although absolutely no excuse for any Liverpool supporting journalist to work for The Sun in any of its bastardised form.
 If you choose to follow/stalk me on twitter be aware that my finger is always poised over the block button – Just be very careful what you say. If you however still decide to hop aboard – make sure your seatbelt is on, it gets rather bumpy at times.
I have a dislike of celebrity, people who believe the World revolves around them and their seedy existence – I am not interested so crawl back under your stone.

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